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Friday, August 31, 2012

on the horizon

I took this photo at sunset last week as a storm front was
moving in from the northwest across Shediac Bay.

This sailboat was way out off the shore enjoying a sail
before the rain came.

We are having a family gathering with a bbq and
corn boil here tomorrow.  Good times!

I wish you "smooth sailing" on this holiday weekend here in
Canada and the United States.
Stay Safe!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!



Thursday, August 30, 2012

a cottage fence

A fancy fence along a cottage road.
{you should see the fancy cottage!}

I am linking with Friday's Fences at



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sights around St. Andrews by the Sea


on the way into St. Andrews

Above is St. Croix Island which is in the Passamaquoddy bay between the United States and Canada.
It is a National Historic Site for both countries.
For more information on this site click here.

It was sunny and very hot here on Monday so my sister
and I decided to drive to St. Andrews on the coastline
where it is usually 10 degrees cooler. 


Not this day.

However, there was a gorgeous breeze blowing off the
water that made it seem cooler and we had a lovely
afternoon wandering around the streets, stores, and wharf.
taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of this
pretty town.

A nice spot to rock away the hours and enjoy
the sea breeze.

The town's Market Square.

Businesses and shops on Water St.

And of course we had lobster rolls (lobster in a long bun)
and steak cut French fries for supper on the deck of
a restaurant.  It was soooo good!

The view of the wharf from the deck of the restaurant. 

St. Andrews has some wonderful old buildings with
lots of detail.

After supper we walked out the wharf where a small cruise
ship out of Boston was docked.  This is something new for
St. Andrews and hopefully it will boost the economy of
the town.

We enjoyed the sunset from the wharf.

This is the historic Greenock Presbyterian Church which
was completed in 1824.

It is a landmark in this town.  The steeple is beautiful
with it's carved and painted tree, clock and spire.

Of course we had to drive by the famous Algonquin Hotel.

This hotel has recently changed hands and is being renovated.
The original building (shown) is getting a much needed
facelift so is closed, but, the new part is open for guests.

I hope you enjoyed yet another visit to St. Andrews.

We spent a lot of time here growing up staying in small
cottages or cabins on the outskirts of the town.
My sister and I had a very enjoyable visit to St. Andrews
reminiscing about the times we spent here.

Today was a very cool and fall like day but it's supposed
to be quite hot the next two days.
{I am actually cold!}
Sorry, I know some of you are longing for cooler fall
weather.  Not me.  So, stay cool my friends.
I'm going to enjoy these last hot days of summer.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what is a tidal bore?

Tidal Bore in Moncton Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is a Tidal Bore?
{it is not a wild boar running up the river bank as one visitor thought  :)}

A Tidal Bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of
the incoming tide forms a wave of water that travels up a river or
narrow bay against the direction of the current.

Moncton, New Brunswick, has been famous for this tidal phenomenon for a long time and it attracts tourists from all over the world.

The tidal bore coming around the bend in the river.

I remember going to see it as a child when it was quite a sight and much higher than it is today.

In 1968, a causeway was built across the Petitcodiac River to join Moncton and Riverview.  There was a spillway in one end of the causeway but that didn't allow the flow of water to come up the river very far and a lake was formed at the upper end of the causeway.  Last year the gates in the spillway were opened permanently allowing the river to flow past the causeway with the incoming tides.  (no more lake)

Looking across the river at the muddy banks and mudflats of silt built up over 44 years.

However, 44 years of river silt has built up along the banks of the Petitcodiac making it much narrower than it was originally. 

The tide comes up the Bay of Fundy (between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) and into Shepody Bay then up the Petitcodiac River.
The depth of the tide can be as high as 7.5 meters.  The tide comes two times every 24 hours.  The Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tides in the world.

Here is the tide as it passes by us.

The sound it makes is indescribable.  Like a steady rushing wave churning up the river.

My great-grandfather had a wharf near here in the 1800's in the day of sailing ships that brought wares from around the world to this new settlement of Moncton.

Those are people standing along the riverbank just to give you perspective.

The tidal bore can be viewed here at Boreview Park on  Main St.
This also serves as a concert area.

Above is a sculpture which is a tribute to the former mayors of Moncton and to the former days of sail when ships were built here.

Have you ever witnessed a Tidal Bore?

It is quite a thing to see if you ever have the opportunity.

I have a few days to myself this week so hope to get around
and visit you.  I've missed so many of your blog posts lately and I know I will never get caught up!

