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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quiet reflections

A Sunday afternoon walk in the park took
my sister and I around the Beaver Pond Trail.

Of course, there is a beaver lodge in the pond.

We even found a bit of fall colour.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place.
A place of quiet reflection.

We met a few other walkers too.
But, no beavers.

Today, my sister returns home.  I will be
thinking of her and missing her company of
these past three weeks.

I will be quietly reflecting our time together
 in the days ahead.

Thinking of those who lost loved ones on this
date and wishing you God's peace.




  1. gorgeous views. back from a camping adventure & now getting back to commenting as well. hope are you well. big hugs. (:

  2. A lovely walk with you and your sister. we have just got back from the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. Such great scenery whatever the scale!

  3. Trying again...one comment lost...

    Sweet reflections and a tender thought for today.

    Now do call a friend and have a little chat over a cup of tea. You are so going to miss your sister. I know that I miss mine.

  4. What a lovely, peaceful place for a walk. Beautiful photos! My favorites are the 3rd and the last!

  5. Lovely.

    Thinking of all our American friends today.


  6. Those are gorgeous reflections! Beaver ponds are cool because the water is usually very still. Great shots!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the way beaver ponds thrive around the beaver's destruction. They change the landscape and make it interesting.

  8. No nice that you had that time with your sister.It looked like a peaceful place for a walk.


  9. Glad you had such a good visit with your sister - you really got around the province! And it looks like you had the same rain we had. what a day! sheets of rain - I think we got 100mm. Broke all records. Thankfully the rest of the week will be sunny - we need the time to dry out!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. I needed to take some time to reflect today, and since I don't have anything like this near me, it was much appreciated! Thank you. :)

  11. Hi Pamela, Thanks for popping in and joining our giveaway. These photos are so atmospheric with the skeletal trees piercing the pond like javelins, they could almost be a Chihuly installation. Heres wishing you a wonderful week. Paul

  12. Wonderful photos, dear Pamela. When Marissa was with us, we saw several beaver ponds, but not one beaver. She was very disappointed. I hope you're enjoying your day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Beautiful photos, and very poignant thoughts...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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