Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, October 12, 2012

what's in the cookie jar?

This is the view from my favourite chair in the living room this past week.

When the sun is shining, which hasn't been very
often lately, the trees absolutely glow and fill
the living room with golden light.

I stopped into a local antique store this week
and found a new cookie jar.

It's an old fashioned one that was probably
used for penny candy in a general store.
I remember my great uncle Walter's general
store had a row of these filled with candies on the counter behind the cash register.

I've decided to use this one for cookies.

Ginger snap cookies and a cup of tea in my
new covered mug.

Perfect for a cool, rainy fall day.

And then there were three!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment and
thanks for your input on my lighting dilemma.
I think I have found what I want and will be sure
to share them with you when they are installed.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Pamela,
    Your view is stunning! Even on a rainy day they would be beautiful. Your cookie jar is identical to one that good friends gave us for a wedding gift long ago. It was delivered to us, filled with her home made cookies. I still have it some where but I think the top has gotten lost from our many moves over the years. Those old glass jars are so charming!
    Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Happy your lighting needs are being solved . . .

    Love the cookie jar and all of your cookie cutters. Quite the collection!

  3. Love your view.... the colours are marvelous... Such a great view as you are sipping your tea and eating your gingersnaps from your great cookie jar... Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I can just imagine the golden glow from the changing leaves - something I miss here on the coast. Love your new/old cookie jar!

  5. You have some beautiful color outside your window! Those cookie jars are a great find!

  6. Well that makes a delightful cookie jar. You can always see when it's time to restock. Beautiful colors on that maple!

  7. What a great idea. Cookie cutters in a cookie jar. Cookies are a novel idea around here too! But with the arrival of Jack Frost, I am feeling somewhat in a baking mood.

  8. Love that rainy day photo. Your cookie cutter collection is cute!

  9. Wonderful use for those jars! I may have to copy you. :))

    I too love the colourful trees especially when the sun shines.

  10. i love a cookie... with some hot tea would be delicious. my mom has lots of old cookie cutters. that would be a great idea... i will past it on.

    having a blogoversary today with a giveaway ... hope you can stop by. send your friends over too. big big hugs.(:

  11. Ah gingersnap cookies would taste so good here for's still early here.

    Love that jar, I have been getting "new" old ones as I see them, and my husband has been keeping his cookies in them. I love the look, feel, and healthiness of glass.

    In the process of switching over all of my spices, and mixtures into glass.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. That's a lovely view of the changing trees and guess what? You and I have exactly the same cookies in our cookie jars! My jar has a black lid to match the counter but is old fashioned glass to see through to the tea time treats too.
    Have a good weekend Pamela.

  13. Hello, Pamela
    I like your new cookie jar. It's great that you can nibble on them, sip tea, and enjoy the colourful view. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Love love your jar or should I say jars.. The cookie cutters look so nice in them..
    Enjoy your tea...

  15. Lovin all your jars...
    and the Love out your window!
    xo, Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. Hello Pamela, great find.....I have the same old it so....also keep old cookie cutters in mine....lovin that view out the window.....Blessings Francine.

  17. Pamela
    The view through your window is beautiful.
    Your trees look a lot like our are now.
    And I love those old time candy jars.
    Using it for cookies is a great idea.

  18. A very beautiful view! My heart started to beat a little faster when I saw your jar with all the cookie cutters. Ohhh my I do love cookie cutters! I sat down today with those lighting books that I was telling you about. I think I have made my decision too! You motivated me to get the job done! LOL!! Thanks! :)

  19. Beautiful picture - what a lovely spot to sit and look out the window. And I love your new cookie cute!


  20. Love the old jars and that's a great idea putting cookie cutters in them. I love your view of the fall foliage!

  21. Yum, cup of tea and a ginger bikky, just what I need:)

  22. I love to bring home a vintage piece and make it feel at home. Your canister is wonderful as is your view!

  23. Your Autumn days are ahead of ours of course - just now getting some early color on the dogwoods. A million acorns falling and they are huge this year - ask my sore scalp - I need a hard hat for the garden walks!

    Great cookie jar find........and so happy you have discovered your light fixtures - look forward to seeing them enhancing your new paint, all looks fresh and lovely.

    Feeling much better, thanks for the good wishes dear. Off to Europe this week!
    Hugs - Mary X

  24. It's a rainy day here so perfect for drinking tea and eating cookies. And I just happen to have ginger snaps too. Love the jars you found.

  25. Meant to add, thanks for adding my website to your link list. I appreciate that.

  26. Your trees look so beautiful! Ours are not quite there yet. Great cookie jars. I'm actually going to bake some cookies in about 20 min :)

  27. What a beautiful view you have out your window as you nibble your cookies and drink your tea. The cookie jar was a great find.

  28. Great find Pam...and a great view as well...
    Kind of like my room with the leaves in the trees..which are now gone!!!
    Enjoy your cuppa and cookie!!

    Linda :o)


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