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Spring 2018
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

interesting Fredericton architecture

The main entrance doors to Christ Church Cathedral.

I am sharing a few buildings of architectural interest in downtown Fredericton NB for Inspiration Thursday whose theme this week is architecture.

Downtown landmark - the gothic styled Christ Church Cathedral.
Opened 1853.

The Provincial Legislative Building, Fredericton, NB. - 1882

The new Fredericton Convention Centre - 2011 and on the left is 
The Fredericton Playhouse - 1964.

These are some of the many beautiful historic buildings in downtown Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick.

I'm joining the party at Mary's Little Red House



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Killarney Lake

Killarney Lake is a beautiful place to visit any time of year.

There is a nice swimming beach at the lake and many kilometres of walking trails all around it.  This was my first visit to this gem on the edge of the city.

My best friend of over 40 years, Lois, invited me to join her today. She brought her dog, Mocha, who enjoyed the walk as much as we did.  Lois wore snowshoes but the trail was beautifully groomed so I just had on my winter hiking boots.  

The sun shone brightly down on us in the open trail.
It was +5 Celsius today.  Perfect.  And too warm for a down coat!

A nice spot to sit and rest and enjoy the lake.  But, not today.

This is a person ice fishing on the lake.  He had his lawn chair and had cut a hole in the ice.  I don't know what the lake is stocked with.  Perhaps trout or bass.

I will definitely come out here again.  We weren't the only people there as others were cross country skiing or walking their dogs.
Who wouldn't on a beautiful day like this?

But it's not going to last.

Do you see the clouds on the horizon?  That's a storm front moving in from Ontario and Quebec.  The same storm that caused so much havoc in those provinces and in the US the past few days.
They are predicting 15 - 25 cm. of snow for us.  It'll be heavy, wet snow as the temperature will be around the freezing mark.
If you are in the path of this storm I hope you stay safe.

Thank you for all your visits and comments on my recent posts.
You are awesome!

Blessings to you!


P.S.  I found a solution for slicing an orange safely.
I have a kitchen gadget from Pampered Chef that is intended to hold an onion while slicing it.  It works perfectly for an orange too.
I just sliced between every other tine for perfect slices and no cut fingers!  ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

slices of sunshine

I love oranges don't you?

Juicy rounds of vitamin C.

mmmmm....my mouth is watering

Sunshine vitamins in every slice.

a little editing on this one

A really old cutting board.

It looks like it was green on the edge originally.  I think my
mother painted the edge black during her 'black paint period'. :)

Annnnd, that knife is really, really sharp!!

I'm okay.  It's healing up now.

Be careful when your slicing your next orange, please.

I would like to welcome my new followers and to thank you all for your visits and kind comments.   I enjoy reading every one.

Have a great 'rest of the week'!



Sunday, February 24, 2013

pink and green for mosaic Monday

It's Mosaic Monday at Mary's Little Red House.

It's been such a snowy and cold winter here but I brought in 
some spring with some pretty pink tulips and bright
green mums this past weekend.

Anything to brighten up winter!

I hope you will join Mary for 

You will find more beautiful photo mosaics there.

Have a wonderful week my friends.



Saturday, February 23, 2013

one of those perfect winter days

Well, after my little rant yesterday about my dislike for this long winter, God gave us a gorgeous Saturday to get out and appreciate the beauty of this day.   It was one of those perfect winter days.

I put on my gum boots and my down vest and parka (I felt like a certain 'tire man') and went for a little walk.  
There is beautiful white snow from 3 blizzards the past 3 weekends.  And there is no wind today which I know you can't see but I can feel it or, the lack of it.  ;)

Just look at that white snow and blue sky!

do you see the snowdrifts in front of the tree line?

my favourite tree

We always keep the back yard cleared with a path to prevent flooding in spring or quick snow melts as we are on a hill.
The water runs and flows in 2 spots so it's best to keep a path cleared.  Murray did that this afternoon with the snowblower.

Let me tell you that after 3 blizzards we had a lot of drifting and one huge drift that was over three feet deep.

I'm the snowdrift model.  :)

There was a hard crust on top of the snow so Murray had to chop it up before the snowblower could go through it.  I decided to help by stomping through the icy layer and meet him from the other side.  It sure was hard work! 

taken from the other side of the drift

It was great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and exercise a bit.   It would be a perfect day for snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or just walking.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty of winter this weekend.
I know.  I'm eating my words from yesterday.  But, we have enough snow now and it would be nice if this was it.  

OK.  I'll be quiet now.

Make the most of winter my friends!  {end of lecture}

I'm linking with My Little Home and Garden's ~



Friday, February 22, 2013

sunshine needed

sunshine on the garage roof today

It's quite sunny this afternoon here.  
I'm struggling with this winter weather and all the snow.
We've had blizzards the past 3 weekends and thankfully we were away for all three, but, the evidence is out there.  Lots of evidence!

I'm tired of wearing a down filled coat everywhere I go.
Tired of wearing low heeled boots that aren't stylish but oh so practical and warm and safe on the snowy, slushy streets and the mall parking lots.  I don't get far.  Just the mall and the grocery store.  And don't forget a scarf to keep my neck warm until the day warms a bit and gloves for my hands.  I don't wear a hat as it mess up my hair but the hood on my parka comes in handy to protect my head from the biting wind.

