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Monday, October 1, 2012

the old china cabinet

Sandi, at Rose Chintz Cottage, is having a special theme to her usual Tea Time Tuesday.   
She is calling it What's In Your Cabinet?  

I am showing you my antique cabinet that I inherited from my mother.  

This antique cabinet has been around a long time.
It is solid wood and appears, by the shading on the left
side, it was part of a desk of some sort.

I apologize for the quality of these photos as they were
taken on a bright sunny afternoon.

This is the bottom which has a drawer.  It looks like it
has been restained at some time around the brass drawer
pull and lock.  Even the inside of the cabinet shows drip
stains from varnish. 

The key works in this lock.

There aren't any labels or markings on the cabinet to tell of
it's make or history.  I sure do wish I knew it's history.

The top has beautiful carving and crown molding.
The glass in the door is original.

The shelves inside are adjustable as there are saw tooth style notches down the sides.  Some of the shelves have been cut
to fit and some fit well.  It's all sort of a puzzle to me as to
the original purpose of this piece.

looking in at one shelf resting on the notches

As my hubby would say, I've got it 'loaded'.
I think it's time for a cull don't you?

This cabinet contains a lot of my favourite old pieces
of china etc. Most of them are inherited but there are
a few new pieces in it.  I really should tidy it up and just
keep certain pieces for display as my mother did. 
But, then, I wouldn't have any place to store the rest of
the things.

Definitely time for a cull.

If only I could decide what to keep and what to get rid of

I hope you enjoyed seeing my old china cabinet.
It's a favorite piece in our home.

Some of my favorite china is my grandparents flow blue china
that is over 100 years old.

I did this tablescape last fall.

I also have lots of china teacups that I enjoy using.
{I keep them in another cabinet.}

I invite you to join Sandi for What's in your cabinet?

Have a great day! 




  1. Beautiful cabinet Pamela. If you ever want to get rid of anything blue from those top two shelves, please call me first!!

  2. How wonderful! All those hints that it may once have had a different purpose. I don't know about a cull, I'm sure you could squeeze a few more pieces in!

  3. Love the jumble of keys..
    I actually also have my grandmothers china cabinet...lovely old piece..
    Glass sides and glass front...wheels on the legs...also stuffed to the gills with my bits and bobs...I will move some stuff around, as I do more entertaining here in the winter months...Cleaned out my clothes today...felt good...drove them straight to the Bibles for Missions store...

    Enjoy your week...Thanksgiving here...as normal...with the whole gang...but this year, we will be joined by sweet little Vivian...

    Linda :o)

  4. Your grandparents old china is beautiful, Pamela. I have some of my parents, which was given to them by my wonderful great-aunt who had purchased it at the end of the first world war.

  5. Hi Pamela, fun to see whats in your cabinet, love the dishes from your grandparents, so so pretty, your table looks beautiful set for Fall. Also love the old keys, the are really neat. Great post, Blessings Francine.

  6. Hello Pamela,
    Your mother's china cabinet is just wonderful! I love things that tell a story and yours certainly does. You have some lovely pieces and I see we have the same bunny pitcher. I love your grandparents' flow blue china too! How lovely you have it and what memories you must have! Precious! Your teacups are pretty too. Thank you so much for joining me today, my friend. It's always a joy to have you.


  7. Hello Pamela
    The cabinet almost looks like an old grandfather clock shell that was repurposed. It's lovely with all kinds of interesting things inside.

  8. What a lovely china cabinett...and what a wonderful collection of china to display in it...especially the flow blue! My favorite! Thanks so much for sharing your treasures!

  9. It certainly is lovely. It reminds me of a grandfather's clock case. Perhaps someone will know what exactly it is and how it was attached to another piece in its first life. Cull? Oh I can't imagine how you'll do that. I wouldn't want the job! Love the oranges with the flow blue. It's the perfect color complement.

  10. What a lovely old cabinet. I love the vividness of the flow blue and how great that it was your grandparents.

  11. That's a gorgeous cabinet, Pam! It appears to be well made. That's a nice piece to inherit. I like the lock/key system on it. My grandparents had an old rolltop desk with that same mechanism.

