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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

brittany tea shop 1934 menu

I have shared with you before that my aunt once had a tea shop called the Brittany Tea Shop. (I love the name)

The tea shop operated for about a year in 1933 - 34 and I guess it must have been in business in the fall of 1934 as the menu above is from that time.

Don't you love the vintage stickers on the front?

Wait until you see the menu.....

Doesn't that sound like a delicious home cooked meal?

I guess it was more than a tea shop or maybe this was a special menu for Halloween.

What would you have chosen for your dinner?

I think I'd have the roast chicken dinner and finish it off with
ice cream and cake and tea.

I wonder how much a meal like that cost in 1934?

Today one would pay at least $20.00 for the chicken dinner and probably more for the duck.  

The menu is made from orange poster board and the page is typewritten and mimeographed with the logo at the top.

I have a couple of the business cards she used and 3 ice cream
parlour chairs that were in the shop.

This is a tea party I had on the deck last summer with the chairs
from the tea shop.

How I wish I could visit that tea shop as it was back then.

Imagine the ladies arriving with their nice dresses, hats and gloves and meeting friends for tea and lunch.
I can see my aunt bustling about and looking after her clientele.
I wonder if she had a cook prepare the meals or if she did it herself.
Sadly, I don't know anything about the shop.
That history is lost now.

I hope you will join me at Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage for
her HOME linky party.
HOME stands for Heart Of My Environment. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered such devastating loss from tropical storm Sandy in the US and Canada.
I believe it will take weeks or months for some areas to be back to normal and I just can't imagine what people are going through.
Please take care.



Monday, October 29, 2012

the pumpkin patch barn

While driving in Carleton County a few weeks ago
we saw some beautiful scenery and farms.  We came across
this barn and small field of pumpkins.

These orange gourds were all picked and just laying in the field.

I have never been to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin.
Have you?

I usually buy mine at a market or grocery store.

I'm linking with Barn Charm.

Regarding Hurricane Sandy ~
We are experiencing gusty winds here so far but the rains will arrive through the night and for the next 2 days (only about 30 mm are forecasted now, thankfully).  
I know it will be a lot worse for those directly in the storm's path and I am praying people will be smart and stay safe.
Take care and God Bless!

Blessings to you,


Sunday, October 28, 2012

red sky in the morning

This was the sunrise on Friday morning.

The old saying says ~ red sky in morning, sailors take warning.

What followed was 2 days of sunshine and warm weather.

It was beautiful.

No rain or storms.

Was it the calm before the storm?

Are you in the path of this monster storm called Sandy? 
I pray you are prepared and will keep safe.

Our college girlfriends reunion went very well and we had a wonderful time.

There were 12 for supper at my house and 13 for breakfast at 
Lois's house.
Can you find me in the picture?

{I'm on the front left and Lois is on the front right.
She reads my blog.  Hi Lois!}



Who says you can't have chocolate brownies
for breakfast?

leftover chocolate brownies from the night before  :)

And for balance ~ fresh fruit.

A great time was had by all.

Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

Stay safe.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

it's a fact

stacked for the season

Picnic season is over here in our area.

Halloween is almost here.

October is ending.

November is knocking at the calendar's door.

There are less than 2 months until Christmas.

Christmas decorations are in the stores next to Halloween decor.

There will be a full moon Monday night.

There's a big storm coming up the coast.

Five maple trees in our yard drop at least a million leaves.

We've had 4 frosty nights and the lobelia is still blooming.

Good friends are forever friends.

I am blessed.

Have a beautiful Sunday.



Thursday, October 25, 2012

what do you see?

Do you ever walk by a window, look out and think
'my that's looks pretty'.

There was just something about this view from the living
room window the other morning with the lace curtain and the muntins and the way the screen muted the scene. (no editing here)

I like the shadows from another tree, the last of the orange
leaves hanging on, the greens of the grass and softwood trees,
the grey of the driveway and road and the pale blue sky.
And the leaves that need mulching and bagging!

Did you notice all those things?

What did you see when you looked at this picture?

I look out the windows a lot.  I'm always checking the weather.
You know.  Seeing if it's still sunny, what clouds are coming in,
how much it's raining or snowing (not yet), what birds are at the 
feeder.  I enjoy my surroundings and get great pleasure in the 
beauty I see.

I often grab the camera and take a snapshot for my blog.

Like the other evening as the sun was going down.  I was
in the midst of preparing supper and noticed how golden the
sky was in the west.

So I grabbed my camera and ran outside after I put on my duckies
as the yard is really wet from the 80 mm (4 inches) of rain we had. 
  Here's what I captured.

Not spectacular.  But, I love the light through the tree playing on the remaining yellow leaves.  The green grass with long dark
shadows stretching across it.

And this is a broader view.

Golden sunlight, the last rays of the day, our neighbour's garden
in the foreground.  Yes, that's an old bed frame. :)   Beautiful!

God's beauty is all around us.
It is there for us to enjoy.
Take pleasure in it.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
And, welcome to my new followers.  
I hope you all have a beautiful day.

