Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

snow day

Our shed on Wednesday morning.

It started snowing late afternoon Tuesday and stopped late afternoon Wednesday.

The trees in our back yard laden with heavy wet snow.

It snowed,

and snowed,

until it was a winter wonderland.

The dogs were so glad to get out and play.

Marshall enjoyed a snow bath.  :)


Such beauty with the snow laying on the branches.

Snowballs on dogwood sticks.

How much snow did we get?

About 20 cm. or 8 inches.

Will it last?

It depends on how much rain we receive on Saturday.

Will we have a white Christmas?
Maybe.  If it doesn't all melt and the temperatures
turn cold again.

How about you?
Will you have a green or a white Christmas?

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Wishing you a beautiful day.




  1. have outdone yourself!!!
    That photo of your shed is awesome...
    All the pictures are out of this world...
    I love to take shots of weather like that...
    No such luck here...
    Supposed to be stormy on the weekend...
    But...nothing like what you got...
    No matter looks gorgeous...
    At the cottage today..the stone is still there!!!

    Have a Joyous Christmas, Pamela..
    All the best to your family..
    I have really enjoyed following your blog these past months..

    Linda :o)

  2. Great pictures, Pamela. I liet it when the snow hangs heavy on the branches. I really enjoyed all the snow on your shed. The wreath covered in snow is very pretty. Hope you are able to enjoy the season!


  3. A beautiful winter wonderland! The snow is coming our way tonight and we are suppose to get about eight inches. Being this far north I'm sure the snow will stay until late March at least. A white Christmas for sure! Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Oh Pamela . . . it is so beautiful. I'm am longing so for snow. Predictions are that it is on the way although, rain the day after. I'm still dreaming of a White Christmas . . .

  5. Wonderful photographs of your Winter Wonderland, it all looks so pretty but obviously cold and can sometimes be dangerous. Take care and keep warm.
    I think we will have some sunshine here on Christmas day but it will still be cold.
    We had rain all night, which kept me awake and there is a lot of standing water.
    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  6. Looks beautiful. We have no snow at the moment but that could change anytime. Have a wonderful Christmas. Valerie

  7. Beautiful winter wonderland! We didn't get a single flake from that storm.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. ♪ It's a Wonderful World in the Winter ♫ So pretty, Pamela. I'm chuckling to see the dogs really enjoying it. Molly looks so pathetic out in the snow these days. She's just not a fan.

    I don't know about our weather report. Hope that we can hold on to some of the white because Christmas "feels" good with snow. As a child, I never could understand how Mary and Joseph enjoyed the first Christmas without any. LOL!

  9. It's too early for me to say. We did get a covering of snow yesterday as well; but it's pretty mild out there today. I'd like it to snow on Christmas Day -- but not until then as I have to get to the airport Xmas eve!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Morning Pamela, so so pretty, Marshmello World.......we will have a white Christmas for sure here in Winnipeg.......Happy Holidays,Francine.

  11. Beautiful pictures of your winter wonder land! I just love snow pictures. The dogs sure love it.
    We are going to have a white Christmas here.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. I love seeing our dog play in the snow...he is still such a puppy at heart and at 1 yr. old he seems to treat snow as his most favourite toy. I think we will still have snow at Christmas. We usually do.

  13. Love it when the snow sticks to the tree branches. So beautiful! I don't think we'll have a white Christmas here.
    Mary Alice

  14. Beautiful images of the snow. Green Christmas here I'm sure, but at least we are having a big rain storm today. If it's cool and cloudy I can pretend snow is on the way.

  15. Those wet heavy snows that cling to everything are the most beautiful! Your shed looks incredible! We may have a white Christmas...we're hoping to spend it on the beach (white sand). Holiday hugs!

  16. Oh so beautiful Pamela - perfect for Christmas!!!
    The photos of the snow on the fir trees and your three fun loving dogs are quite magical for me.

    My Christmas will be green, dry, hot and sunny.
    I will think of all my friends on the opposite side of the world, keeping warm by the fireside!!
    Christmas hugs

  17. Pamely, I love all you pics. All this snow-beauty! Thanks for sharing.


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