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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the first day of January

pictures from Sunday's snowstorm

Sunday's snowstorm dumped another +20cm. 
of snow on us.  It was really pretty out and about.

We had a great new year's eve.
We hadn't had plans for the evening but decided to invite a couple over that we hadn't fellowshipped with in a while.

Chinese food from the restaurant and the grocery store filled us up as we laughed and got caught up on the months we've missed seeing each other.

Afterward we played Mexican Train Dominoes.
We had so much fun!
The guys won.  They almost always do.

They stayed until after midnight and we wished one another a Happy New Year and sat around and talked and laughed some more. 
It was a very late night!

We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning.

There was a fresh dusting of snow on the landscape overnight.  
{we needed more snow!!}

I started to take down Christmas.
What a long process.  Moving things around and putting them away.  Up and down stairs, chairs and step stool.  On my knees.  Oh it's hard to get up and down!  I really need to get exercising again!

The difficult  part about re-decorating is trying to....re-decorate.  Trying to build new vignettes with the same old stuff.  Move it around.
Do you do that too?

Here is my old oak commode stand.
The bird (a gift) and coasters (a purchase) are new.
The rest I've had before.

The tree will come down tomorrow. 
That's the biggest job.  So many ornaments to 
put away.  Then the lights.  Then taking the tree apart and stuffing it in the box until next year.
I'll miss the glow of the lights in the evenings.

I did keep a small tree in the dining room and added crocheted snowflakes to it.  
It will stay up for a while - until I'm tired of snow.
{which may be sooner than later!}

My amaryllis is starting to bloom.
I'll take another photo when all the buds open.
Gorgeous red!

I made a pot of turkey soup today so we had that along with herbed cheese biscuits for supper.

As the sun was slowly sinking into the western sky I took this photo of the snow blowing across the fields.  It looks cold doesn't it?  I was indoors.  :)

At 11:14, as I write this post, the temperature has dropped down to -14C.  It's going to be very cold for the rest of the week - night and day.
Typical January weather.

Well, that was my first day of 2013.

I hope you had a good day to start this new year.

Enjoy the rest of the week my friends.




  1. I love the black and white pics. I have been waiting to see your amarylis. I bought mine the day after you said you got one I was so happy for you but thought I might enjoy one myself. Mine was suppose to be pink but it is the most gorgeous white and I am so happy it turned out that way. Pamela, it has 4 blooms right now. It is as white as a bride's gown. I am enjoying it so much. Your amarylis is going to be stunning.....especially being red. Your post reminded me about how much I enjoy growing the amarylises. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine!

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Beautiful snow you are experiencing . . . bringing in the New Year with friends . . . beautiful amayrillis . . . all good things to bring forward into your new year. Let happy, good will and good health be your constant companions . . .

  3. Morning Pamela, -14 brrr We didn't have any rain yesterday and so far this morning looks quite nice. Never heard of the game you played but I am sure it was fun!!

    The Amaryllis looks beautiful, I haven't grown one for years. My son came over last night and bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers. All our Christmas decorations are down and away, the cards have gone for recycling.

    The snow looks very pretty and I hope it stays that way and that you are still able to get out and about. Keep safe and warm, Jackie in Surrey.x

  4. i love that last shot. the blowing snow & glow sun. gorgeous!!! i love the mexican train game. love the little birdies ... i enjoy taking down the Christmas decor & starting anew. makes you feel so refreshed. big hugs. ( :

  5. Hi dear Pamela - you really have been snowed upon up there - and of course flying over your area on Sunday the landscape did look white below the clouds - I waved in case you were looking skyward through the snow flakes!

    Lovely post, almost made me get a bit teary because altho' I loved Christmas in England, I did miss all the festive decorating here - my cottage looked so bare compared to the usual Christmas all out decor. Oh well, before we can shake a stick, next Christmas will appear on the horizon and I can join you in opening the boxes hauled out of the attic - because I plan to be home here!

    Your landscape pics are awesome dear - and your New Year's Eve celebration with friends sounded fun
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Beautiful, Pamela. That last shot is marvelous. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  7. Good friends. Fun, games and lots of laughter. Beautiful sight outside. What a perfect start to a new year!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful fun New Years.....Beautiful snowy landscape.....My turn today to take down Christmas and yes, time for new vignettes, that could take all day......Warm Blessings Francine.

  9. Pamela your photos are beautiful.
    I love each and every one.

    I'm not taking my decorations down until the weekend
    and I will miss the lovely twinkly lights.

    Your red amarylis will be wonderful when it opens fully.

    Turkey soup here too!

    Stay warm and Happy New Year


  10. Pamela, it's snowing her right now, but just a bit and nothing to rival what you have at your end. You've really captured the chilly temperatures in your photos. As for taking things down and putting them away, I have a lot of balsam fir needles that need to be removed from my carpet. Plenty were shed when I hauled the tree outside to be picked up for recycling next week. Now,I'm fiddling with different objects and deciding how to arrange them, just like you, but I don't seem to have the same "tablescape" knack. I'll work on it!

  11. Hello Pamela
    It is a lot slower taking the things down isn't it? I boxed and labelled things like never before as I plan to be more organized this year and then I did what you did, redecorated with moving knick knacks around. It really is bare in front of the front window and I miss the lights too.
    Have a good day.

  12. A most wonderful start in 2013, Pamela!

    I haven't taken my Christmas decorations down yet. Maybe in a day or two. Today we're running to town. Any of that snow you want to send our way would be much appreciated. The winters have been so mild and the forest is thirsty. :)

    Happy New Year!
    ~ Zuzu

  13. Sounds like the perfect New Year's Eve. Beautiful photos of the new fallen snow!

  14. Wonderful photos of your snow! And yes, I like to move things around. It's a bit of a challenge but feels so good when it's done and you like it!

  15. Sounds like a very good New Year's Eve gathering with friends you had, while the snow blazed outside! My New Year's Eve was pretty quiet, and I liked it that way.....the month of December just seemed too busy for me this year. I enjoyed watching some re-run movies on the old DVD player. Lovely pics of the snow covered land. Diane

  16. Everything looks so beautiful; your photographs are gorgeous. I have to admit to being a little jealous as we have had nothing but rain for weeks now.
    A very Happy New Year to you.

  17. Beautiful! Sunshine and snow is just the prettiest! Enjoy these post-holiday days...and don't fret about dismantling things in a big hurry. Happy New Year!

  18. It's a beautiful world out there when you can stay inside. I get out about once a week these days. All I can handle when it's this cold.

  19. Absolutely beautiful snow scenes, Pamela! We seldom have snow in those amounts but we are enjoying a absolutely sunny day today with no rain!

  20. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful snow, Pamela! We actually had a white Christmas but it melted quickly.
    Mary Alice

  21. Good job, Pamela...
    Yes...I also mix things up when I "un-decorate"..
    Did sone of that today, and started a box for the thrift shop...
    Don't freeze down there!!! hahaha..

    Linda :o)

  22. Gorgeous snow photos, Pamela! Wow, you have a lot of it, too! It sounds like you had a fun New Year's!

  23. Pamela, I am so jealous:-( This is exactly what I imagine for this time of year, but we have had nothing like this. For several years in a row we had snow for what seemed like all of December through March, but the last two have been more like normal I guess. I miss is, but enjoy looking at your photos. I'm anxious to start taking everything down and I too will have that after Christmas dilemma!

  24. So cold! Brrrr! Hope you are staying warm! Loved the description of your New years. Sounds like fun!


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