Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

brittany tea shop 1934 menu

I have shared with you before that my aunt once had a tea shop called the Brittany Tea Shop. (I love the name)

The tea shop operated for about a year in 1933 - 34 and I guess it must have been in business in the fall of 1934 as the menu above is from that time.

Don't you love the vintage stickers on the front?

Wait until you see the menu.....

Doesn't that sound like a delicious home cooked meal?

I guess it was more than a tea shop or maybe this was a special menu for Halloween.

What would you have chosen for your dinner?

I think I'd have the roast chicken dinner and finish it off with
ice cream and cake and tea.

I wonder how much a meal like that cost in 1934?

Today one would pay at least $20.00 for the chicken dinner and probably more for the duck.  

The menu is made from orange poster board and the page is typewritten and mimeographed with the logo at the top.

I have a couple of the business cards she used and 3 ice cream
parlour chairs that were in the shop.

This is a tea party I had on the deck last summer with the chairs
from the tea shop.

How I wish I could visit that tea shop as it was back then.

Imagine the ladies arriving with their nice dresses, hats and gloves and meeting friends for tea and lunch.
I can see my aunt bustling about and looking after her clientele.
I wonder if she had a cook prepare the meals or if she did it herself.
Sadly, I don't know anything about the shop.
That history is lost now.

I hope you will join me at Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage for
her HOME linky party.
HOME stands for Heart Of My Environment. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered such devastating loss from tropical storm Sandy in the US and Canada.
I believe it will take weeks or months for some areas to be back to normal and I just can't imagine what people are going through.
Please take care.




  1. Hello Pamela,
    What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you have the chairs from your aunt's tea shop in downtown Moncton. I wonder if my grandmother ever visited it? It must have been a charming place with good food. I would have had the roast chicken as well with the pumpkin pie and tea. Thank you for sharing the menu and nostalgia with us at my HOME. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week, my friend.


  2. How fun that your aunt had a tea shop. Did you visit often? I think it's wonderful that you have some of the chairs. The menus are wonderful. I love old menus, etc because of the snapshot of life they provide. What a neat family history! Thanks for letting us take a peek.

  3. Happy Halloween, Pamela.

    I'll order pea soup, roast chicken, all those vegetables, pumpkin pie, and coffee, please.

    I googled 21 Botsford Street. Nothing there now that I know of, but La Mine D'Or, a lovely jewelry store, is nearby at 41 Botsford. I used to take my violin lessons on Botsford. That lovely old house is gone now too. It was next to St. Bernard's Catholic Church which is at 43 Botsford. That was in the 1960's. Afterwards, I would walk down Botsford, past where your aunt's tea shoppe used to be, lugging my great-great uncle's 100+ year old violin in its equally ancient case, to the big, heavy doors of the City Hall where my father worked. It was a thrill to watch him close up the big vault at the end of the day - I thought he must be a very important man to do that. Thanks for the nice trip. I think I would like to work in a tea shoppe (as long as I didn't have to cook).

  4. Halloween Wishes.........enjoy the nice to have chairs from the tea room.......Blessings Francine.

  5. I noticed the tomato juice offering right away. My grandmother always served tomato juice at meals. I would have the roast chicken and cranberry and all the wonderful desserts! Bet my grandmother ate there at least once...I just bet she did.

  6. We were on Botsford Street yesterday, Pam.. smile.. I would choose the duck..
    Lovely menu..
    Praying for all who have been through so much...

  7. Definitely the chicken! Sounds delicious! So nice that you have her chairs on your deck - they are sweet!

    praying with you for those devastated by Sandy.

  8. Hi Pamela, This was fun to read about. I was at a tea room today with a friend. We had a great lunch, not as heavy as this one, but plenty to eat nonetheless.

  9. I adore tea shops! I love tea parties! On the menu I would choose chicken dinner and pumkin pie! Looks like the munu was typed with a "typewriter" I wonder who uses them today?
    Love your tea table! All is calm here. Whew!

  10. How unfortunate you don't have any photos of the tea shop but at least the chairs are a reminder of the place.
    When I went to a Victorian tea in late summer, we were asked to dress up and it was fun wearing a hat and gloves. Maybe we should start doing this again and the younger set will think it's a new fad? :-)

  11. You are lucky to have three of the chairs that your aunt used in her Tea Shop. I imagine that she was quite a character; determined, creative, optimistic and happy to be running a business. Her Tea Shop must have been appreciated by her customers if it served meals like that!

  12. Hi Pamela! Oh, what treasures you have! What a wonderful little menu and I would have chosen the same food as you! Sounds pretty delicious! Did you have any trick or treaters? We had over 200! We get lots. Oh, my scary snap - I fiddled with it in Pic Monkey! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Very charming...
    Love those chairs...
    I would have had the pea soup...and the chicken dinner...never had cream as well...:o)

    Linda :o)

  14. How wonderful that you have the 3 chairs and a copy of the menu! I would have the chicken and the pumpkin pie!

  15. Pamela, I'll have just what you ordered, yum! How nice that you have the original chairs and the menu; what a great keepsake. Your aunt must have been quite the entrepreneur. I wish I was as brave!

  16. The tea shop must have been a sweet place - the chairs are so cute. It was a very short time in business - I wonder what happened.

  17. What treasures! I find that era fascinating. I too would love to go back in time for a visit. I saw a mock up of a 1930's tea room in the Museum of London, not long ago, with a very similar menu.

  18. Hello Pamela,
    This is such an endearing memento of days gone by. The menu sounds so lovely and I, too, can imagine the ladies coming for lunch with their white gloves and pretty hats. The parlour chairs are sweet and look so comfy for a cuppa tea and a nice chat.
    Thank you for sharing this glimpse of the past, and, thank you for your thoughtful words and kind visit to my blog.

  19. I think I'd have chosen the chicken dinner with the pumpkin pie!! How lucky for you to have three of the ice cream parlor chairs and some other mementos.

  20. You changed your header, very nice. Oh those little chairs are so cute, and the table too.

    I would have what you are having, perfect for a cool rainy day.


  21. It's so neat that you have that menu! I would have had the chicken. The buttered beets sound interesting. I wonder if they would have been roasted or boiled and then buttered?


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