Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, September 16, 2012

which apple would you pick?

It's apple picking season again.

This orchard is near our home.  In fact,
my husband grew up on this land when it
was a dairy farm and a small orchard.
His father planted some of the trees and the
next two owners planted hundreds more.

What is your favorite apple?

Just a couple of the many varieties in this
Oh.  The deer apples are drops.  The ones
that fall off the tree.  Hunters get them to lure
the deer.  Sad but true.

A large red wagon pulled by a tractor takes
you down the hill to pick your favorite apples. 
It would be quite a long walk up the hill with
your bags of apples.  

And you just might meet Ducky....

who has his own wagon to ride in.

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  1. What a wonderful series of shots.... here in Washington, Fuji's are now being raised and my local produce stand gets huge crates from the orchards that still have the 'blue haze' on the skin, not washed/waxed... yum!

  2. We do not have apple picking this year. Our farms lost lots of blossom when we had late frost. So happy to see the apple farm thanks for sharing.


  3. Good to see a large crop, many apple orchards were affected by the weather and I think they will be quite expensive this winter. We never pick our own but I do buy some from the farmers' market.

  4. My favorite apple is probably a well seasoned Red Delicious; however, nothing beats a fresh Mac in the fall. I like drops, too. ;> Our apples are doing great this season despite the worries after that rough patch last spring. Looks as if the apples there are going to be fine. Are you baking pies? (I love Cortlands for pies, but John doesn't. Wah.)

  5. What fun! Speaks fall, doesn't it? I love Red Delicious, Gala and Jonathan apples. The Ducky wagon is so cute! You must have had a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Pamela...Hubby and I love Galas. We could not get enough of them last year....they were so tasty. Many times I use Empires for pies and actually they are quite good. What do you use for pies?

    Your photos are absolutely wonderful...but they always are!

  7. Hi Pamela,

    Fantastic photos! I'll try one of each apple, please :-) Actually, I do like MacIntosh. Duckie is so adorable.

  8. All those apples look good, and I am suddenly dreaming of apple pie!

  9. Yummy looking apples. I do love the apples in the fall, right off the trees. I like the Red Delicious and Honey Crisp. The duck wagon is so cute, great shots. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Love the apple orchard close to you . . . Honey Crisp are my current favorite! And yours?

  11. Don't fruit and vegetables make great photo subjects? Ducky is a cutie.

  12. Great photos! So fun to visit an apple orchard in the fall. My favorite apple is the Honey Crisp. Ducky is just too cute!

  13. I love MacIntosh for eating and Cortlands for baking - but we also like the Honey Crisps - a new variety. I better plan a trip to the orchard soon!

  14. I just bought some cortlands the other day. I love the tart crispness of the apples at this time of the year. I read a news item the other day to say that Ontario will be paying more for apples as many tree had their blossoms killed off by early frosts this year. No blossoms no bees and no pollination means no apples. We did not have one apple on our tree this year for that reason. Valerie

  15. I like your mosaic, Pamela! Apples are so colorful - they truly herald autumn's arrival. How neat that your hubby grew up there! My favorite apple is the honeycrisp, but there are many varieties that I enjoy.

  16. This is a great post - apple season is my favorite! We're surrounded by tons of apple orchards in this area. Courtlands are my favorites.

  17. I have a wee apple tree in my garden that produces five varieties. There are Yellow Transparent, Mac's, Cortland, Gravenstein and Delicious. I rather like the old-fashioned the Gravenstein. Of the newer varieties, I like Honey Crisp.

  18. I take it you are not deer hunters. Your photos are gorgeous the apples and trees are beautiful, apples are very photogenic aren't they.
    Have a wonderful day. Cindy

  19. I love Macs and Crispins...I love making apple pies and crisps...
    Guess it is time for that!!! Still making jam here...made strawberry last week...

    Enjoy your week..Thanks for your always lovely comments...

    Linda :o)

  20. LOL Ducky looks so cute in his wagon!!!


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