Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, January 28, 2013

full wolf moon and a snow bunting

A double moon?

This is not a good photo.   :)
I took it through the living room window at supper time Saturday as the Full Wolf Moon rose in the sky.  Just past the blue hour.
The moon is actually the lighter colour in behind the bright white moon reflected in the double paned glass.  {It was way too cold to stand outside in the snow and get a proper shot.}
I don't know why the shadow is so bright.
The moon was actually very bright, almost as bright as the one in the foreground and I don't know why the one behind is so pale.  

Just a fun and interesting photo.
It's all about perspective.

Today I took a little drive and saw some beautiful snowy scenes which I will share soon.

I saw a flock of snow buntings which was quite exciting.  We usually only see them around this time of winter for some reason.  They are usually in small flocks and are very distinctive when they lift off in flight together.  Their dark brown wings and white bodies really show up even against the snow.  Or perhaps it's more their behaviour in flight that makes it so.

This little snow bunting was alone and kept hopping away from me as I was parking the car.
I finally got the window down and zoomed the best I could to capture it from 15 or so feet away.

Do you see that hill in the background?
It looks close but it's really 14 miles away.
The bird is on a 3 foot high snowbank.
It's all about perspective, right?

Here is a long shot looking up the river to the hills.
Snowmobilers travel this route a lot.
And so do animals.  Do you see the tracks in the snow?  Deer and coyote.

The view to the left. (more tracks)

And to the right.

This is the area where I take sunset photos in summer.  It looks very different right now. 
Kind of frozen.  ;)

We are going to have a temperature warm up starting tomorrow through Thursday.  Rain is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday and temperatures around 7 C.  It will be a nice reprieve from the bitter cold of the last 10 days.  I think a lot of this snow will be gone and the ice opened up a bit.  It might not be safe for snowmobiling for a few days.
{I pray every time I know my son is out sledding}

I hope you have a super week.




  1. The snow buntings are so cute! I don't think we have them here. Your moon photo is amazing! What or why was/is it called a wolf moon? I love your snow photos. Reminds me of my days in the mountains. We have rain today after a few days without. But I love it...guess I have to to live in Washington state! Lol!

  2. The moom photo is actually a very interesting photo! The snow pics are great as well. Is the ice really frozen enough for snowmobiles?

  3. Ahhhh, love the Snow Buntings...wish we had some here....beautiful moon, looks magical....Blessings Francine.

  4. Sweet little snow buntings, and what a great photo of the wolf moon, I've never heard that expression before.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I think your "double moon" shot is awesome!! I have never seen a snow bunting. Are they about the size of a robin, or smaller?

  6. Hello Pamela, The little snow bunting is so cute. I don't think I have ever seen one before..... so that was a special treat for me. Amazing pic of the wolf moon. Thank you for showing these great pictures. I always enjoys them.


  7. I was outside trying to get a decent shot of the moon. Trust me, yours is great! Here, it was very hazy around the moon and the camera just didn't read it correctly at all so I deleted all of them.

    Today's photos of the hill 14 miles away proves that on a clear day you can see forever...or nearly. What a pretty shot. We say "it's all about perspective" around here all the time. (John's nearly a foot taller than I am and you wouldn't believe what a difference that makes in how we see things.)

    Snow bunting...I haven't seen one in so long.

  8. Nice photos Pam . . . Love the moon shot and itts "shadow!"

  9. I saw this moon last night, Pamela, and it did look so unusually bright! Your world is very snowy now--it looks so pristine and beautiful! Everyone thinks all of Colorado looks the same way, but we had high 60 F temperatures last week. The mountain regions are colder and have more snow. I like the snow bunting bird--I wonder if they also seen in this area. I have a lot to learn about the animals here.

  10. The moon shot is pretty cool looking!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  11. I love how the snow buntings rise and fall as a group. I tried to photograph a flock last week...but I just could not get close enough! I like that moon shot!

