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Thursday, November 1, 2012

November ~ the in-between month

sunny breaks in grey skies (after 4 days of cloud and rain),
and green grass, and warm temperatures (15C)

Welcome to November.

The in-between month here in Canada.

We are in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The apple trees have changed colour while the rest of the trees are bare.

And in-between the seasons of fall and winter.

Yes, we have a different season here in parts of Canada where we will have a mix of nice fall weather and rainy, cold, snowy fall weather.   Today was beautiful with partly sunny skies and very warm temperatures in the Maritime provinces.
I call it the in-between season.

Some trees still have leaves and the grass is very green.

the prickly pear tree still has golden leaves

Our daughter lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta and they have over a foot of snow on the ground already.
This summer they had hot sunny days with temperatures in the high 20's and low 30's (celsius!) but winter seems to have come early there this year.  Other parts of the western provinces have had snow and extremely cold weather too. (I'm talking -20 C.)

I caught this red squirrel snacking on a pine cone while up in the pear tree.
Do you see the thorns?  Watch your feet little guy.

I'm thinking about Christmas decorating already.
Are you?

It's time to change out the orange and rust of fall and go for a more neutral palette for this in-between season.
It's time to put away the gourds and leaves but it's too early to put out Christmas.

vintage tray, antique transfer ware platter and fall berries on the coffee table

I realize my American friends haven't had Thanksgiving yet, their weather is definitely warmer than ours, and they still have fall leaves and colours in their decor for a few more weeks.
But, I am seeing hints of Christmas in their blogs, little whispers of what they will decorate with this year, what crafts they will make.

dried hydrangeas in an aqua mason jar

I'm kind of glad we have an in-between season here.
It kind of goes along with the weather.

How about you?  Do you decorate for the in-between season of November or do you keep fall until after the American

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



The outdoor photos were taken today.
A perfect November fall in-between season day.


  1. Hi Pam.. I start puttering and putting out a bit of snowmen and such and slowly put the Fall away..
    Such a lovely day today and your pics are awesome as always..xo

  2. Hi Pamela, I'm not thinking Christmas yet, even though the stores, flyers, tv ads all seem to be. November is always a dull and dreary month and I hope it passes as quickly as the previous months. It certainly is the in between month.

  3. Fall looks beautiful where you are! I would have thought it colder. I spy a wonderful platter on your tray that is right up my alley. I often put Christmas decorating off until right near the end, but I'm enjoying looking ths year already. SO many pretty things to do!

  4. i usually decorate in time to be ready for thanksgiving day. just to enjoy the decor & feel the change into winter & all that. i do start thinking about what i will add this year. might add a bit in my wreath or change things up a bit. i have yet to figure out what is the perfect location for my tree. it drives the hubby nuts i am sure ... but i enjoy change. ha. ha!! (:

  5. I know what you mean by the "in between" month.. I call it the grey month. I dislike Nov. and March because they are both so dull and dreary. I keep "fall decor" up until after Nov. 11 and then start bringing out Christmas...

  6. The leaves have all fallen here in Southern Ontario, snow is forecast for tomorrow. Neat way to describe this season, too early for Xmas put autumn colours have left, in between. Perfect.

  7. So glad you had some sun...NOT HERE!!!
    I still haven't put my gardens to sleep yet...
    Geraniums are still on the back deck...
    WHere has the time gone???
    Will start sifting thru Christmas boxes soon...pick what I want to do this year...
    If I ever get the gardens done!!!

    Probably go to the Lake on Saturday...

    Linda :o)

  8. Oh I do envy you Canadians your "in between." As you know, there's no in between here. Fall colors are kept through Thanksgiving, yet the Christmas tree goes up the day after. Lovely colors of "in between" ...nice term. I'm also jealous of your sunny day. No sun here. Gray and cloudy, though mild.

  9. Yes, I'm thinking Christmas. I got my suitcase full of gifts out tonight to see what I have for whom; then I got out the wrapping paper and cards so I can begin to wrap.

    As for decorating and truly beginning to think Xmas (meaning I play the online Xmas radio stations at work and eat green & red jube-jubes), I wait until November 12th. But that's the most I can hold it in.

    Yup, I'm grateful for the in-between month so I can savor the prep for the big day.

  10. Pamela,your photos's are so nice especially the one with the little squirrel.
    In Australia where I live,we don't really decorate for the different seasons,that's why it's so much fun to blog. That way I can see all your lovely decorating ideas in blogland. It inspires me to change things around. :)

  11. I'm ready to put away the pumpkins but not quite ready to bring out Christmas. It's chilly here but our grass is as green as can be. Tons of leaves too! Wishing you a wonderful weekend Pamela...enjoy.