  12. I love looking into folks' homes and the contents of drawers, cupboards etc. It gives us clues as to what that person is like! don't cull too much!

  13. Hi Pamela, Your cabinet is a treausre, and I love your Flow blue tablescape. It's perfect for fall!

  14. What a beautiful cabinet with so many treasures inside. :) Very, very nice.

  15. What a beautiful memory you have of your mothers. I just love when a piece has a story to tell, and the story is from a memory. The keys in the lock would be my big attraction after the china, you know. I enjoyed your post and although it has been a busy summer I'll try and jump over to Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage and join in, I have a cabinet of fun to share. Thank you, I"m glad to be back also.

  16. My you are certainly fortunate to have a true antique cabinet to place all your treasures in and that it came from your Mother makes it even more dear. I love the flow blue china from your grandparents and the tablescape is gorgeous. You certainly have a great collection of teacups and saucers and sharing your treasures is so kind of you.

    Thanks, Pam

  17. I love your old cabinet...whatever it's original purpose may have been! I'm not sure about 'the cull'. It's hard to part with precious pieces from the past. I'm rather a sentimental type!

  18. What treasures you have inherited! I would have a hard time deciding what to get rid of.

  19. Beautiful china pieces and what a treasured china cabinet! Flo Blue . . . I would love . . . a treasure like that from my grandparents too!

  20. Your old china cabinet is very lovely and you do have it loaded, but you have such pretty little things in it. I'm sure that old piece would have some stories to tell if only it could speak!
    I remember that pretty table-scape, your blue dishes are fabulous with the orange gourds.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. It's lovely, Pamela - especially the fact that it comes to you from your mother. Like you, I have a cabinet that is less 'arranged' than filled.....but I like it that way!

  22. Hi Pamela, your cabinet is a real treasure. It's wonderful to own such an heirloom piece. The blue and white dishes are beautiful. Loved your Fall tablescape.

  23. Pamela
    What a treasure your cabinet is. I especially like the ornate carving on the top of the door. I wouldn't worry about doing any culling, I like the full eclectic look.
    You are so fortunate to have the lovely flo blue dishes that your own family ate from so many years ago too.
    Happy October!

  24. Your mother's antique cabinet is a true beauty. How well all of your pretty pieces of china look in there, too. I have things similar and they truly mean the world to me so I know what you mean. I think it looks so pretty. I would not part with a thing. Your tablescape is gorgeous. What a welcoming sight for Thanksgiving dinner......is that this weekend in Canada?

    Another lovely post, Pamela.

  25. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful china cabinet. I love all the beautiful details and the vintage keys are amazing. I love vintage keys!! Your china and treasures are beautiful. Have a wonderful week.

  26. Hey Pamela... Peeking into your Grandmother's cabinet was delightful ... and I love that you still have the key ... there are so many treasures to enjoy... I do love you Blue Flo" china. Thanks for sharing..hugs

  27. What a beautiful heirloom piece of furniture. How fortunate you are to have it, and it's in great condition.

    I love blue flow dishes....sigh.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  28. Your loaded cabinet is very awesome. I would love to sit with you and go through each piece, admiring the beauty. I don't think it's overloaded. All of those things are very precious and has meaning to you. That's priceless! Your China is very lovely and blue is my favorite color.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  29. Well my wife might look on your collection with a little envy. And her cabinet has a long time to go before it's got a history like yours (I bought her one about 20 years ago). Nice collection - perhaps your 'cull' should only relegate some to a storage area vs out the door.

  30. How do you learn to get rid of anything?

  31. This is a wonderful old cabinet and your collectibles are all so beautiful! I couldn't cull anything!

  32. Hi Pamela,
    just the cabinet itelf is so pretty and the inside is amazing. I love how you stored your treasures and the fall table is beautiful, too. Oh my, how wonderful this blue patterned china looks with the pretty Quilt. Thank you for sharing this delight.
    Best greetings, Johanna


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