Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, December 30, 2012

what else is there to talk about....

As you can see by the picture we are getting another snowstorm.
This is # 3.
The second in 4 days.

We were supposed to get 10 - 15 cm. with the storm tracking farther south and east however,
someone miscalculated and we have gotten a lot more snow than 'predicted'.

What were we doing out on these terrible roads on a Sunday morning?

We were going to church.  
Which was cancelled after we got there.

However, I did get some pretty photos of the roads and trees on the way to and fro.

Some roads were plowed.

Some were not!

heading in around the mountain

heading back home around the same mountain

on the road to home again

looking out our dining room window

Yes, what else is there to talk about.
The weather is the topic of discussion today in the Maritime provinces.....

blowing drifting snow, high winds, way more than we expected, about 30 cm (almost a foot!), on top of the 22 cm we got Thursday, churches all cancelled their services, no visiting family and friends today, cleaned the drive way 2 times already,  used my snowblower, only have a scoop, kids will love it, snowmobilers and skiers too, lots of snow, way too much snow, where will be put it all, and it's only the end of December, we have 3 more months of winter left....

These could be some of the conversations going on around the Maritimes today.
Yep.  We got lots of snow.

On a different topic....
We had company for dinner last night.
I made a pot of chilli and a friend made cornbread in her cast iron skillet.  Delish!

We had a lovely evening.

I am still enjoying the lights of Christmas for 2 more nights.  

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.
We don't have any plans at this point.
Do you?
What will you be doing?

Sadly, tomorrow also marks the one year since my  mother-in-law passed away.  We really miss her even though we wouldn't wish her back.  Her dementia was such that she didn't know us during her last months.  But, we miss the past good times with her, especially at Christmas.  My how she loved Christmas!  And now we have New Year's Eve to remember her passing into heaven.  We know we will see her again one day.




  1. Hi Pamela,
    Ooooh the snow is lovely! I hope you are enjoying it, it looks so cozy out your windows. We had a tiny dusting before Christmas and none since, if you get tired of it feel free to send a storm my way:-)

  2. We've been following the storms with interest. It's still raining here, but the promise of a clear evening has us looking forward to an evening out walking in Butchart Gardens. I hope you have lots of provisions and will stay warm and cosy through the bad weather.

  3. I have heard that it is a Canadian pass time to talk about the weather. We have had a lot of snow as well but not as much as you. The roads look treacherous when it is snowing. I am glad to see you save and warm in your home. Valerie

  4. Looks much the same here in Moncton! I took some bird pictures.

  5. Hey you and my friend in N.B have lots of snow she told me last night she was passing on Church as the church would be closed and already the roads were too dangerous. You may think your okay but others may not know and run inot you..

    Girl what were you thinking trying to go to Church. When you knew the roads were that bad. The Lord gives us brains as well sweetie.

    Missing Chruch is not a sin.

  6. You sure are getting your share of snow now. Wonder what the new year will bring? We're supposed to have lots this winter, probably making up for the shortfall last year which caused our lake to drop significantly.
    Glad you made it safely to and from church, even though it was cancelled.

  7. Evening Pamela, here in the UK our conversations are about all the rain we are having and in some places flooding.

    The snow out of the dining room window looks very picturesque!! I am glad you got back home safe and sound from your drive to Church service which never happened!! Keep warm and safe. Jackie in Surrey UK.x

  8. Happy New Year Pamela!! We will probably take in a early show then dinner.
    It snowed so much yesterday, that I shoveled, Mr. Shoveled, then he used the snow blower.
    This morning he had to use the snow blower again. The sun is out now but it is COLDDDD!!!

  9. You got some wonderful photos! I know you were glad to get back home though! Stay warm and enjoy your beautiful home. I did a little organizing today but nothing drastic yet! Happy New Year! We'll go for a midnight walk...our tradition!

  10. We've had lots of snow too. It makes for lovely photos but dangerous driving. You were very brave to head out in it. We have been home for a few days.

  11. Hi Pam.. It sure is a blustery day.. smile.. So nice to be snug and warm even if some of us had to make a road trip.. smile.. Glad you got back safe..
    Take care, my friend.. xo

  12. Great shots....had a bit more snow this am...but not like you!!!
    We are staying home on New Years...had hoped to go to the lake..
    But.....too cold, and we had to shot the water off...:o(

    Happy New Year, Pam..

