Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, July 2, 2012

a fantastic holiday weekend

canola field ~ Friday evening ~ hot and hazy

We had a fantastic holiday weekend!

The weather was perfect ~ sunny and hot ~ with
scattered thunder showers.  We experienced one of them.

Saturday we took a drive along the river to the small village
of Gagetown.  It is such a beautiful and picturesque place
right on the St. John River.

One of the beautiful homes on Front St. Gagetown.
{there's a for sale sign in front of it}

We crossed the St. John River on a government run
car ferry.  This ferry runs from spring to almost freezeup
ferrying people back and forth from Gagetown to Jemseg.

the ferry coming from the other side

onboard the ferry

We drove along the riverside highway and enjoyed some
beautiful farm scenery.

As we got closer to the city the skies were very dark
and threatning.  There was a very heavy downpour,
thunder and lightning in the city.

Back at home I shot this photo of the huge clouds
over the valley.   It didn't rain a drop in our community.

On Sunday, Canada Day, we went to church in the morning
and rested in the afternoon.  At suppertime we headed into
Fredericton to Officers Square for the free concert.
There were thousands of people there and a very festive
atmosphere.  We met some friends and stayed for the
fireworks at dusk (10:40) over the river. 
It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

even little doggies got festive ~ this Yorkie was dressed in a Mountie costume

Today was the official holiday for workers so hubby had the
day off.  We had a quiet day doing things around the house
and enjoyed all our meals on the deck in the beautiful sunshine.

It was one of the best long weekends we've had in a while.

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend in Canada.

I know my American friends are looking forward to their
Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday.
I hope you have a safe and fun holiday!
I realize many of you are suffering from the terrible heat,
 storms and power outages.  My heart goes out to you.
Please be safe.

I'll be back soon with more photos from beautiful Gagetown.

Have a great week!




  1. Wow, marvelous shots! That canola field is gorgeous!

  2. Seemingly our respective posts share many similarities. That's what makes our country special. Your captures are wonderful!

  3. What lovely country. Beautiful photos.

  4. You live in such a beautiful place. Stunning photographs. I like the ferry, it reminds me of one we sometimes use on our trips to Cornwall.

  5. A For Sale sign in front....and you passed it up?

  6. What a perfect weekend you had, with a little rain thrown in for good measure! I love ferries, big or small they are just cool! Diane

  7. Glad you had a good holiday! Your photos are beautiful! Love the green field in the first one and those clouds in the later shot are fantastic!

  8. Hi Pamela, found your wonderful blog, very enjoyable. I also just celebrated Canada Day, YEY!!! The pictures of the holiday you took are great, so much to see, thanks for sharing. Blessings Francine.

  9. All amazing photos, Pamela. I love the canola field! The sky/cloud shot is incredible.

    Happy Canada Day!

  10. Stunningly beautiful photos...those thunderheads! Glad that you only experienced one storm. It's a sweet drive along the river especially with those wonderful homes and barns. How good to have a fabulous weekend.

  11. You sure packed a lot into your weekend, Pamela. Your collage captures the essence of Canada Day celebrations. Glad you had such a good weekend!

  12. Your holiday weekend was wonderful judging by your beautiful pictures. I love the photo of the white house and the three board fence. Each one is captivting. I want to be there!

  13. Happy Canada Day, Pamela! Loved your beautiful photos. The one of the cloud is just awesome. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday!

  14. What a great way to spend the day...We always enjoy our drives, outside of the city, that is!!
    Great shots...enjoy your week..

    Linda :o)

  15. Hi Pamela! Wonderful snaps and I wish you a Happy Canada Day!
    Hope you're a bit cooler than we are down here! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Beautiful scenery! Love it all! Can't wait to see more photos of Gagetown.

  17. LOve that incoming cloud picture Pamela, so atmospheric.



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