Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a kissing bridge

New Brunswick is known for it's historic
covered bridges.

This bridge is in the community of Rusagonis.
Rusagonis is locally pronounced 
Rush - a - gornish.
Yeah, I don't know how they got that sound out
of it either.  :)  The community is also known
simply as "The Gornish".

There is a nice little park at the intersection near the covered bridge.

This bridge is the Patrick Owens Bridge.  
It is 103 years old.

You can see that this bridge is well cared for
as it is used everyday.  You will note in the
first photo that their is a height restriction on
this bridge with the yellow and black painted
steel girder.  

I love the architecture inside a covered bridge.
It's almost like a cathedral.

There is only room for one vehicle to travel
through these old covered bridges.  
It is common courtesy to wait on one side
until the vehicle entering the other side
comes through.

And the title 'kissing bridge'?  Well,
in days of yore when a couple would be 
crossing the bridge in their buggy it is known
that many kisses were exchanged in the privacy
of the bridge.

This is the pretty river that flows under
the Patrick Owens Covered Bridge in the
pretty rural community of Rusagonis.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this pretty bridge.

Have you ever stolen a kiss while driving 
through one?  {wink wink}

Have a great day!




  1. Hi Pamela
    I've not seen any covered bridges in our part of Ontario so feel deprived of the stolen kisses I could have had. :-)
    The walls and roof certainly do have an interesting structure but then they must have to be sturdy with all the crossing vibrations.
    Thanks for sharing your photos, very enjoyable.

  2. There may have been a kiss or two under a covered bridge. :)

  3. My husband and I spent a week in New Brunswick with our pug about three years ago and absolutely loved it. It has more covered bridges per square inch than any other place I've been for sure. Wonderful place!

  4. That is a very impressive bridge. Clearly I have missed out not living near a kissing bridge!

  5. I love the bridge and would love to drive through it and I'd also love to take photos of it.

  6. Lovely! I adore covered bridges and the architecture of the supports is gorgeous.

  7. What a wonderful bridge. It's really great that it is well cared for.

  8. Hi Pamela, keep those pictures coming. It feels like on a holiday or I'm on a trip.
    Without them I would just be a homebody......

  9. That is a beautiful old bridge...

    I think when we were kids, we used to "kiss" when we went through the tunnels.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. Covered bridges are the best! (No, I've never stolen a kiss there, but it is a great idea.) NB has the most unique spellings and pronunciations ever. I try and try to explain the cottage lake's name and no one ever spells it right.

  11. Such a pretty little park! I love covered bridges, but none in my area. And, no, I never had the pleasure of a little kiss in a covered bridge.

  12. No...stolen kisses when we went through a covered bridge the last few times. Thanks for reminding me...we will the next time!!!!

    Pamela, Such gorgeous pictures. You and your camera must be a perfect match. I always enjoy your blog!

  13. I love covered bridges. Such a pretty area there!

  14. Hi Pamela. I love covered bridges! There is a section in Oregon with a lot of them that we loved to go to. The name of the place is as bad as some of the English pronunciations!!! Chermondsley pronounced as Chumley! Why....who knows! Wonderful photos.

  15. How beautiful this covered bridge is! I love it, it reminds me of the movie: The Bridge of Madisson County. Lovely photos, you're a great photographer! Thanks for your wonderful visit, you made me so happy.

  16. I just love travelling in New Brunswick. The last time I was there I tracked down covered bridges using the New Brunswick Tourist book. It gives the GPS Latitude and Longitude which made them easy to find. I was travelling close to Trans Canada Highway so I missed out on the Patrick Owens Bridge.


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