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Spring 2018
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

golden sunlight

October 2 was a very warm and sunny day but
in late afternoon some darkening clouds appeared
on the western horizon.

As I was driving along the highway by the 
St. John River at sunset the sun broke through the dark clouds behind me and cast the most beautiful
golden glow across the landscape.

I knew I had to pull over and capture this golden
light on the river.

I stayed there for 15 minutes and took a lot of

It was beautiful standing there and watching
the sun slip down over the hill as it's golden
light reflected on the river.
The traffic whizzed past on the highway while
I clicked away and listened to the odd cricket 
and bird around me, basking in the glow of the
last light of the day.

What a perfect end to a perfect day.

I'm so glad I had my camera with me and that
there was a place to stop along the road.
[even though I was late for choir practice]

It was definitely worth it!
Don't you think?

Thank you for all your kind comments on my recent posts.  I enjoyed reading every one.
And welcome to my new followers!

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  1. O yes, it was worth it!!! Those are lovely pictures! You were so lucky to have your camera and a place to pull over and get those incredible shots!!

  2. i love the way to glows off the water. so magnificent & lovely!! (:

  3. Worth it, yes, but hope you didn't get in too much trouble! LoL!
    Very very beautiful shots! WoW! =)

  4. Hi Pamela! Oh, you've captured a wonderful scene. The skies look like gold! :)
    You always snap the most gorgeous views!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Yes! It looks like spun gold. Such opulence.

  6. Oh my! You captured the most wonderful images! How lucky that you had your camera with you. It's not often you see such an amazing sight like this!

  7. It was an amazing sunset. I'll have to post my pics tomorrow so you can see them. Wonderful shots, glad you had your camera as well, thanks for sharing.

  8. It is not everyday that we get to see gorgeous photos like these! Oh..my! Glorious!

  9. This is the priceless kind of gold! What a treasure captured in your lens! Stunning!

  10. Wow, the perfect Autumnal golden sky Pamela, ceratainly a good reason to be a little late for choir practice:)

  11. Beautiful shots! The clouds and color are wonderful!

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots! I noticed yesterday at noon how beautiful and blue the sky was with a lovely striated cloud effect (don't know what you call it). But it sure was beautiful.

  13. Just beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to take these and share!

  14. Beautiful photos of the sunset! Love the golden reflection in the water. Well worth being late for choir practice.

  15. Those golden sunsets are rare, and everything should be dropped to grab the camera and get a photo of them. Great shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  16. These are such beautiful beautiful pictures of your sunset. Dazzling! Glad you took time for this. I think you have your priorities straight!

  17. What a magnificent sunset! It is truly an example of God's Glory!

    I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit lately, Pam. I've had less computer time these days since we've been busy getting our house in tip top shape to sell. It feels good to have a day to relax and read my favorite blogs. Thanks so much for your good wishes on our anniversary. I loved my wedding dress ...very 70's! :)

  18. I love God's artwork in the sky...new every day! I ran outside with my camera last night to capture the beautiful sunset as well.

  19. That was an amazing sunset and you captured it so well!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  20. Hi Pamela,
    What beautiful pictures! Glad you had your camera! I am always amazed by the Lord's paint brush! Thank you for your visit and very sweet comment about my blog birthday. It's ladies like yourself who keep me wanting to do my very best and offer something fresh and sweet in every post I put on. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.


  21. Defnitely worth being late for this stunning images! The light on the water looks like liquid gold. Absolutely gorgeous!! Have a great weekend.

  22. I captured a photo similar of a beautiful sun set! Your sunset was golden, the one we had was almost like fire! You are a great photographer!


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