Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, October 25, 2012

what do you see?

Do you ever walk by a window, look out and think
'my that's looks pretty'.

There was just something about this view from the living
room window the other morning with the lace curtain and the muntins and the way the screen muted the scene. (no editing here)

I like the shadows from another tree, the last of the orange
leaves hanging on, the greens of the grass and softwood trees,
the grey of the driveway and road and the pale blue sky.
And the leaves that need mulching and bagging!

Did you notice all those things?

What did you see when you looked at this picture?

I look out the windows a lot.  I'm always checking the weather.
You know.  Seeing if it's still sunny, what clouds are coming in,
how much it's raining or snowing (not yet), what birds are at the 
feeder.  I enjoy my surroundings and get great pleasure in the 
beauty I see.

I often grab the camera and take a snapshot for my blog.

Like the other evening as the sun was going down.  I was
in the midst of preparing supper and noticed how golden the
sky was in the west.

So I grabbed my camera and ran outside after I put on my duckies
as the yard is really wet from the 80 mm (4 inches) of rain we had. 
  Here's what I captured.

Not spectacular.  But, I love the light through the tree playing on the remaining yellow leaves.  The green grass with long dark
shadows stretching across it.

And this is a broader view.

Golden sunlight, the last rays of the day, our neighbour's garden
in the foreground.  Yes, that's an old bed frame. :)   Beautiful!

God's beauty is all around us.
It is there for us to enjoy.
Take pleasure in it.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
And, welcome to my new followers.  
I hope you all have a beautiful day.

I'm off to the city for errands and food and cheap gas.
Gas went down 8 cents a litre last night which makes it
about $1.24 per litre.  That's a big jump!  Our gas is regulated
and the price goes up or down every Wednesday at midnight
depending on the market and oil prices.  
That's a whole other topic.
Today, buying cheaper gas is a blessing!

Blessings to you!!



  1. I do have a picture out my window.
    They make the best frames as well.

    I love yours. Oh how pretty.

    I also love the other pictures that follow.

    I am adicted to trees. Leaves, bare trees you

    name it.

    Excellent photography!

  2. Yes, I often glimpse the framed views and think how pretty. Often, the resulting photo I take isn't as pleasing. Those screens of mine! Happy erranding and yay for lower gas prices.

  3. I see a woman who is fully aware, not only of the scenery, but of her amazing blessings in life.

    And I see a photographer that has so much talent, both with capturing images, and writing.

    That's what I see.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Such lovely images you have here. :) Yes, we look out of windows a great deal, too. The views from our french doors are so very pretty.

  5. Nice framing of the tree with the window! The other photos are beautiful...wonderful lighting!

  6. you are so right. find the positive in all things. i think you can find beauty in any thing ... seriously ...if you take the time to think on it? get that cheaper gas ... (:

  7. Oh yes I love to look outside. Your outside looks really pretty and worth taking snapshots now and then.

  8. Hi Pamela.....yes...I'm a window peeper indeed.......always watching the birdies. And see what's happening out there.....Blessings Francine.

  9. Beautiful views from the window . Nice thoughts came to mind as I thought about "my window looking!".

  10. You live ina beautiful area, Pamela, and your window view is beautiful!

  11. I was witness to a double-rainbow yesterday around 5:45 pm as i stared out the window at work. Unfortunately I did not have my camera. What was unique was the outside area surrounding the 2 rainbows was dark grey, but the inner 1/2 circle of the rainbows was bright and almost cream colored. Very unique.

  12. Thank you for sharing...kindred spirit.
    I love looking out my window also and seeing the beauty in the ordinary.
    Love your photos!

  13. I am the happiest when I look out my kitchen and breakfast room's the same lovely one, lol.. Your views are gorgeous, I love your imgages, with the rain too. Thank you for your sweet visit my friend. Big huigs,

  14. I love the pictures out of your windows and yes, I do that also. I love looking out and seeing birds, squirrels and trees!

  15. Hi Pamela,
    Lovely photos! The view out of your window is certainly a good one to watch through the changing seasons. Our gas dropped overnight too, go figure!
    Have a great weekend! The last weekend in October!
    All the Best,

  16. I look at windows like picture frames...either way, outside to inside or inside looking out! Our little grandson was over yesterday and just looking around the house as if seeing it for the first time. He stood on his tiptoes at each window, trying to look out to see what was there. So cute,

  17. Hello Pamela
    I do the same, looking out a window and see a great shot I have to take. Often, I can't capture the sunlight the way I want to but you certainly did - thanks for jumping into your duckies!

  18. Lovely views! I think that as we take photos it helps us to appreciate the beauty around us.

  19. Hi Pamela,

    You have the best views! You did capture the sunlight just right. Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. You have a lovely view out your window. I keep tabs on the weather too and if the light is really nice - as in your photos - I'm tempted to take my camera outdoors too.

    Our gas is a bit cheaper than yours! Hmmm. Ours only went up to $1.30 a litre and is now down to $1.17. Our prices can change hourly, though...not just once a week.

  21. How wonderful that you pause too enjoy the beauty around you. Lovely photos. Our gas prices are down from $1.30+ to $1.15.


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