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Friday, October 19, 2012

would you like to come for an autumn walk?

The sailboat marina with the boats pulled out for the winter.

This was about 10 days ago.

This is beautiful Mactaquac Provincial Park on the 
St. John River in the fall.

A couple of friends and I had a lovely walk through the
trails at the park to see the fall colours.

They are still very brilliant in their golds, coppers 
and yellows.

The brook was flowing fast after all the rain we had this past week.

There is a Tree Go zip line through the trees and this
is one of the landing stations high in an old maple tree.

A giant old red oak tree that has been standing here for decades.

Wouldn't you love to sit and look at this scenery all day?

I hope you enjoyed our walk.  We sure did!  :)

There is rain and wind in the forecast for the weekend
so the leaves will probably litter the ground even more.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get out to
enjoy the fall foliage in your area.




  1. Gorgeous, Pam.. Such a nice time of year although the rain won't be so great..
    Have a great weekend..

  2. Good Evening Pamela...oh!! I enjoyed that beautiful Autumn walk so much....the scenery is to walk through the fallen leaves.....thanks for inviting me.....Blessings Francine.

  3. wow, that was a fabulous walk. i loved it!! i really could stare at it for ages. beautiful!! any time you take a walk ... i would be happy to accompany you. big hugs. (:

  4. Oh that was beautiful....I loved it. Did you find acorns?

    We have not even had frost yet, and might soon have snow...the leaves are still on the trees.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. There's nothing I like better than a walk through the woods in the fall. Gorgeous colors! I love the leaf carpeted path through the trees.
    It's been rainy and windy here so I think out colors are done for the year.

  6. A beautiful place to walk and photograph! You've got some really nice color, especially the yellow!

  7. Looks like a wonderful walk with spectacular color and views. I can hear leaves crunching!

  8. Beautiful fall colours - lovely photos as ever, Pam

  9. Wonderful! We're going on a drive today and so I hope to see some of this peak color we've been promised. Yup. Peak Week here as of Wednesday. It goes by all too quickly. (It's past peak in my little corner of the world except I've got my eye on a still green tree across the street.)

  10. Oh I wish that I could try a zip line through the trees! That would be fun!!

  11. Beautiful, serene, restful . . . I loved this Pamela . . .

  12. Gorgeous, Pamela! I would love to zip line through those beautiful fall trees.

  13. Your photos are just amazing. it must be wonderful to walk with friends through the trees and to think of all the memories the wedding trees bring to you. I love your last post and thank you for visiting me once in awhile as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Seems so quiet and peaceful. Your pics are stunning. Colors are beautiful. Reminds me of our beloved Adirondack Mountains here in NY.

  15. What a lovely walk! Yes, indeed, I enjoyed it a great deal. :) Thanks for taking us along.

  16. Pam, I love these golden, autumn colours. However, you know that already! The brook looks pretty wonderful too. I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  17. The fall foliage has to be my favorite and you certainly captured the changes beautifully. The colors of the trees are magnificent.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Mary Alice

  18. Hi Pamela,
    Your photography is simply stunning! I love taking walks through the woods; especially this time of year!
    I love the hymn 'It Is Well With My Soul' too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice comment about my new party. I look forward to having you join me whenever you can. Enjoy your day, my friend.


  19. What a wonderful place to walk with friends with such amazing Autumn colour! Jackie .x

  20. Yup, I could sit and look at it all day, something special about the changing of the leaves that is warming. Love your pictures they are great shots


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