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Sunday, January 13, 2013

at the carwash

The line up at the carwash yesterday.
The cars on the right were backing out after
a good cleaning.

Our roads are salted and sanded in winter as we have a lot of snow and freezing temperatures.
It's the only way to keep it safe for drivers.

Of course, when the roads are wet, all this salty brine coats the vehicles as you can see on the car in the left of the above photo.  Not good for the metal or paint!

We decided to take our car to the carwash yesterday to give it a cleaning.

Hubby washing the old Ford.

I know.  It seems pointless when you go back on the streets again.  But, one has to pick a day when the streets and roads are fairly dry.  And then you try to avoid any water on the road on your way home!  Sound pointless?  Probably is.  But, it makes you feel good to drive a 'clean' car for a few minutes or miles.  And it's much better than rubbing against the dirty car and getting one's clothes covered in grey dirt.  :)

Do you wash your car in winter?
Do you have salt and sand applied to your streets and roads?

The roads are wet today as it's foggy and the temperature is going up to +6 celsius.

The car will be dirty again.




  1. Oh I recognize my dirty car in these words. Yes, when I can't stand it a moment longer, I take the car in for a scrub. And, as you say, it lasts all of a minute fifteen seconds. Love the shady characters photo!

  2. Did I say "shady"? Acckkkk, not shady, definitely not shady...shadowy! LOL!

  3. Phil took my car for a wash and brush-up yesterday and checked the tyres!! He couldn't understand why I wanted it cleaned but I shower twice a day and I get dirty!!
    They have been out gritting the roads recently as we have had snow, sleet and ice forecast but luckily it hasn't happened yet but maybe tomorrow!!

    Hope you have had a good weekend? We had some sunshine this morning and Phil dressed up warmly and did some tidying in the garden, he quite enjoyed it I think.

  4. Always wash the truck in winter, so much salt is right......Freezing cold here today, having a P.J. day, staying indoors where it`s toasty, Francine.

  5. I do wash my car in the winter when we have a couple days break from the slush. If for no other reason than to get the windshield clean. Hope you have a nice break in the weather.

  6. I took ours in on Friday. Of course it is all dirty again but it looks better than it did. We use sand on the roads around here and a lot less salt than they did in the past.

  7. Our lineups at the car wash are like yours..except we have a drive through...and the floors are slippery with ice. It's -14 here right I don't think they are too busy.

    I love to have a clean windshield, that's the most important to me...we go through tons of wiper fluid..but the car wash day is the most favorite day of my world.

    Happy Sunday.


  8. My boyfriend did the same thing yesterday...
    It rained here overnite....but not as much as I thought..
    Right now...12 degrees...mostly cloudy...some sun peeking thru...
    Only snow left is where the plough made a pile...

    Enjoy your day...

    Linda :o)

  9. We are so enjoying this January thaw! I really can't remember a January where there was no snow, well maybe short of last year. Anyway, my daughter was out yesterday doing the same thing, she went through the drive-threw car wash though. Going to be a good week, low temps, love love it! Diane

  10. In the winter we take the car to the car wash, especially after roads are salted. Also because we like a clean car! Kind of the same as liking a clean house. :-)
    Mary Alice

  11. Living where we do, I don't think I've washed my truck in a long, long time. Gravel roads just make it pointless.

  12. It looks like everyone had the same idea yesterday. Our roads here are salted and sanded. I haven't washed my car yet this winter and it needs it badly.

  13. I like to get the car washed as I know how corrosive the road salt is. It does make you fel good too. Valerie

  14. I love a clean car but I am afraid we don't wash it enough. ONly when we have had snow we will definitely wash it. BUt then like your photo says it is very busy at the carwash.

  15. I love a clean car. The weather was so warm here yesterday, (55-60) I noticed a neighbor out with his hose, washing his SUV. A first for around here!

  16. Yes, washing our car in winter sounds pointless too...but we do it! :))

  17. Yes, we do wash it some.. Like you say it is dirty if you touch it by accident..
    Lovely day, today...

  18. Salted roads will dirty a car faster than just about anything else. It does seem like a losing battle, but getting the salt off periodically is a good thing.

  19. We both love a clean car ..inside and out...but winter weather here makes it hard to get it washed once a week, but we try. More than anything, Jim wants to get the salt off it.

  20. Not much salt out here, unless one drives along Dallas Road, next to the water when the waves are high. Our car is always covered in a fine coating of mud, though - on of the hazards of living in the country in a rainy winter.

  21. Hi Pamela, yes, lol, I did the same thing on Thursday, washed the car at the car wash. I had to open the car wash garage door and drive in, wash the car with the high pressure hose thing and then back out and shut the door again because the floors freeze in the washing area. With a little luck and avoidance of puddles and wet pavement I may have a dark red car for a little while before it turns that lovely shade of salty white again. Ah, winter!

  22. Hi Pamela,yes I can remember those days when living in Ontario we had to wash our car a lot in the Winter. In PEI though we don't as often as itis a different method of snow removal. Weare still awayon our beachcombing adventure and so we have no salt, no sand, and no snow :-) at all. Nice picture effect taken inside the car while it was being washed, have a good week, cindy

  23. We live on a dirt road, and salt and sand are applied to the highways into town, so our little car won't see a car wash until next spring. Part of mountain living. :)
    Hope you have a lovely week,

  24. When we were in snow country, we lived in the mountains in an area that didn't salt the roads but used local red volcanic gravel. So the cars ended up all a reddish tinge. When you went into the next county, the color changed to grey as the road grit changed composition. Always grubby. So yep...we did go to the car wash...when there finally was one built in a town 15 miles away. But on our monthly big shopping trip to a large city 3 hours away, we ALWAYS included a car wash on the agenda. Hadn't thought of that for years....

  25. We just made a trip across the mountain pass to Kelowna and back...and the first stop once we got home, was the car wash!


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