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Thursday, January 31, 2013

a very balmy last day of January

A balmy January 31st.
It's 12 Celsius (52 Fahrenheit) today with rain and very strong southerly winds.  I think temperature records might be broken.

You can see by my photo above that our driveway is bare and will be frozen solid in 12 hours time when the temperature drops again.

Poor Frosty has melted down to a blob.
His head fell off yesterday and his torso last evening.
Those are his arms laying there.
So sad.  
He lasted over a month though and survived the first January thaw a couple of weeks ago.  Then the deep freeze kept him pretty solid until yesterday.

This storm is part of a large system that has brought rain and tornadoes in the southern US, freezing rain and high winds to parts of Ontario and Quebec and heavy rain and wind to the Maritimes.

I can see the rain blowing in drifts sideways out the window.
I'm glad it's not snowing as it would be a blizzard.

Can you see the rain?

Rain on the dining room window distorts the view.

A great day to stay in and read a book and drink tea and pack.
Yes, I must pack for our trip to Alberta on Saturday.
We leave at 4:00 am for the airport so today and tomorrow are the only days I have to do laundry and pack and clean the house.

Yes. must. clean. the house.  
I like to come home to a clean house don't you?

That's what's happening today.

One more post tomorrow then I'll be off here for a couple of days.

I hope you are well and staying safe from any bad weather in your area.




  1. We had the warm weather and nearby tornadoes yesterday. And now it is snowing. Just like you, I always have to clean house before a trip. Have a safe one!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. It’s a pleasure to see your appreciation of color even on stormy days. The storms passed through here in Alabama and we woke to a gorgeous blue sky sunlit day. Knowing I’m coming home to a clean house is top on my packing list too. As is waking up to a clean kitchen each morning. Have a wonderful productive day. All is well . . .

  3. Yes, I love to come back to a clean house, although sometimes my dear hubby wonders why I fuss so. .) Hope you have a wonderful time in Alberta, and it sounds like their weather will be faily mild for them this weekend>

  4. I just came in from taking a photo of the thermometer at 46F. Obviously, I'm in a cold pocket. ;D I'd take a walk if I weren't nervous about getting beaned by a falling branch.

    Have fun cleaning so that you'll come home to a clean house...always nice.

    Pretty photo of the yellow chair and the shed beyond. Distortions are so interesting.

  5. Well have a wonderful time in Alberta. Hope the weather is balmy there too. The seasons do change, don't they? Betcha aren't through with snow this winter yet!

  6. Have a great trip. Yes, a clean house is always lovely to return to.

  7. Hello, oh lucky you with the warm weather...here today -38c with the wind chill...so so cold... Just keeping warm in the house, Blessings Francine.

  8. Yes, a good day to stay in indeed. A good book and tea sound perfect! I am just like you. I want to clean before I leave so I come home to a clean place. Learned that from my mom. Love your distorted photo! Very cool!

  9. Wow, that's quite the heat wave for you! A big difference from your past photos. The snow is about gone in places.

  10. Snowing, snowing, and more snowing here....and wind. Hubby will need to snowblow again tonight and he did it this morning. Love your distorted picture.

  11. Pamela
    Your yellow chair photo is so neat! Unusual photos are my favorite.
    I don't envy you your weather, I hate it when the snow melts, except in the Spring when it's supposed to!
    I have to clean my house too before I leave, it's just something my Mother always did and now I do.

  12. The weather is surely amazing isn't it? Can't believe how warm it is there now! It's gotten cold here!

  13. Hi Pamela
    It was balmy, wasn't it? All of our snow is gone, and I'm sorry but I laughed when I saw what was left of the snowman you were so proud of - poor guy!
    Have a good trip, chat with you when you're back.

  14. Walk carefully on that icy driveway!
    Soon I'll be like you, and heading for Alberta to visit grandchildren - can't wait!

  15. We have had a miserable few days here - school buses have not run for 3 days - very icy, better days ahead, I hope!

    I sure don't like those early morning flights!! Have fun!

  16. We've had thawing weather, freezing rain and now temps below zero. The winter wonderland has become a dirty brown land.

  17. Everyone is blogging about the weird weather Pamela -- It's below zero here this morning, but promises to be in the 40s (F) tomorrow.

    Have a safe trip!

  18. Oh me too, I love coming home to a clean house....not always easy with teenagers around but I do like it. You must be so excited about your trip. I have a flight layover in Alberta next Saturday. Heading off on our annual ski trip!! Enjoy your visit Pamela.

  19. I like to clean a house before I go somewhere too! It's hard to do given the mess I make packing.

    That's warm. Growing up my father use to work in St. John's New Brunswick and we spent a couple of summers in St. George in a cabin.

    It also lived in Ontario, and then we stayed in Sarnia.


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