I'm off to the city for errands and food and cheap gas.
Gas went down 8 cents a litre last night which makes it
about $1.24 per litre.  That's a big jump!  Our gas is regulated
and the price goes up or down every Wednesday at midnight
depending on the market and oil prices.  
That's a whole other topic.
Today, buying cheaper gas is a blessing!

Blessings to you!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

simple blessings

You might remember that my younger sister, Margaret, was
home for a visit in late summer.

Just in time for Thanksgiving (Oct.8), a parcel arrived in the
mail from her.
She sent me a sweet tea towel and some cute beverage napkins
along with beautiful cards and a letter.
She is so thoughtful and I miss her terribly.

I decided to change up the vignette on my kitchen counter.
I removed the large tole tray and white hobnail milk glass
cookie jar and used these wood things for a fall theme.
The wooden pig cutting board was my mother-in-law's as was
the jar on the right.  The blocks came from her house too.
The little basket with the handle is a New Brunswick handcraft
by Brent Rourke.  The rectangular wooden box was a yard sale
find.  It says Alberta Springs on it.  I'm not sure what came in it but 
I have the feeling it was a bottle of something.  :)

And, I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  ;)

They make a huge batch and freeze well.
Otherwise they'd be all gone. :)

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting a new party called
HOME ~ Heart Of My Environment

Maybe you would like to join in and share something
pertaining to your home from cooking to decorating to
hobbies and everything in between.

Be sure to visit Sandi's blog and see what she's cooked up
for her first post. It looks delicious!

I am busy getting ready for our annual college 'girls'
reunion this weekend which I am co-hosting with my
best friend, Lois.
It's 40 or 41 years since we all first met at Bible school and we
have a great time getting caught up.  There will be about 12 or 13
of us coming here for pot luck supper on Friday evening and
half will be staying overnight here and half at Lois' house.
On Saturday morning we'll be going to Lois' for breakfast.

Good food, friends and fellowship.
And a late night I'm sure.

Here is our group last year.

Don't foget to visit the new HOME party.

See you soon.




Sunday, October 21, 2012

barn charm

I saw this barn the other day peeking from behind
a small rise in the land.

Nice and neat.  And a pretty maple tree too.

the farmhouse

 Lots of pretty maple trees.

Linking with Mosaic Monday



peace like a river

When peace like a river attendith my way
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

~ from a hymn by Horatio G. Spafford ~

Wishing you God's peace this week.



Friday, October 19, 2012

would you like to come for an autumn walk?

The sailboat marina with the boats pulled out for the winter.

This was about 10 days ago.

This is beautiful Mactaquac Provincial Park on the 
St. John River in the fall.

A couple of friends and I had a lovely walk through the
trails at the park to see the fall colours.

They are still very brilliant in their golds, coppers 
and yellows.

The brook was flowing fast after all the rain we had this past week.

There is a Tree Go zip line through the trees and this
is one of the landing stations high in an old maple tree.

A giant old red oak tree that has been standing here for decades.

Wouldn't you love to sit and look at this scenery all day?

I hope you enjoyed our walk.  We sure did!  :)

There is rain and wind in the forecast for the weekend
so the leaves will probably litter the ground even more.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get out to
enjoy the fall foliage in your area.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

the wedding trees

When I go to look after the dogs where our son lives I let them get a little exercise and I enjoy the beauty of the property at the same time.

I call these the 'wedding trees'.
Our daughter and son-in-law were married
under the tree on the left on June 21st
four years ago.

These trees were planted by my late father-in-law
about 50 years ago.  They have seen a lot of seasons and weather which is taking it's toll.

When I walk under the trees I always find lots 
of branches that have fallen.

I don't know how many more years these trees will
see.  Every strong wind or storm that blows 
threatens them even more.

And here are my charges ~ Buckley and Marshall.
My favourite dogs in the world.

This is day two of sunshine and it's going to be
15 deg. celsius (about 60 F.)  A perfect fall day.

Thank you for all your visits and very kind
comments on my recent posts.  I appreciate each
one of you.  Welcome to my new followers too!

I hope you are having a beautiful day.



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

note card Wednesday

It is Note Card Wednesday at Vee's.  Since I've been taking drives to see the beautiful fall colours lately I thought some of the pictures of our beautiful fall foliage would make great note cards.

I hope you will join me at Vee's for

{just click on the link}



Monday, October 15, 2012

'p' is for pink tea time

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting a special Tea Time Tuesday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am sharing a few of my very old and fragile pink teacups with you.

Limoges and Bridal Rose teacups

Our lives are as fragile as these old teacups and
we need to take care of ourselves.

Bridal Rose Bavaria

During this Breast Cancer Awareness month 
we are reminded to do regular monthly
breast self-examinations and to have a mammogram every 2 years.

Yes, it is painful.  But, you won't break.

We all know someone who has breast cancer.
We all know someone who lost their battle with it.

My sister is a breast cancer survivor and 
so is my best friend.
I know a young wife and mother who is battling this disease right now.
And I know others who have lost the battle.

Let's be aware.

Take care of your body.

Lend your support where you can.

Thank you Sandi, for hosting this weekly meme
and for making this topic of Breast Cancer Awareness Month the theme for this week.

{click on the pink link}

Blessings to you all.


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