  12. "It looks very different right now...kind of frozen" crack me up Pamela!
    Love your photos, your commentary and the beauty you share with all of us!
    Thank you!

  13. Lovely pics and you can almost feel the cold.. smile.. Perhaps we will feel better after our couple of warmed up days.. xo

  14. You're reminding me to get out to take some shots of the snow buntings. I've been sticking closer to home with my bird shots :) Looking forward to the warmer weather. I don't see any ice shacks out on your ice. Do people fish on your river? We have a lot of ice-fishermen out this time of year.

  15. Hi Pamela
    I like the double shot of the moon, very mysterious looking. No snow buntings here but many Canada geese have stayed over winter.
    Vee's comment about her and John having different perspectives because he's a foot taller is hilarious. That gal cracks me up sometimes.
    Have a good day.

  16. As usual, Pamela, your perspective makes one look beyond the obvious through your camera lens. Glad it's warming up and you can once again go roaming.

  17. Great photos!! I love seeing animal tracks in the snow.

  18. Beautiful shots, Pamela. I think you have more snow than we do. Stay warm!

  19. The picture of the moon is wonderful! I also like the view down the river and it's amazing that you can see that hill 14 miles away!

  20. The moon detail is great; I can make out the crater details.

    Just a thought... Were you by chance using a flash? If you were, the bright moon could be the flash reflection.

  21. Beautiful pics Pamela. I like the frozen lake pic, brings me back to a time in my youth when I would be on a sled and whizzing by the frozen landscape - winter was so much fun back in the old days!! Diane

  22. I like your pretty and interesting moon shot. I also like seeing your snow scenes. From afar! haha!

  23. How lovely to see a flock of snow buntings, haven't seen them around here.
    Love the photos of the scenery.
    Today we have had ice rain, which will be changing to rain a bit later on. The temperature is rising to plus numbers overnight with lots of rain tomorrow. After that ... who knows what we will get.

  24. These are beautiful photos Pamela! Makes me wish we would get at least one day of snow (that's all I ask)!

  25. Yep. It looks kind of frozen. But beautiful nonetheless. Wonderful to see the snow buntings!

  26. Wow. Pam those are beautiful photos. I love your moon picture - it's sort of neat the way it reflected on the glass. You know, if you were TRYING to get it to do that, you wouldn't be able to. That's how it goes.

    It'd be cool to get some video of the buntings taking flight. They are pretty little birds. I hope you're having a wonderful week! Keep that camera handy!

  27. I love that moon shot! That's better than any software effect! Very cool! The snow bunting with the hills in the background is a beautiful shot!

  28. Awesome that you even got a shot of the moon..
    Nothing but cloud the last few days..

    Linda :o)

  29. Pamela, I always enjoy your stunning photos!
    Mary Alice

  30. Hi Pamela, so that is the Wolf Moon? It was very bright here, too, for once we didn't have an overcast sky. And those are snow buntings? My dad always called them 'snowbirds' so I'm glad to hear they have a proper name. I love the way the entire flock can turn on a dime on the wing.

    We're just starting with a winter storm warning/blizzard for Wednesday. Today we hit 49 degrees, but we're supposed to go back down below zero after the storm. Oh, well keeps life interesting.

    Love your photos!

  31. The moon was very bright here one night recently but my photographs were awful, yours are excellent. I have never heard of snow buntings so pleased to see them.

    Have a good journey to the family and I know you will have a wonderful time and this time flying you will have your man by your side!

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  32. That moon shot is quite interesting. It was a beautiful full moon the other night. Could that reflection possibly have gotten more reflective light from inside your house?

  33. Hi Pamela,
    it may bnot be a technique good photo of the moon but I love it for this shadow. It looks mystic and that is, how the Wolf Moon should be. You live in a beautiful area. I have never seen snow buntings, but they look interesting, too. Thank you for taking me on your tour and for your kind comment on my blog.I am happy when winter already passed here.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  34. That's quite the 360-degree view Pamela -- and the little bunting was a good capture (as was your double moon!)


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