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Sunday, July 15, 2012

a big catch at sunset

We went down to watch the sun set on the river on
Thursday evening.  Due to the high heat and humidity
the sun was redder and the sky gorgeous.

This young man was playing a fish and required the help of
my hubby to net it.

A pretty nice catch!  The young fella was quite pleased.

I hope you're not tired of sunset photos.

a pontoon boat out for an evening cruise

And here it goes through the culvert.

I've been through these culverts on a boat before and there
are huge spiders and webs in there. 
You want to make sure you duck and cover your head!
Kinda gross.

The End of another perfect summer day.

Still no rain here but it's 'calling' for it tomorrow.
I didn't water my gardens tonight in hopes that nature will.

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Have a beautiful week.



  1. Beautiful sunsets, Pamela. Love the one of the fishermen.

  2. How fabulous! I never get tired of seeing sunset pics! I love the one where the rock has the reflection! And that is a very good catch! I love to fish!

  3. wow. what lovely shots. you really got to see a great one. one for the record books. (:

  4. Never tired of sunsets. We had rain this afternoon, I will send some your way.

  5. An amazing sunset Pamela. That is a big bass that will be tasty all fried up.

  6. Stunning sunset and yes the fish is a good catch! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Ewwwww...I wouldn't want to go through the culvert. Man! Those things are huge. Wonderful sunset scenes...who could get tired of them?

  8. I've never boated through a culvert before! I bet you do want to duck your head. Beautiful sunsets.... and that fish! It's a whopper!

  9. It is unanimous....we never get tired of sunsets!!!!
    How cool that your hubby helped that fisherman!!

    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  10. Not going through a culvert . . . great sunsets, I never get tired of them. Gives me an idea for hubby and me tomorrow night, or if not then, soon.

  11. A gorgeous sunset, indeed! That's beautiful, Pamela!

  12. Wonderful photos! I love sunsets...and those are just gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful sunset and great photographs. I have never heard of a culvert before, I must look it up on the internet!! I have made a few collages / mosaics about our holiday but don't see the point in posting as it seems to get lost in a black hole !!
    Have a good week and please come and take our rain we have MORE again this morning.
    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  14. Lovely sunset at the river. The culvert looks different, like a tunnel for boats? I hope you have some rain soon. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

  15. This was a lovely tour of sunset. Yes, a perfect ending to a great day. We sure wish it would rain overnight in PEI also, very dry and the grass is starting to brown in areas. I'm not fond of spiders although I'd like to swim through a culvert some day but ya, no I think I'm too old for that kind of stuff now. It was bad enough I woke with an earwig walking on my arm last night..... have a fantastic week

  16. Sunrises and sunsets are always worth seeing. Your pictures capture the beautiful light and colours, Pamela.

  17. The sunsets are beautiful - especially with the reflection on the water. I love the fish too!

  18. Can one ever tire of sunset photos? Beautiful.

  19. Beautiful mosaics of the summer sunset! That was a nice catch and I'm sure it made a tasty dinner for that young man the next day. Happy Mosaic Monday!

  20. Hi Pamela! No no Nannette! I never tire of your beautiful sunset snaps! Love them. What a beautiful looking fish the young man caught and I'm sure he was pleased your hubby helped him get it! Oh, you are one brave soul going through the culverts and meeting the spiders head on! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see my little Glitter houses.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Enjoyed that walk with you and hubby. I would not opt for the culvert but depends what is on the other side. LOL. I love the sunset shots too. Just a matter of minutes and the beauty changes so gradually.

  22. Never tired of sunset photos :)

  23. Such gorgeous pictures! I love sunset. I had no idea that the weather made the sun appear different, that's amazing!

  24. I never tire of sunsets, your photos are beautiful!

  25. I think it is impossible to see too many beautiful sunsets! I couldn't go through the culverts, I get claustrophobic just looking at the pictures, and as for the spiders....NO!

  26. The sunsets are gorgeous. We never tire of them. Ours are over the Rocky Mountains. I don't know that I could ride through a culvert, though. Spiders or not.

  27. I never ever tire of looking at sunsets - aren't they just mind-blowing? And this one looks particularly magnificent. Thank you SO much for sharing it - you've out a big smile on my face!


  28. The series of photos of your husband helping that fellow net the fish is great. The sunset behind makes them spectacular. hope you get the rain you need soon. We had a long day of rain but the crops and gardens are looking so good now. Have a great week.

  29. Gorgeous! I love sunset's too! We were looking at the sky last night as we were driving home from church, the sky was much like your photo here.
    What a nice catch for that fellow, my son and grandkids love fishing. It's all the five year old talks about!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Gorgeous sunsets Pamela. How fun that your hubby helped net that great catch. I don't know if I could handle riding through the culvert if there are spiders. Kind of have a fear of spiders crawling on me.

  31. Such lovely pics...Indeed it was another beautiful summer day! Wishing you well and thanking you for your visit! Cathy

  32. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Pamela. You captured a lovely summer evening so well.

  33. Wow! that's a great catch! My dh loves to fish. The sunsets have been gorgeous lately! I'm with you - wishing for a wee bit of rain!

  34. Hi Pamela,

    You are certainly a very talented photographer! I really love these sunset photos. We have fished at the ocean before, but I never caught anything that big. :)

    I think the pontoon boat looks lovely, but I definitely couldn't go through the culverts. I'm terrified of spiders.

    Thanks so much for your visit and for your kind comments on my Krispy Kreme post. Here's hoping you have a great week!



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