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Monday, July 9, 2012

tea time with Anne


There is nothing like a bouquet of wildflowers in
a blue mason jar. 

It's been quite sunny and hot here and I'm not complaining.

I'm enjoying every minute of this beautiful summer weather.

Today I'm joining Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for
Tea Time Tuesday.

Sandi has chosen a theme this week featuring "Anne of
Green Gables".  I don't have any Anne memorabilia
and not even a book so I will share a few favorite quotes
from this famous Prince Edward Island redhead
along with some green.

Anne on contemplating city life says...
"I think I could probably come to the conclusion that I'd like
it for a while...but in the end, I'd still prefer the sound of the
wind in the firs across the brook more than the tinkling
of crystal".

Our back deck.

I enjoy sitting on either of our decks on a nice day.
Some days it can be too hot on the back deck but
just right on the front one.

Anne, referring to the sun...
"Look at that, you couldn't enjoy it's lovliness more if
you had a rope of diamonds".
To which Diana responds...
"I don't know about that".

On this beautiful sunny morning I am enjoying the birds
singing in the trees and the hummingbirds flitting to and fro
to the feeders.  I poured a cup of cold sweet tea in my new
Rose Chintz teacup and chose a digestive cookie to go with it.

Now Sandi, I know how you love Rose Chintz and when I saw
this cup and saucer at a gift/antique shop on the weekend I thought
of you.  And, every time I use it I will think of you too!

"I think you may be a kindred spirit after all."

We have been to PEI with our children when they were
young and have visited Anne of Green Gables house.

A view of our backyard from the deck.  I can't wait for the phlox to bloom.

In 2008 hubby and I visited the island again after our
daughter's wedding.  We needed a rest and a getaway
after all the bustle of the wedding.  We didn't get to
see any "Anne" things on that trip.
And believe it or not, I've never seen the Anne musical
in Charlottetown!

And the other side.

Another Anne quote...
"You know something Diana?  We are rich.  We have sixteen
years to our credit and we both have wonderful imaginations.
We should be happy as queens."

Don't you just love Anne's wisdom?
Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of "Anne of Green Gables",
was brilliant don't you think? 

If you travel by car to PEI you will cross this bridge from
New Brunswick on the mainland to the island.
It's a nine mile crossing and you pay a toll when you leave
the island.

How I love to enjoy tea, hot or cold, in a beautiful cup.

There are miles of red sandy beaches all around the island.
And the water is really warm too!

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."

Thanks so much for joining me for tea today.  There are several
other bloggers taking part by providing 'refreshments'.
Come along with me won't you?

I hope you will join Sandi for




  1. I've just read Sandi's post and loved it! I was telling her how much I enjoyed the quotes, then came here and found some more. Your wildflowers are gorgeous, and you have beautiful views from both decks. Funnily enough I was looking at the Phlox in our garden today and thinking that I can't wait to see the blooms.

  2. I had a lovely time with you for tea today Pamela. It was nice to see the view from both decks as if I was actually sitting along side. Your new Rose Chintz teacup is pretty and for sure when in use you'll think of Sandi, I know I would.

  3. Hello Pamela, This is a marvelous post! I love the tea cup and saucer. A good spot of tea would taste so good out of that cup! But the pics of the flowers are what really caught my eye. The blue canning jar is so pretty with your beautiful wild flowers. Oh, we crossed the PEI bridge to the island quite a few years ago. It was a fantastic trip. Thank you for today's post! It was a huge enjoyment!

  4. PEI look so beautiful, and I a SO glad you shared your photos. Also I wondered how one gets there from the mainland, and now I know. Your decks are pretty and I love your beautiful bouquet. I enjoyed your tea post very much! And hope you enjoy your new "Sandi" tea cup. :-)

  5. Wonderful quotes! And lovely photos! The wildflowers are gorgeous and yet very sweet in that old mason jar! Enjoy your weather!

  6. Thanks for dropping by and for your hospitality with tea and coffee. You are good with your camera. I love the flowers in the mason jar. Simple things are the best in life I think. Love Anne of Green Gables. Haven't read it for years but I think it would fill me full of joy to do just that. Blessings

  7. Thanks for the tea...your pictures are wonderful. You really must go to Charlottetown and experience the musical! It is really great.

