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Monday, July 23, 2012

a summer tea party

Last week I invited the ladies from the Bible study group
I attend to come for an afternoon tea.

We don't meet in the summer months as we are all busy but
I thought a get together would be nice to break up the time
gap until we meet again.

There was one stipulation for this tea.

We were to dress up in our 'finery' to include hats,
gloves and lots of  jewelry.  How fun is that!

We had sweets, hot tea and iced tea.  

Since I don't have any cutting flowers in my gardens,
I bought a bouquet from the grocery store.
{and it happened to be 50% off too}

I love pretty china don't you?

pink party squares, mars bars squares and shortbread cookies

My dear friends surprised me with a little birthday
celebration.  Having a birthday in summer always meant I
missed being celebrated during the school year when I was
growing up.  Do you have a summer birthday?  Did that happen
to you too?

There are 6 candles on that cake. 
I'm just a young'un.  ;-)

We had a lovely time laughing and talking, getting caught
up on each other's lives and bragging about our grand kids.
There are some new grands in recent months and more on
the way! 

I am joining Sandi for

and Kathy for

Thank you to these lovely ladies for hosting these
weekly memes.  They always have such beautiful posts.
I hope you will visit them and leave a comment.

Have you been to a tea party lately?




  1. What a lovely summertime tea. Hope you had a very happy birthday.

  2. Cute idea! I love all the hats and jewelry! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I hope it was (or will be) a wonderful one. It was thoughtful of your friends to remember and acknowledge the day. The tea looks like fun!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday, my friend! How lovely that the ladies celebrated your special day with you! I would love a hat and gloves dress up party. I had an old friend in a couple of weeks ago for tea but we didn't wear our hats. I must do that next time.
    Your tea table looks so inviting and the china is simply delightful. The squares and cookies look delish. The shortbread especially, iced with pink, are calling to me! I'm so glad you have shared your tea party with us today. I have enjoyed it so much. Have a beautiful week, Pamela.


  5. What a beautiful group of ladies! It was a very good idea to have a summer tea just to touch base.

    (No, I do not have a summer birthday; I have a winter one that always fell on vacation week so I didn't get to ring the school bell on my birthday. It is, after all, one of life's greatest disappointments. Ha!)

    So happy birthday to you! Hope that you had/are having/will have a wonderful day!

    I wish that I were in your Bible study group. That's a beautifully set table.

  6. Hi Pamela! Oh, this looks like the perfect tea! Everything is absolutely stunning. oh my thase treats look so delicious! And all of your teacups are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your tea party with us. Visiting from Sandi's party. Have a fantastic day!

  7. Hi Pamela, Your teacups are super beautiful! Loved seeing all the pretty dressed up ladies too, and the treats look delicious.

  8. What a lovely way to get together with your friends. Love the teacups too.

  9. Happy birthday and what a wonderful tea party. Isn't it fun to dress up?? The teacups are so pretty.

  10. How fun Pam...and happy birthday! My birthday is in August so I never had birthday parties with friends either...just family because everybody was out of touch or gone during the first part of August. Oh well. Your tea party looks wonderful. You must have had a fab time!

  11. Lovely Pamela . . . Beautiful table, tea cakes and china. I I like the Pink Party Squares, do you share recipes?

    Happy Birthday . . . belated! I too am a summer birthday and it conflicts with the school year ending, graduations, weddings, stuff . . . and birthday gets tucked away in the middle of it all. So let's celebrate together . . . Happy Birthday to us!

    Really liked your dress up idea and nice seeing your friends . . .

  12. What a wonderful idea and look how beautiful you all look! I think this is a fabulous idea! My birthday is right after Christmas...which wasn't a great time to have a party either! Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend! Enjoy your week...keep celebrating!

  13. Well I hope I'm not too late to send Birthday greetings to one of the sweetest ladies out there!
    You looked lovely on your special day Pamela...........and all your friends must have really enjoyed the lovely tea.

    Here's to many more Birthdays, may each one be sweeter than the last!
    Hugs - Mary

  14. Great idea Pamela - and Happy Birthday ! That must have been a real special leap year when you were born to be able to celebrate your 6th birthday now !


  15. Hi Pam,
    Oh how I wish I could have joined you at your lovely tea party! You did a wonderful job, everything looks so beautiful and the sweets yummy! Thank you for sharing your party and happy birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday, Pamela - and welcome to the club! I think '52 must have been a very good year! :)
    PS My little niece just spent an entire week at King's Landing, where she lived the live of a 19th century girl. What fun!

  17. A very Happy Birthday to you!
    This looks like a lot of fun. The table looks gorgeous, with the beautiful china, and the goodies, and the flowers. I think it is a wonderful idea to don your finery, we just don't seem to do that often enough these days.

  18. Happy Birthday Pamela! What a delightful way to celebrate your extra special birthday! I love the dresses hats, gloves and seeing all those lovely teacups on the table. It must have been a lovely afternoon celebrated with good friends.

  19. Happy Birthday! So very Delightful to see all the beautifully dressed ladies all smiling! What a lovely gathering! The teacups are gorgeous. I have a Christmas time birthday - my husband and I share the same birth date! So, he can never for get ;)
    I love this - I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  20. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You! Looks like the tea party with your bible group was a big success. I love the hats! Yummy looking goodies and the teacups are all lovely. Happy Tea Day!

  21. Hi Pamela,
    Happy Birthday! And wishes of many more celebrations in years ahead!
    I seems you had a lot of fun with your friends! And I loved seeing the table with all those varied beautiful cups.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Greetings from Portugal

  22. Your tea looks elegant and lovely. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Pam! So glad you enjoyed a lovely celebration. Your Bible study group look like a fun bunch!

  24. I love your beautiful teacups! Your group is a good-looking bunch of ladies!

    Yes, I too have a summer birthday. (Maybe that's why I was never big on birthday parties!)

  25. Happy Belated Pamela...you sure don't look 6....maybe 5!!
    Love all your cups and saucers...another passion of mine...

    Linda :o)

  26. Wow how beautiful! Your goodies look lovely!! :) I'm visiting from Delightsomelife. Your blog is so pretty!

  27. Everything looked so beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to share those pretties and time together?
    Happy 6th Birthday! You don't look a day over 5! Ha.
    Ruthie from:http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com/
    (Yes, I have a July birthday and felt a little cheated when I was younger-no celebration in school, etc.)


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