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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fresh paint ~ and a lighting dilemma

Freshly painted walls and ceiling and the bookcase and post painted white

It's Home and Garden Thursday at A Delightsome Life and I
thought I would show you the before and after of our freshly
painted house.
We had our living spaces ~ living room, dining room,
hall and front entry ~ painted this past summer.


Note the dated brass light fixture.  I'm looking for something new for here and the hall.

The biggest transformation is the bookcase that forms the
half wall on the entry stairway.



The front entry before:

note the old brass light fixture

The front entry after:

We hope to get a whole new entrance door system, new ceramic flooring
and new wooden stairs (they are wall to wall beige carpet) next year.

Living room before:



Fall ~ I used the flash for this pic as it's a dark day.

Above is the wall half painted.
New paint on the left is Benjamin Moore's Historical Colour
Hepplewhite Ivory.
The one on the right is Lauren's Lace by Colour Your World.
There is quite a difference!

the dining room after (summer decor)

I am loving the new colour.  It is still a warm colour but it's not as dark as the yellow was.
It is more neutral and I can add any colour to the pallette
in my decorating.

I have a decorating question for all you home decorators
out there.
Actually it's a big dilemma!
What type of light fixtures should I get for over the entry
stairs, the top of the stairs and down the hall?  (4 lights in all)

Here are a couple more pictures to show you what it looks like.

Do you see the spots on the ceiling?  We need a large fixture
over the stairs.  A chandelier of some sort that will take up the 
empty space but not be overwhelming for the living room which
is open to the stairs.  Also, at the top of the stairs near the post we
need a fixture and then two down the hall.  I would like to go with
brushed nickel as that is what we have in our kitchen.  When you come in the front door you can see straight into the kitchen and the lights there.

the front stairwell

 The front stair well is 6 feet across and 12 feet high.

What size light should I get?  A five light chandelier?
A 3 light one or a single large pendant style?

We looked at some last weekend, bought them and didn't like
the semi-flush one for the top of the stairs.  It was too large
so we returned them and the hunt goes on.

Most fixtures come with glass shades that point up.
Great dust and fly catchers!!  How annoying!
Especially when it's so high over the stairs and nearly impossible
to clean.

This is a huge decision that I will have to live with forever! 
I want them to compliment my decor which is not modern but
more traditional. 

What should I do? 

Can anyone help me?

I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for visiting.

I am linking with Kathy at A Delightsome Life for

You will find a lot of great decorating ideas there this week.




  1. It all looks lovely...the newly painted walls and woodwork and stair railing and bookcase. (I thought it looked great before, too.) Can't help you with lighting fixtures. I have enough troubles with my own. I would only suggest that you include outdoor lighting fixtures as part of your shopping not for outdoors but for inside. Sometimes it's possible to find something totally charming that was intended for outside. Ohhhh, a chandelier...that would be fun to shop for...any thoughts about having a twice-loved one rewired? See? I have way too much advice. Don't listen to me!

  2. Everything looks so fresh and love the new painted walls. I like our light fixture since it hangs down. I believe it came from Home Depot. Your entry looks very similar to ours. We have a closet to the left of the door. I figured out Picasa. Just need to make sure my pictures don't exceed 800x600 pixels.

  3. Hi Pam...great job on the paint colors...as to the lights, that is kind of a personal choice, I think...I know IKEA carries a lot of lovely "coach" style lights, which seems would suit your style...
    Check back on my blog...I answered your question about the spikes...
    Dark and rainy here today...and darn cool...

    Linda :o)

  4. Hi Pamela, Great job on all the painting. I would check either Home Depot or Lowe's(if you have these stores)for ideas. You could also put your entry way light on a dimmer so that if you don't need it on fully, you can have it low. Our lights all match in the style and finish-I like the idea of coach style lights too. I would probably go with white because it looks like you have used that a lot. I can't wait to see what you choose.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Lovely and fresh looking, you have made some wonderful improvements to your space.

    Can't wait until you get your lights in to see everything sparkle....I am hopeless at picking out lights, have fun.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. Hi Pamela! Your painting looks fantastic. What nice colors you chose too. I'm not good at suggesting what kind of lighting you need. Like Noreen said, I think going to a home improvement store with lights would help as you could see what they have.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me and your comments.
    you are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Hello Pamela
    I am a big fan of BM's historical colours, and their paint in general. Here's how I pick any of our lighting - go to as many stores as you can to look at all they have and you'll know it when you see it. Sometimes I've had a style in mind and can usually find something that says 'pick me' after a few stores.
    I'm looking forward to what you choose.

