Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

growing paper whites

This year I'm growingpaper whites in
an old ironstone mug and pudding bowl.

Do you grow paper white bulbs at Christmas?
I try to buy them every year and also an amaryllis.

It's nice to have something beautiful growing and blooming
in the dark days of winter.  And it is also fun to watch them
growing each day.

The faux feather tree adds a bit of green and red with the vintage glass balls on the ends of the 'branches'.
The Santa plate is also vintage.

And I love scented candles all year.

the Statue of Liberty

When I was in New York City recently I purchased a couple
of keepsake ornaments.  

this one has a combination of NYC landmarks around it

I didn't buy any other new ornaments for the tree this year.

Do you buy something new for your tree each year?

Our tree is decorated with a lot of vintage ornaments,
some new ones, icicles and crocheted snowflakes.
It's getting pretty crowded don't you think?  :)

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting her blog party called

She describes this party at a place to share "anything and everything which makes your home more enjoyable to come home to, for your family, your friends and yourself."

I hope you will drop over to Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage by clicking on the HOME link above.




  1. I do buy different ornaments every year. I have a pretty eclectic tree, and sometimes I look longingly at trees that are color coordinated and themed. But my tree is full of memories and I like it. I can only put it up two weeks before Christmas.

    Your decorations are beautiful.

  2. it really depends on if i find a good deal on ornaments or not. some times i do. i prefer ones that hold meaning ... like something that recalls my past, where we have traveled, or such like that. i helped my mom decorate her tree today ...& i love looking at her families history. the married family traditions & history ... it's there to be seen. love it!! really enjoy your new "new york" ornaments ... so cool!! when you grow your paper whites are they from bulbs you buy or what? maybe i missed that part? i wonder ... i did it as a kid. never as an adult age... ( :

  3. I am growing Paper Whites too. My Amaryllis is stunning this year. I am looking forward to seeing your flowers in bloom . . .

    I used to buy an ornament each year, sometimes more than one or two. The collecting is less now . . . we have many, many ornaments for our tree.

    Your tree is very pretty Pamela. I enjoy the mixture of vintage and newly found memory ornaments. NYC needed a place on your tree this year.

  4. Lovely new decorations! Very memorable. I no longer buy new things for the tree on a yearly basis. I have boxes of things and curiosity over what is in them has waned. I love the look of paperwhites, though I can not tolerate the smell in my wee home. I'll enjoy yours!

  5. Hi Pamela
    Your tree is very pretty, and the idea of bringing home decorations from trips is a good one.

  6. How beautiful it all looks Pamela. You've created such an inviting display!

    Although it's Summer here, I'm planning to grow some Paper Whites inside next Winter too - did you start them off in Autumn? A pretty Spring flower to have growing during the dark days and the fragrance is what I love about them too!
    For Christmas I have a large bowl of Christmas lilies – they last for 3-4 weeks and the perfume permeates through the house, mixed with the fragrance of our 'real' fir tree!

    I buy one or two ornaments for the tree each year too - as the old ones got past their 'use by' date!
    This year I bought a sweet little glass angel and I'm looking for a larger angel for the top of the tree.
    Your New York pieces are stunning and will always be a reminder of this years visit.
    NY is on my bucket list of 'must sees' - hopefully one day!

    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥

  7. Hi Pamela, I am growing paperwhites for the first time this year. It's fun to watch them grow! Your tree looks so pretty with al, the vintage ornaments. Thank you for your visit.

  8. Hi Pamela, Your post has reminded me that I forgot to buy the red amarylis bulb yesterday when I was shopping. I walked right past them and said I would get one on the way out! Now you have reminded me. Thank you. I have never grown the paperwhites. They are beautiful, too.

    I say your tree looks beautiful. I have about that many ornaments or maybe more. Some of my ornaments mean so much to me. I am sure your ornaments do also. I say - Keep your tree as it is gorgeous.

