Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, July 29, 2012

making hay while the sun shines

We have had a hot dry July here in most of Canada.

We still haven't had rain here and it is very dry.
The farmer told me the hay is very brittle.

It's a dusty, dirty and hot job on this almost 30° C day.

The baler shoots the bales onto the wagon.

The winrows of hay waiting to be baled.

One farmer takes the wagon load to the barn.

The farmer's brother heads back to the tractor to finish haying.
Thankfully for them, the tractors are enclosed and air conditioned.
Not like the old days!

Behind this hay field is the crop of soybeans.   They aren't
growing well in the dry conditions of this summer.
Hopefully we'll soon get some rain for this and other crops.

Our neighbour's vegetable garden.  It is usually a lot fuller than this.

Such a beautiful summer day.

A good day to harvest hay...

while the sun shines.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

I have had some difficulty posting comments on a few
blogs.  They were returned in my inbox for some reason.
So, I have visited and have tried to comment.
I'm not ignoring you.  :)




  1. Oh dear...that sounds as if the email set up thingy isn't working. It doesn't mean that the blogger doesn't find your comment at the post, thankfully. I'll have to see if I have email.

    You mean you've not had four days of rain? Well don't that beat all. We're having showers through the night and into the morning and then a couple of sunny days and then right back into the soup. Guess I won't complain though I'd like to. =D

    The hayfields look so nice and I bet that they smell nice, too.

  2. Love to see pics of the farmers baling hay. What on earth would we do without the farmers. These pictures remind me of my childhood on the farm. I'm sure it does for you, too. Too bad it had to end so soon for us. I hope you are going to have a marvelous week....doing all the things you like to do, Pamela.

  3. After a wet June and early July the farmers here are still cutting hay. The sun is finally shining!

  4. Baling hay is hard enough during normal times, but I can't imagine how dusty and dirty it is during a drought. A lot of our farmers are losing or have lost crops despite the recent rain we've had. It was too late for many farmers.

  5. I'm having blogger problems and also not receiving all emails. Thanks for sharing these photos of your life there! We have 15 degrees here plus showers!

  6. I always feel a little sad when I see the hay being baled, because it means summer is moving on. They were doing this in the fields around our village last week, we drove past and they seemed to have stopped and were waiting for something. In the village we saw a tractor parked outside the chip shop, lol, so I guess they were waiting for supper!

  7. I always enjoy your photos of the farmland around you. These photos, though, really bring home the drought we are having. I can just feel the heat and dryness through your photos --which means you are a skilled photographer!

  8. i've had a similar issue too with return emails. i wonder what is going on? such great views here. i hope you all do not have allergies. looks like lots of dust & dirt flying around. the clouds & skies are just gorgeous. that blue. wow!! (:

  9. GREAT pictures, Pamela. We've had a couple days of light rain this past week. Hope you get some soon.

  10. We have so much to thank the hard-working farmers for..........but the struggle with the weather conditions is serious. From what we hear lately, this will continue with a lack of rain in the midwest especially. I think NC has been OK out in the parts of the state heavily agrarian - lots of stormy weather bringing heavy rain for the crops - heard today our corn harvest is good this Summer. Meanwhile here we continue to moan about the heat and almost daily late day storms making for miserable Summer evenings where we do nothing but stay indoors. Tremendous storm with frightening lightning Sat. evening - we lost power for the remainder of the night, fortunately it came back early Sun. morning.

    Love the farmland pics Pamela - makes me recall my childhood days in England when I spent a lot of time playing in fields around our home. Don't ever recall a drought in England that's for sure. Always kept the wellies and macintosh by the door!

    Have a wonderful week dear - Mary X

    P.S. Hope the tech problem sorts itself.

  11. Beautiful rural photos, Pamela. I love the one of your neighbor's garden and the hay field beyond.
    Have a great week.

  12. Love those shots of the farming life. It's hot, cold, wet, dry, and I guess any little convenience they can find it a good thing.

    We have rain right now, not much to speak of, but it's moisture. Hope that you find some soon also.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. I have had problems with commenting on several Canadian blogs...they also return. Hope this goes through. Your post made me say...achoo! I avoid hay fields, as they're on my allergen list. A wonderful set of photos though. I have heard that Canada is having the same drought we are. Very concerning! Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

  14. We saw quite a few fields with the bales all set up, on our drive home yesterday from the cottage...I had remarked to my husband that it would make a great picture...with the sun on the golden bales...
    great shots Pamela....not much rain here either....but ALL around us!!
    Have a great day....

    Linda :o)

  15. I remember the days when my dad baled hay and he didn't have air-conditioned tractors. It was a very hot and dusty job! I didn't realize that Canada was experiencing the drought like we are here in the Midwest. We haven't had a good rain in my area in so long, just a sprinkle now and then. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!


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