    Linda :o)

  13. My did you ever get snow! Stay warm and cozy! We will bring my dad over for New Year's Eve, he is 83 and my mom passed away on New Year's Eve 3 years ago. My sister and her family will come too, and any other family that doesn't have plans. Lots of appetizers, meatballs, and definitely not staying up till midnight lol.

  14. Those anniversaries come around so quickly and we do remember...blessings to your family as you remember more with smiles than tears I hope.

    My oh my! Did you ever get it! We had a lot of snow overnight, but it was pretty much cleared out in time to go to church. It's made for a very pretty marshmallow world. I don't think anyone made a mistake on our totals. Oh boy! The skiers will be happy and the snowmobilers.

    No, we celebrate all the days of Christmas, which takes us right through January 6 so I plan to enjoy the lights until then. By then, I hope to notice the lengthening days. We may go to a church supper all depends on how we're feeling about that tomorrow.

  15. So so pretty all that snow....your evening sounded wonderful........No New Years out, just staying in......Warm Blessings Francine.

  16. Wow, you have been getting a lot of snow! We got some after Christmas, but it was only 3" at the most. Another storm is allegedly coming in tomorrow evening. Love the snow on the trees! It makes for beautiful photos!

  17. Whoa! That is a lot of snow. We got more than they told us we would get...about a foot but it was beautiful today and pretty easy to remove.

  18. You really have got a lot of snow! It was brave of you to head out on the road as it looks like a great day to burrow in at your house. Of course, there's always the shoveling that needs to happen. At least your dinner last night wasn't affected.

    You do set a very pretty table, Pamela! Happy New Year.


  19. We are promised snow tomorrow and next day. We shall see!

    Your chili and cornbread supper sounds wonderful! Perfect for a snowy evening.

    Happy New Year.

  20. So much snow! I don't think I'd be tough enough to live more north than Southeast Missouri... there's just sooo much snow... it's beautiful, of course, & makes for some beautiful pictures! =)

  21. gorgeous snowy shots. sorry you traveled to church only to turn around again ... but look at those shots you all got to enjoy. that's fun!! enjoy the snow. ( :

  22. Pamela
    It truly is a comfort to know we'll see our loved ones again.
    You know I love the snow, so I'm thinking lucky you!
    Your table looks so pretty set for your company too.
    We are having a quiet New Years Eve this year, but with
    lots of goodies. I'm trying to make up for all the Christmas
    I was too sick to make or enjoy!

  23. I have no plans for tomorrow night. Maybe I will be invited somewhere by a friend, or maybe I will go to a movie. During the day I will be here waiting for a plumber as I have a leak somewhere. Water bill was $267. EEEEK!

  24. Gorgeous snow . . It reminds me of days, years of long ago. Tons of snow, everything closed. Enjoy the beauty Pamela . . . Be safe too!

  25. Oh what a storm you are having Pamela. So happy that you made it home safe. We didn't go to church today because I was a bit under the weather. Sure love looking at the snow, but not driving in it. My Mil passed a few years ago. She suffered from dimentia in her last days so I know exactly what you mean. They are in a better place. If I am feeling better we hope to play games with friends for the New Year. Hope you have a wonderful '2013'

  26. Hello Pamela, Your table setting looks so pretty and inviting. I love that you an see your gorgeous tree in the same picture. Your chair by the front window is darling...and I love the bright pillow in it! Weather? It has not been the bset here is wsetern NY. Friday it just snowed all day long. Many cars were in the ditch on the main roads and the expressways. Better today, had some sun but it is 26 degrees right now. Bbrrrr!!!

  27. Your weather is amazing. And your table so pretty. Sounds like a good time with friends on a winter night. I think I've mentioned I'm looking at the same candlesticks on our mantle. They were my mother's a wedding present, so that makes them almost 70 years old. Do yours have a story?

  28. I live in Southern Ontario and we certainly don't get that kind of snow - usually a green Christmas here. I do love the snow! Your pictures are beautiful. Today is New Year's Eve and we look forward to a year with God leading us every step of the way.

  29. Wow, all that snow! Lucky you :) Snow is one of my favorite things :)

    Happy New Year to you!



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