I go into the mall stomping the slushy snow from my boots, remove my gloves and sometimes my scarf and then I get too hot wearing my down filled coat.  

I'm longing for the days of spring when we can just wear shoes and a light jacket or, summer days with sandals, bare feet with newly polished toe nails, and no coat or jacket!  

Okay, not very pretty.  They've seen a lot of miles.
But, they are bare!!

Speaking of polished toe nails.  
Do you do pedicures in winter?
I like to give my toes a rest and let my nails breathe for a
few months.  No one sees them for months anyway. They are hidden in socks and sneakers every day until sometime in April or even May when it might get warm enough to wear sandals.

Would you like to join me here?

Along the coast of N.B. last August.

Or here?

Our front deck last June.

We could kick off our shoes, boots, coats, scarves and hats and relax in the sun.  

It's okay to think about these things isn't it?

Yes,  I think it is.

Good therapy.

I just won't look out the window!

Cause I might see this!!

Are you tired of winter and all the snow?
Perhaps you enjoy it and perhaps you just had a big
storm (my friends in the US) that is an exciting novelty.
Three storms in 3 weekends is not a novelty.
And there's more snow coming again this Sunday for parts 
of the Maritimes.  I think only light snow for us this time.
I hope!

How are you putting in the winter?  Is it getting you down yet?

I offer you some spring cheer.

I hope you enjoy this last weekend of February.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

you just never know what you'll see

I got a phone call from my neighbour this afternoon suggesting that I look out the window to their backyard.  There are trees and sheds blocking most of the view but I could see something unusual.  Turkeys!  I grabbed my jacket, hat and put on my big gum boots, grabbed the camera and headed out the front door.

I trudged through the knee deep snow and took some pictures of these two wild turkeys out for a stroll.

We had a severe winter storm warning for our area today but it turned out to be a mixed bag of freezing rain, ice pellets, wet snow, showers and fog.  Not the 20cm. predicted.  The storm tracked north of here and that part of the province is getting a lot of snow.  I don't mind as we have enough already.

My favourite tree.  {It's in a lot of my photos.}

The turkeys just wandered off over the hill.  I'm sure they are the same ones I photographed last summer.

Can you see one of the turkeys 'standing' on the tree branch?  :-)

I wanted to share this photo we took last Sunday before we came home.  We sure do miss our family!

I hope you are having a great week.  

The first day of spring is a month from tomorrow!  Yippee!!

Thanks for all your visits and comments on my blog.  I appreciate you all very much.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February note cards

The time has rolled around to the third Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for Vee's Note Card Party at her lovely blog,  A Haven for Vee.

Since it's still winter and there's lots of cold and snow I thought you might enjoy a note card of cookies and hot chocolate.

This note card would be nice for a 'Thinking of You' card.

I think this one would make a sweet baby card.

This would be a pretty card for any occasion.

I hope you will pop on over to Vee's and see the other selections of note cards this month.  There are always some beautiful and interesting photos for this meme.

We are safely back from our trip out west.  When we left here there was very little snow on the ground after a big thaw but there have been 3 huge blizzards the past 3 weekends that have dumped a lot of snow on us and there is another big storm coming tonight and tomorrow!  I think we'll have snow until June this year!
Not really.  It always seems to melt before then.

I hope you are having a great week.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

my heart is heavy

I saw this leaf melting into the snow yesterday and thought it looked like a heart.

In the early morning we'll be winging our way back home.

We are leaving our sweet family for now.

I know they are in God's hands and care and keeping.

I will rest in that.



Saturday, February 16, 2013

vintage bathroom cabinets

I found this cabinet with the mirror at Bibles for Missions last summer.
It was painted aqua but aqua didn't really fit in my decor even though I love it, so I spray painted it with ivory then rubbed it off in spots so the aqua would show through.

Hubby finally hung it up a couple weeks ago in the downstairs powder room.

This cabinet, which is reflected in the one in the photo above it, was at my mother-in-law's and has the original paint.  It is home made.
The orange tin is Solidified Brilliantine, a hair grooming product for men I think.  The orange tube has old hairpins in it.  The green glass is an eye rinse cup.  To the right of it is a roll of Curity brand tape and a tin of aspirin with the aspirin still in it.  I can't get it open to toss them out.
I made the cross stitch on the top of the cabinet.

The brown covered bowl is an old shaving soap bowl.  I remember my Dad using one with his shaving brush when I was a little girl.  This bowl was natural coloured wood but I painted it.  

This tea towel is from a friend.  The colours are perfect for this bathroom.

While we're in this room I'll show you the old wash table that was my mothers.

I love this piece.  It was always in our dining room at home.

It has the original reddish paint and the trim colour.
It's kind of wobbly and could use some glueing and screws.

The blue and white commode set I bought at a yard sale over 30 years ago.  The white ironstone wheat pattern chamber pot I bought at another yard sale a few years ago.

Isn't this a beautiful set?

The mug and the covered soap dish were with the pitcher and bowl but don't match perfectly.

I love these old vintage things that had a great purpose a long time ago when most homes had only outhouses.

Ahhh.....the good old days.

Could you live like that today?

I think we're quite spoiled aren't we?  :)



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