I would like to welcome my new followers.
Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments on my last post (the lobster one) :).  {We had lobster rolls yesterday in
 St. Andrews.  YUM!}

I can't believe August is almost over and the Labour Day holiday weekend is coming up.  Summer has gone by so fast but it sure has been a beautiful one here and I've really enjoyed it.  I hope you have too. 
Have a safe holiday weekend!

I'll be back with another post very soon.



Saturday, August 25, 2012

sunshine, the seashore and a lobster feed

I know I've been MIA for a few days.  Or maybe a week.  ;)

We've been at the seashore visiting our cousin.

Looking toward Cap Bimet.

We enjoyed sunny hot days all week here.  Perfect
for the seashore.
These photos are at Cap Brule on the New Brunswick side of the
Northumberland Strait near Shediac. 
Shediac is famous for it's lobster and beautiful Parlee Beach
which has some of the warmest water north of the Carolinas.

Terrible storm surges over the past years have torn away the sandstone cliffs and washed out the beaches. 
 Huge boulders were brought in to try to save the shoreline at this end of the community.

The sandstone cliffs at this end of the beach are still here but they are slowly eroding.  You can see a hole through the rock cliff eroded by the water.

One of the many stairways down to the beach.  The tide is high
at this time.  Can you see the rope laying across the smooth
rock?  I guess it's to help you climb up from the sand to the
stairs.  ;-/

Fresh Atlantic lobster.  Yum!

served on an antique platter

Oh my it was good!!!

Have you ever eaten lobster?
Do you like it?

We had a wonderful time and even had a feed of
fried clams the next night. 
I think I've had my fill of rich food for a while.

Well, we may have another lobster feed before my sister
goes back home.  It's difficult to resist!

We are having a wonderful time visiting and touring around.
I'll be back soon to visit you.

Take care!


Friday, August 17, 2012

around the garden at sunset

We had some heavy thunder showers at supper hour on
Wednesday afternoon.  At sunset I went out to view the
evening sky and get some pics of the sun setting.

The setting sun was bouncing off the cloud layers.

Heavy clouds over the hill.  I could hear thunder rumbling off in the distance.

I wandered around the garden checking out what is growing,
while I waited for the sunset to happen.

The pole beans are in blossom.  There are two lonely sunflowers
that had self seeded.

Lots of tomatoes.

The crows got the corn seed.  Pretty sad looking isn't it?

There are quite a few zuchinni.

Then I saw it.

The sun was spotlighting through the cloud layers.

Can you see the orange glow behind the trees?

What a unique looking sunset.

It was worth the wait, wandering around in the wet grass
with the damp chill on my bare arms.

I hope you enjoy some fabulous sunsets and maybe some
fresh veggies this weekend.

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

introducing our new grandson

The table centerpiece for Eli's baby shower.
My brother had that same drum.

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from my visit to meet our new grandson, Eli.

I had a wonderful time and it was hard to leave my family
behind and head back home even though I missed my
hubby (and he missed me.  a lot!).

Here is Eli.

Isn't he just precious?

He was born on his mama's birthday and weighed 6 lb. 10 oz.

I arrived 2 days after he was born so it was special to see him
so new.  


Big brother, Ewan, is quite pleased with the new addition
to the family.  Most of the time.  He loves to give him kisses.
He is such a delight and so cute.

I am a very proud Grammie (Gaga) and can't wait for Grampie
to meet this little one.

Our beautiful family.

Jennifer, Matthew, Eli and Ewan

I arrived home at 2:30 am this morning due to a flight delay and couldn't get to sleep after unpacking.  I even sat up with Murray at 5:00 am while he had his breakfast!  (I never do that)  I finally dozed off around 6:00 and slept until 8:30 and I'm still going at 10:00 pm.

My sister, Margaret, is arriving on the same late flight Thursday
night (Friday morning) so I've been cleaning and preparing for
her visit.  I hope I sleep tonight because I expect I won't be going
to bed early when she gets here! 
 (We haven't seen each other for six years)

I just want you to know that I've been trying to read your
blogs and keep up but couldn't always comment and the internet was down for 5 days so I lost a lot of time then. Plus, I was busy
helping the new mama and the little ones.  :-D

Now that my sister will be here for over 3 weeks I may not be able
to visit much again.  But, I will try. 

I hope to have some blog posts about our adventures as we travel
and visit around the province.  It's going to be a fun time.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying these last weeks of summer.  I can't believe summer is almost gone can you?

Oh, I have to mention the weather, which is still hot and humid.
It's been an awesome summer although I have to admit the humidity is doing a number on my hair ~ fluffy and frizzy and curly!  It was so much better with the drier air in Alberta! 

That's all for now.  I'll see you soon!
{It's 10:30.  I have to go to bed!}



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