Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, December 6, 2012

a bowl of greens and a sprinkling of red

I always like to have something colourful to look at through my dining room window on the back deck in the winter.

This year I left my lime green lawn chair out there and used a large turquoise enamel bowl fill with greens and a bit of red.

I trimmed the greenery from our own trees ~ pine, cedar and fir.
The dogwood sticks came from the ditch and I found some sparkly curly thingies at Canadian Tire store to stick in for, well, sparkle and colour.

But there was something missing.

I was looking at a post on bow making that Ann from the blog
On Sutton Place showed last week.  

So, I made a bow.

I already had the spool of wired ribbon so it was just a matter of following the directions {here}.

I added some florist wire to the back of it to tie it into the arrangement.   It gets pretty windy here sometimes.

Don't you love this bright green chair?  
I also stuck a solar garden light in the arrangement but the days are so short and some very cloudy that it really doesn't light up much by nightfall.  Maybe I should remove it.

A little 'frosting' makes it look even prettier.

The 'frosting' didn't last that day and there still isn't any.

So, if you would like to make this simple bow please stop by Ann's  blog ~ On Sutton Place ~ for the easy directions.
Ann is a seamstress and sells her beautiful creations on Etsy.
Ann asked us to share with her if we made a bow.
What do you think Ann?

I have already enjoyed this pop of colour in winter every time I look out the dining room window.

What do you do to brighten your view in winter?

Thanks for all your visits and comments and a big welcome 
to my new followers!  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




  1. Pam...You are not going to believe this!!!
    I ALSO have a large pot of greens...
    Red sticks...
    Things from the garden...
    Outside my dining room..on the deck!!!
    I also have red and green mini-lights in mine..
    Which also improves the view!!!

    Your bowl of greenery looks very festive, indeed!!!
    Perhaps I will post a pic...if I get a nice dusting like you had..

    Linda :o)

  2. I also have an arrangement on the back deck beyond the doors...of mostly winterberries or any red, which it desperately needs. Perhaps a red bow would be just the thing! Yours is very pretty, very festive, and looks great in that chair!

  3. Very nice Pamela . . . I have large containers of greens too, some outside and some inside. Wonderful to have access to fresh greens from our properties, isn't it.

  4. The wind howls and blows like the dickens around here so I have to keep in mind what can not be bothered by the wind. This year is my red sled leaning up against the picket fence that goes around the pool . We can look out there from the familyroom and the kitchen . The red sled will stay until I get the notion to take it down. It has greens and berries and my old white figure skates hanging on the sled. I like it and it shows even when the snow is here to stay for a few months.

  5. Very pretty! I love your arrangement with the bow added to it. I plan to gather some cedar and fir from our trees this weekend and put in the pots in the front of the house. I'll add some red berries or something else in red.

  6. Very festive and the frosty stuff is beautiful!

  7. The container, it's contents and the lovely chair look wonderful. I can see you had some sun so I think I would keep the light in there for some effect.

    I have a green indoor arrangement since last Christmas and I have added a small poinsettia and some holly to brighten it up and yesterday I put some ribbon round the handle, not so creative as you I am afraid. I will pop over to On Sutton Place to learn about bow making and also to look at the Etsy shop.

    Have a good weekend, love Jackie.

  8. It looks great, what a good idea. The chair is the perfect colour to set it against.

  9. It really looks festive! Beautifully done! I'm challenged in the tying bow department, but trying finally to learn once and for all!

  10. You've created a pretty arrangement for the deck. I've tried things over the years - strung lights with garland and the squirrels chewed through the wire and even put a faux tree in a pot. The tree kept blowing over from the wind.
    Our view is all about the bird feeders around the yard and the colourful visitors we get.
    Bow making takes patience and dexterity doesn't it? I've always gone for the big 6 loop ones and sometimes I get so frustrated winding and turning.

  11. That is lovely, dear Pamela, I love it. I have decorated the front steps and the bushes and flower boxes have lights on them. I can't see it from inside our house, though, sadly.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Lovely idea. You make a wonderful view for all to enjoy.

  13. Wow, looks great Pamela. I love the green chair too. What about adding some white fairy lights?

  14. Very pretty and the frosting makes it even more so.

  15. Very pretty, Pamela! What a festive thing to see.


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