Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

welcome to my putz house village

I bet you didn't know that I have several houses.

Welcome to my homes.

These are some of my Putz houses that I have found at an antique store.   Don't you just love them?

Do you see the shelf in the background?  It is in the stairwell.  Everything on it is vintage except the 3 small Santas on the right.
The picture is a litho from 1878.  

Since we had the bookshelf along the stairwell painted this summer I didn't want to put a garland on there that might scratch the paint.  I suppose I could have put down a cloth or something to protect it but I knew I wanted to display my Putz houses in a grouping this year and this is a great spot to do it.

I got some blanket snow, tiny battery lights and set a couple of the houses up higher.  The white trees are new but the green bottle brush ones are vintage.

I poked the mini lights into the back of the houses where there is a hole for the old fashioned tree lights.  Some of the celluloid windows are broken out.  I'm surprised these houses didn't catch fire on the Christmas trees if the bulbs overheated.

I remember our neighbours when I was growing up had a whole village around the base of their Christmas tree.  There was blanket snow, Putz houses, trees, people etc. and a little white fence kept childlike hands at bay.  I was always enthralled with this village.

Now I have my own wee village to enjoy.

I've seen a lot of these jar trees in blog land this season so I 
decided to make my own.  I used pickling salt for the snow. :)

I found this little cloche Putz house at Winners and had to have
it of course.

This is another house I found at Winners.  It is very large at about
9 inches by 9 inches and it has an LED light inside that changes colours.  It sits on the china hutch sparkling away in the light.

a close up of the shelf and picture

Well I must get some supper on the table.
I made chicken soup today so we'll have some along with salad.

I hope you're week is going well.

Thanks for visiting!




  1. Pamela, I just love your vintage houses and how you have them displayed.Your shelf display and picture is charming and that chair just begs one to relax. And when you said homemade chicken soup, I was completely captured in a lovely memory of a calmer time. Love this post! Egretta

  2. Ahhhh, you have created yourself a sweet little village in a perfect place. I like your bottle tree as well. Very sweet. I enjoyed hearing what you're having for supper. We are going very low country as well...beans and ham slices with biscuits. Hmmm... =D

  3. Love the winter scene inside the jar! Things are looking mighty festive over there..and so inviting.

  4. Hi Pamela
    I like your little village and I remember these little houses well around our Christmas tree growing up. The tree in the preserving jar is sweet, I've been thinking of trying this too.

  5. Hi Pamela, so glad I came over. I love your village. I have one similar but got tired of trying to keep the little lights burning. As we get old why do we let traditions go? I don't know but because of you I will get mine out again. Merry Christmas dear blog sista. Gonna do one of the jar thingies too. WooHoo.

  6. Hoi Pamela, this is zo lovely! Never seen that!

  7. Those houses are so charming. I love them.

  8. neat. i wish i could shrink that small to investigate even closer up. so great. very quaint. i like how the comment above said "little jar thingies" ... i have seen a bunch of those lately. fun, fun, fun!! ( :

  9. Those are just have done a great job of displaying them.

    When we grew up we had a church like that, it was dear to our hearts, and now I think my Sister has it.


  10. Your vintage decorations are what Christmas should look like! Everything is just perfect! I'm trying to find the houses and trees and ornies at the thrift store. I love it all!

  11. I love your wee houses, Pam.. I think I have some of the very same.. They belonged to an old pastor and his wife and I bought them at a yard sale..
    Your shelf is lovely, too..
    God bless..

  12. Oh, I just love your little Putz village!! They're so cute all lit up. I wish I had some of my own - I'm afraid my kitties would have too much fun with them. Yours are adorable, Pamela. Love your bottled tree, too! I was waiting for this post. :)

  13. Very nice Pamela . . . Love the Putz houses . . .

  14. Hi Pamela, I love your post on the putz houses. My husband and I were talking and don't think any of our family had any of them that we remember. Do you know when they were popular?

    Yours look so nice with the lights, the snow and the trees. I wish I had a few. Very nice and very interesting.

  15. I didn't know these cute little houses had a name, Pamela. They look so festive set up in a village.
    Mary Alice

  16. Oh Pamela, Your little Putz houses are adorable! I love them, I haven't been to Winners recently so I haven't seen any of their Christmas stuff for a while. All of your Christmas decor is beautifully done and I really like those white reindeer that are pulling the sleigh along the stairwell shelf. Very nice, all of it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Well may not have a cottage...
    But you sure have the darn cutest little Putz village!!!
    And from Winners as well...gosh...I love it there...
    Your shelf is festive...
    Think I might go to HOMESENSE tomorrow...see what's new!!

    Linda :o)

  18. Beautiful winter set! Very classy!

  19. So pretty, you have me wishing for a few Putz houses!

  20. I was admiring those big houses at Winners/HomeSense the other day. I love your vintage ones. I remember we had some of those when I was a child. Gorgeous lithograph!!

  21. Love the Putz houses but I'm really in love with the Merry Christmas litho!!

  22. I love your Putz village. It's nice you've found enough to make a village. I remember we had one --actually a stable--on our mantle every Christmas as we were growing up. Nice memories. Your mantle--I mean--shelf is nicely decorated too.

  23. Pamela these are precious! Love it all! On the 13th I host my 'Creating Christmas' blog hop. My theme is vintage Christmas. I would love if you would come and share these!

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