  8. Hello Pamela, LOVE your post! You've captured some of the best quotes! Love your blue mason jar with wild flowers! I am sure Anne would too - Lucy Maude Montgomery was a treasure to us to create such a story and such a character! Loved you sharing your trip and that bridge! Wow!
    Hope you have a blessed week,

  9. Hello Pamela,
    Well, I am simply tickled pink to see a Rose Chintz teacup in your post! How pretty a picture it makes with your beautiful wildflowers in the blue jar! Your quotes are wonderful as well as all of your photos. You have captured the Island very well.
    I am so happy so many of my bloggy friends are enjoying the party today and you, my friend, have made it all the more special with your presence. Thank you for joining me and for your sweet comment. Have a beautiful week.


  10. Wow, what a love place you have. The deck is nice to sit out with your tea and enjoy your flowers. I love the shot of the bridge and scenery. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your post is lovely
    Visiting you has been a pleasure

  12. Something I've always wanted to do...spend time on PEI. I think you must go back to see the show, don't you? I love spending a Saturday marathon watching all the PBS shows of Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows. I do think that the author was a smart woman and one who dealt with a lot. We have a family story of spending time at the cottage and each evening either I or my mother read a chapter of the book. Time ran out and we had to leave and so I read in the car. We got to the part where Matthew dies and we were all so emotional we had to pull the car over and have a good sob. Fun times!

    Love the cup and the scenery and the decks...two! How neat.

  13. I love the wildflowers in the mason jar and I know Sandi loved the chintz teacup (as did I). Lovely quotes. You have a special place outside for tea! Wonderful Anne of Green Gables post and Happy Tea Day!

  14. Well Pamela...that was a lovely read...and the tea was delicious!
    I love all your different colors in and around your gardens...
    Aren't decks just the greatest places to be...
    Solving all the problems of the world...with a cup of tea and some flowers...
    What could be better?
    Glad you are enjoying some warmer weather...we are still on "broil" here!!
    Enjoy your week...

    Linda :o)

  15. Lucky Duck!! I have always wanted to visit PE Island and Anne is one of my all-time favorite characters...sweet post...and LOVE that bridge...wow...9 miles?!
    Have a great week!

  16. Beautiful post and photos! I especially love the first quote because that is how I feel.
    Have a great week!

  17. Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking us along to tea in PEI. One day I hope to visit in person!

  18. Wonderful post! I love that flower arrangement. It's funny that my husband and I are talking about taking a week in PEI in August. I hope it all works out for us especially after seeing your post.

  19. That was pretty! I loved my one visit to PEI, and I've always loved Anne.

  20. I predict a spike in people reading the wonderful Anne books, with all of these post featuring her. I love the stories.

  21. Waht pretty pics today! I hae never been to the Maritime provinces but would love to see those sandy beaches.

  22. Such a wonderful post. I too LOVE wildflowers in a mason jar.
    Happy Tuesday!
    ~ Zuzu

  23. As usual, your photos are superb! I loved all the quotes...brought back forgotten scenes and memories. I haven't read the books in eons! Maybe I'd better revisit them!

  24. I love your bridge photo and the widflowers are pretty too.It is nice to read all the different quotes from Anne-L.M Montgomery was so gifted.


  25. I so love Anne, too.. Your flowers and mason jar are lovely as are all of your pictures..
    Hubby is working In P.E.I. this week... Wish I had gone.. smile..
    Oh well, the Bay is here..
    Blessings, my friend...

  26. Lovely post. Your deck looks like a wonderful spot to enjoy your beautiful yard while you sip your tea!
    Mary Alice

  27. I never knew a bridge connected PEI with the mainland! I was disappointed on my one and only cruise that a scheduled visit to PIE was cancelled as the ships rudder was slightly damaged on a prio cruise and the captain didn't think he could maneuver into the harbor there. We stayed an extra day in Halifax instead (which I also loved!)

    Your backyard is lovely ..so nice and green!

  28. My mom has quite a collection of cups and saucers and has tea most every day. Lovely flowers and tea cup, Pamela. xo

  29. You visited me and now I'm visiting you back and joining your followers. Thoroughly enjoyed you blog and your bouquet of flowers was just up my street! I look or ward to enjoying more of your blogs. Joan

  30. lovely post. I love the flowers in the blue Mason jar. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Hi Pamela,
    Everything looks so lovely. What a beautiful Anne Theme post! I love your Rose Chintz teacup and wildflowers. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  32. Hi Pamela! I love this post! Those flower in the jar are just so simple and elegant! Your snaps are just gorgeous! Hope your week is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. Hi Pamela,
    this is an perfect Anne of Green gables post with Queen Anne lace and wild flowers in the mansion jar. Especially Childrens have their very special way of thinking and they see the world clear. Thank you for this charming tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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