  9. Pamela
    Your new ornaments look vintage too. The whole tree is really beautiful!
    I tried to get paper whites, but Canadian Tire was out. Bummer. I did so
    want to watch them grow.
    I've actually been getting rid of ornaments over the last few years
    and doing homemade ones. But I would be very tempted to buy some pretty vintage ones if I were lucky enough to run across some.

  10. I wish I'd started some Paperwhites earlier in the season - they are such a joy when they bloom. Your tree looks very pretty, and I smiled when I saw your newest ornaments. I buy a new ornament most years - it's fun to trace the years as we trim the tree.

  11. It's been many years since I've grown Paperwhites for Christmas. I did take the amaryllis I received a couple of years ago down to Florida (shhh...) where it's doing quite well in the flower bed - even has a couple of 'babies'. I have another to bring down with me in Jan.

    Great looking tree. Since we travel back & forth around Christmas we don't have a tree in either location this year.

  12. Your tree is gorgeous! I love how you decorated it!

  13. Pamela, you just reminded me that I was going to grow some this year, but I didn't get around to it. I love the way they smell. They seem to match up with Christmas just perfectly.Your tree is beautiful. The more ornaments the better for my taste..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Pamela, I will buy today such an ameryllis! Great idea!

  15. I like your new ornaments and look forward to seeing your paperwhites. I usually end up getting at least one new ornament a year and occasionally "retire" one!.

  16. You picked up some nice ornaments in NYC, they'll be a good reminder of that special visit. I usually add another bird to our small tinsel tree but they have to be a size in relation to the tree.
    I don't start paper whites but I do have special vases for hyacinths in the new year.

  17. I haven't grown paperwhites for years. I did have good intentions this year, but you know how that goes!
    Your tree looks very pretty. It is good getting ornaments to remind you of a special time. We like to go to Liberty's in London each year, and choose a couple more. We'll be needing extra trees at this rate!

  18. It all looks so pretty Pamela, I bet each of those ornaments has a meaning to your family.

    I have always grown paperwhites, and Amaryillis, but this year I think I'll just pass them over.

    Allergies to the soil, and all.

    Enjoy yours.


  19. Your tree is lovely, especially the icicles, my grandmother always had white crochet snowflakes on her tree that I remember. Vintage is great at this time of year. Have to fess I don't know what a paperwhite is, but I'm sure to find out now.
    Take care,

  20. Hi Pamela,
    I love your choice of containers for your paperwhites! Oh, and your feather tree is so darn cute. Also love your big tree. I think it looks just perfect. Not too crowded at all. I have a few Americans ornaments that I display in my guest bedroom. A couple are of Miss Liberty. Haven't been lucky enough to go to N.Y. yet. Sure plan on getting there some day. I would love if you would share this with Share Your Cup Thursday.

  21. Your tree is beautiful, Pamela! Of course I love all the vintage ornaments on it. Never done the paper whites, but they're so pretty when they bloom. Maybe next year I'll give them a try.
    Mary Alice

  22. Your tree is gorgeous. Perfectly balanced and full of life. I am smitten with your NY ornaments.
    Makes me smile.
    I don't do the paper whites. Hmmm, maybe next year. I love doing an Amaryllis which I have grown sometimes. What please that gives.
    Enjoy all your pretty things, Ruthie from:

  23. Hello Pamela,
    Your tree is gorgeous! My hubby loves a tree which is loaded. Sometimes I think I have too much on ours but then he tells me it looks fabulous. So, we like a tree heavy with pretties.
    I have never grown paperwhites but one of these years I will try my hand at them.
    This year is a little thrown off what with Jeff's surgery and our spending Christmas with my son and his family out west this year. Our youngest son will also join us from Illinois.
    TJeff underwent four hours of surgery and is in a lot of pain. The op was a lot more serious than we originally thought it would be. My heart really goes out to him because he isn't used to being ill. Thank you for your prayers, my friend. He can really use them right now. We all can.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely post with HOME and have a wonderful weekend.


  24. Gorgeous tree Pamela!
    Love the newest addition of ornaments! :-)


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