  12. My oh my, your photos are gorgeous . . .

    Christmas waits for a thankful Thanksgiving time in our home . . .

  13. Lovely images, autumn is a beautiful time of year. I love your wreath of Autumn berries, it's gorgeous. Best Wishes Karen.

  14. You have some pretty fall color yet. Ours is all done here in Minnesota.
    I do leave my fall decorations up until Thanksgiving. I add a couple of Pilgrims and turkeys to my fall. Right after Thanksgiving I decorate for Christmas.

  15. Beautiful photos and your in-between décor is very lovely!

  16. It truly is an in-between season here too. In a couple of weeks, I expect a few in my neighbourhood to begin decorating their lawns for Christmas, which seems to last for about two months. East Gwillimbury has a small Santa Claus parade on November 18th. Christmas really IS coming fast!

  17. Just came across your blog and it's just lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos...Blessings..Pam

  18. Pamela
    Your photos are great. I'm partial to the little squirrel one!
    I do keep fall deco until US Thanksgiving is over, since I celebrate
    it too.
    I'm beginning to think about Christmas. I guess that's a start!

  19. Hello Pamela, the weather here is a little colder than normal this year and much drier. November is definitely an inbetween month here, too. I don't usually put up fall decorations because before I know it, it's time for Christmas and then there's snow and well (taking a breath here, lol) I'm lazy. I'll admit it!

    I love your photos, November here can be very gray and gloomy, so nice to see sunshine, isn't it?

  20. Some gorgeous images sweet Pamela! I love your brown transferware plates...just send them to me if you get tired of them..LOL! I love fall weather, as in my part of the world is like that all year round, sometimes like spring and others like fall; not hot or winter cold. C'mas season is coming very soon. Hope you had a terrific Halloween. Enjoy your weekend.

  21. Oh, I loved your visit sweetie...THANKS!

  22. I love that inbetween month, great idea. I love your photo's,the berries on the plate looks gorgeous. Have a nice weekend

  23. With the exception of Christmas, I do very little holiday decorating. I let nature do the decorating for me. :o) Many of my trees are still a bit green so I still have beautiful fall leaves waiting for me. I like your little berry wreath.

  24. My autumn decor is looking tired and very wind blown since "Sandy" made her presence. I think this weekend I'll take down everything and just leave it until after American Thanksging and then I'll put up Christmas.

  25. As you know, Orange and I broke up the other day, and now we are kind of back together for awhile...it's just that I'm not that into orange right now..

    I like the idea of neutrals, those creams are pretty appealing. We don't do Christmas until the last minute in our place, it's fresher to us that way.


  26. Your photos are breathtaking! The colours are just incredible... I'm starting to swing my focus to Christmas - it's my favorite time of year for decorating and tweaking the details. I do have a hard time jumping in before Remembrance Day, and don't usually set anything out until after we've honoured this day... But my mind is kicking into decorating ideas until then!

  27. I hate getting rid of those nice warm fall colors but then I'm not much of a holiday decorator. I love your pic of the hydrangeas in the Mason Jar. Gorgeous! BTW, yes, I was asleep during the knee surgery. They do a nerve block in the leg they are operating on so they don't have to give so much general anesthesia. It works pretty well until the nerve block starts to wear off. Then it pretty much hurts like hell. But there are pain meds to take its place.

  28. Beautiful photos, Pamela! I decorate once for Fall and after Thanksgiving I get out the Christmas decorations. Sometimes it's hard to wait, but I seem to hold out.
    Mary Alice

  29. You have some gorgeous country, Pamela! Beautiful photos! I love the squirrel shot - it made me laugh!

  30. Hi Pamela, This certainly was a pleasant post. Made me understand more about your different seasons compared to ours here in NY state. Today I took care of all the Halloweern things I had out and now we have our tall Pilgrims on a shelf with a med. sized turkey plate in between the Pilgrims. That will be it until about Thanksgiving. I love to have my tree up before Thanksgiving Day but sometimes that does not happen.

    I love all of your beautiful dishware. The antique transferware platter is gorgeous. You are a lucky girl to have such pretty dishes. I know some of them mean alot to you. I understand.

  31. Such beautiful colours in the berries. I enjoy it when we have clear autumn days, the remaining foliage looks great against a very blue sky. I like to leave all thoughts of Christmas decorations until December, otherwise they begin to feel like they have been around too long.


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