  8. I love the new colors. It looks crisp and fresh! I'm not one to ask about lighting fixtures though. I'd probably go to a lighting store for advice - one that has a lighting designer.

  9. I will try taking some photos here at my house for some ideas. I agree, the open top light fixtures are dust catchers.

    We had an established light fixture store that closed last year. In business for years, could not ompete with the big box stores. BUT, they had excellent display, selections and premo customer service. They were my "answers" to lighting decisions. So I suggest maybe someone in your area who does home interiors, show them your photos and "pick their brain" for ideas.

  10. Oh goodness...I'd be no help. I have several lighting books at home right now. I'm trying to make the same decision, and am getting no where! :(

  11. Everything looks wonderful and so fresh! Beautiful job! I don't know anything about lighting, sorry :) Have a wonderful day!


  12. I know what you're going thru... We built a house several years ago & I didn't have a whole lot of time to search for exactly what I wanted, but we managed to find some beautiful fixtures... 1st sit back & breath! Make some trips to stores looking for what stands out & smacks you across the face... if it doesn't, then pass it up! Go to flea markets, yard sales, & regular stores like Home Depot & Lowes & see what's out there... you'll find something that you love & want to look at everyday... It'll come!

    My walls are painted that color & I'm in the process of painting them white! So funny, but I've gone shabby chic in my decor, so I'm loving everything brilliant white! =)

  13. The colors you chose are lovely. Here are some tips regarding lighting.
    You almost always want to incorporate some sort of chandelier if the foyer’s ceiling is above-average height. It will create that “wow” effect you are looking for. However, it’s important to scale the size of the light fixture for the space. Here are some tips that should help…

    To determine the right width of the light fixture: Add the length and width dimensions (in feet) of the foyer area together. That number – in inches – is the width of the light fixture you should look for. So, if your foyer is ten feet by ten feet, you’ll want a light fixture that is about 20 inches wide.

    To determine the right height of the light fixture: Position the light fixture so that the bottom is at least seven feet from the floor. If you have a window above your front door in the foyer, you can really heighten the effect of a beautiful chandelier. Center the chandelier in the window. Even from the outside, your home will look brilliant!

    I am not sure how tall your ceilings are in the hall. I would think pendant lighting.

  14. Hi, Pamela
    I'm out of my depth on the lighting question, but I wanted to say how much I like your home. It is so pretty and I love that you painted the bookcase; it looks so fresh!

  15. It looks so fresh and warm. I love the color, but it is hard to show true color with a camera, isn't it? I just painted a room and at different times of the day it looks different colors. I don't have much lighting advice, As far as the hall by the front entrance, what about a drum light? My son just put one in his office over his desk. It is huge and lights up the room. I guess it's a tad contemporary though they have mostly a traditional home. It looks pretty neat. Just a thought for something different. But i;m not sure really, how it would look there.

  16. It makes things seem new and alive. Enjoy!

  17. Hi Pamela, everything looks fresh in your home! Wonderful job! I have always liked neutral colors and your choice of Ivory is great.
    Thank you for your visit and especially for the chocolates suggestions. I think I have tried Purdy's Chocolates and, please, check the website that I found and tell me if you mean that http://www.purdys.com/Default.aspx
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Looks lovely, Pam.. A lot of work but so worth it when it is done.. I have to remind myself of that fact.. smile..
    God bless..

  19. What a great transformation, Pam! Everything looks fresh and clean. I love to choose new lighting. Here is my suggestion...
    I would get a big drum light for your foyer and let it hand down low... if I can see it right the ceiling is a long way from the foyer. I think that would look wonderful with a burlap or linen shade!
    You could mimic that look with a smaller drum light at the top of the stairs.
    And as for down the hall I would keep the lighting close to the ceiling.
    What fun. There are so many great lighting choices!!!
    Thanks for letting me have fun decorating your beautiful home!

  20. Your home looks lovely, Pamela! The paint made it look so fresh and bright. I am hopeless as far as suggesting fixtures --the ones in my Brooklyn home are all old fashioned, but I love them all! My Colorado home has more modern ones which are simple and streamlined and I'm thinking the past owner bought them recently to update the house look, probably from Lowe's or Home Depot? I know I will need a lot of help decorating my new home --I'm not even sure what furniture to take and what to buy new. Decorating is really not my "thing" lol!

  21. I would choose a single large pendant - with it being so high having more lights mean more lightbulb changes - Love the new paint color Pamela - looks great and makes a great background to your decor! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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