Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, August 25, 2012

sunshine, the seashore and a lobster feed

I know I've been MIA for a few days.  Or maybe a week.  ;)

We've been at the seashore visiting our cousin.

Looking toward Cap Bimet.

We enjoyed sunny hot days all week here.  Perfect
for the seashore.
These photos are at Cap Brule on the New Brunswick side of the
Northumberland Strait near Shediac. 
Shediac is famous for it's lobster and beautiful Parlee Beach
which has some of the warmest water north of the Carolinas.

Terrible storm surges over the past years have torn away the sandstone cliffs and washed out the beaches. 
 Huge boulders were brought in to try to save the shoreline at this end of the community.

The sandstone cliffs at this end of the beach are still here but they are slowly eroding.  You can see a hole through the rock cliff eroded by the water.

One of the many stairways down to the beach.  The tide is high
at this time.  Can you see the rope laying across the smooth
rock?  I guess it's to help you climb up from the sand to the
stairs.  ;-/

Fresh Atlantic lobster.  Yum!

served on an antique platter

Oh my it was good!!!

Have you ever eaten lobster?
Do you like it?

We had a wonderful time and even had a feed of
fried clams the next night. 
I think I've had my fill of rich food for a while.

Well, we may have another lobster feed before my sister
goes back home.  It's difficult to resist!

We are having a wonderful time visiting and touring around.
I'll be back soon to visit you.

Take care!



  1. That lobster does look good! It would be wonderful to spend time at the shore

  2. What a wonderful place to vacation! I love, love lobster! I spent a week in Maine once and ate lobester in one form or another everyday!

  3. I have eaten lobster, but not often enough to get the hang of knowing how it eat it properly. Shame on me, given my grandfather used to fish for lobster! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time, Pamela. :)

  4. Hii Pamela, We love lobster. It is my favorite food! Oh, your pics make me long for the sea shore. I'm glad you are enjoying the rest of the summer. Have lots of fun!

  5. Beautiful photos and oh my, that lobster looks wonderful. I love it! I agree though, very rich food . . .

  6. Looks like a fabulous time Pamela. The lobster on newspaper brings back memories of our trip to PEI where our SIL is from. He and his brothers devoured lobsters like we've never seen before. :-) Here in Ontario we kind of pick and think how messy lobster is, even though the meat is delicious. I prefer just the tail - much less work. Fried clams I love.

  7. What a beautiful location. I'm sorry about all the erosion and surprised to read how warm the water is there.

    Oh John would love to see those lobsters on a plate in front of him. I am a lobster salad roll kind of gal. Drag a lobster through my mayo. ☺

    Is it as cheap as it is here now? Just $3.89 a pound. You can't get hamburger for that! I think I'll surprise John and at least make a lobster stew.

    Love the photos...especially the white Adirondack chairs against the blue ocean.

    Keep having fun!

  8. Gorgeous coast line photos, I could sit in those Muskoka chairs for ages and listen to the water. I've had lobster, and of course like it.

  9. Hi Pamela, As always you make me want to jump on a plane and head to this area. I love lobster-especially New England ones-so much sweeter. We also love clams but I can't have the bread so would have to have them steamed. Thank you for sharing with us today!

  10. Oh my, Pam... I thought you were in St. Martins and I didn't see you.. Then I read on.. smile..
    The lobster looks great.. We love it and any seafood almost..
    Take care and enjoy..

  11. I can certainly understand a great time visiting this beautiful place!! What beautiful snaps too. Yes, ma'am, I love lobster and haven't had any in some time!
    Be a sweetie,

  12. Lovely that you are out and about with your sister - and in fine weather by the looks of it, great!!

    Fabulous looking fresh lobster - haven't had any that looked that good in several years. One of the delicacies I used to enjoy so much when we lived in New England. We often went to lobster bakes in Maine during the Summers, and of course enjoyed fried and steamed clams too.

    Have loads of fun Pamela.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. What a beautiful area. Those houses so close to the edge are in a precarious place if the erosion continues. They have similar problems on the east coast of England where houses have had to be abandoned.
    Before I was a vegetarian I have had lobster bisque, but I was never good at eating anything whole. I recall sitting with a friend who munched her way through a lobster and I couldn't watch, lol.

  14. If I was visiting a place like that, I'd be MIA, too! It's gorgeous! I love seafood and the lobster looks so good!

  15. Are you sure you want to go back?! It looks a beautiful place!

  16. The title says it all....3 of my favorite things..
    Glad you are having a good time...enjoy!!

    Linda :o)

  17. Wonderful photos! I love the first one of the chairs. It just looks like a great, refreshing time away! Your photos are always so good!

  18. What I wouldn't give for a feed of fresh Atlantic lobster! There's nothing quite like it!

  19. LOBSTER!!! YUMMY!!!! Those looked so wonderful. I would love to have one though on my extremely limited budget ($900 mo and less) I cannot afford it. Guess I will have to imagine how delicious it was!!!


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