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Friday, February 1, 2013

groundhog day predictions

Mr. Groundhog ~ found on the Internet.

Tomorrow is February 2 and Groundhog Day.

Remember the old movie with Tom Hanks?
How many times did he repeat that day??

We all associate Groundhog Day with those wise rodents, the groundhog, prognosticating whether we'll have an early spring or not.
There are some very famous groundhogs out there.

Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania - the most famous.
Wiarton Willie - Canada's answer to Punxsutawney Phil - who resides near Ottawa, Ontario.
Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia - one of the earliest to make his appearance in North America.
Buckeye Chuck in Ohio
Balzac Billy in Alberta, Canada

And there are others that are more local lore like the one on the sign below called Mactacaddy. (I think a combination of the name of Mactaquac Park and 'caddy' because of the golf course)

This sign is near the entrance to Mactaquac Provincial Park.
  The local groundhog is called Mactacaddy.
People are encouraged to come out and see if Mactacaddy sees his shadow
on February 2nd.  

If the sun is shining and the groundhog comes out of his burrow and 'sees' his shadow he will run back into his burrow and wait out the next 6 weeks of winter that are sure to follow.
If it's a cloudy day and he doesn't see his shadow then an early spring is eminent.  
Do you believe in this folklore?

This Groundhog Day we'll be winging our way west to visit our daughter, her husband and our 2 precious grandsons.  

I won't be checking out the groundhog's burrow at the park on Saturday morning but I will want to hear if he saw his shadow or not ~ we'll see what happens in mid-March.  I have the feeling that since it's forecasted to be sunny and very cold tomorrow that Mactacaddy won't even make an appearance!
I predict six more weeks of winter!
{which where we live is always true}

This is one of 2 groundhogs that resided under our shed
for a while last summer.

Since I'll be away I won't be blogging as much but, I will be posting and visiting when I can.  I won't be participating in any of my favourite blog parties as I won't have time.  I'll be playing cars and trains, and playing in the snow and getting lots of cuddle time with the baby.  

Thanks for all your kind comments on my blogposts and your good wishes for our trip.  I appreciate you all so much.
And welcome to my new followers this week too!

I hope you have a great weekend.

I'd like to know if you believe in the groundhogs predictions.
Let me know okay?

 Now I must go do laundry and figure out how to fit everything in our suitcases!




  1. Hi Pamela
    Honestly? No. It's kinda like the tradition I grew up with of saying 'rabbits' on the first day of each month for good luck. What will be, will be is my theory.
    Looking forward to pics of the grands.

  2. The funny thing about Groundhog's Day is that it is all about perspective. We were always happy as children if he saw his shadow because that meant only six more weeks of winter, which as you know, can go on a whole lot longer than six weeks more in our parts. I believe nothing except what the bones tell me. Because of the lack of snow and the up and down nature of this season, I am truly hoping for an early spring like last year.

    Happy flying, Pam, to you and your hubby. May you have a wonderful time with those growing grandbabies, not to mention your beautiful daughter and wonderful son-in-law.

  3. I'm a believer in folklore and in Wiarton Willie as I came from Ottawa Ontario before moving to the Island so many years ago. It was a family tradition, mom would start talking about this little guy about 2 weeks before and so it has been grained in childhood. After all, who looks for another 6 weeks of Winter. ON the other hand, I remember the Winters we got back then in the early 70's nothing like the meek and mild Winters we get now. Thanks for sharing, I almost forgot about tomorrow, glad to be here, Happy Groundhog Day

  4. Have a great time. If our beginning to bloom daffodils are any hint, spring will be here soon. Except for the distinct chill in the air. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog last night! Appreciate you.

  5. The groundhog in your backyard is the cutest!! I am not sure all about the groundhog seeing his shadow thing. I always think it's fun anyway. We did finally get snow here today. Have fun on your trip!

  6. I always like to get into the spirit of holidays so, of course, I support the folklore of Groundhog Day. Believing in it, well not so much. It’s always seemed backwards to me. If it’s sunny in February I’m convinced Spring is near. Have a wonderful trip with lots of cuddle time for all. Enjoy!

  7. What a fun post! I love your header too.

  8. Safe travels! It's supposed to be cloudy here tomorrow so I guess we are in for a bit more winter.

  9. Have a great time with your family in Alberta. I just bet your grandson is just as excited to see you! Safe travels my friend.

  10. Nope! Not a believer. But I love the movie and it's fun to watch this time of year! Have a great time with the kiddos! I'm very jealous!

  11. Hi Pamela, oh ya...fun post indeed....enjoyed, Francine.

  12. Beautiful snow photography.

    Those signs are so cute!

    I should take a photo of some of them around here i.e. quail crossing and javalina crossing to name a few.

  13. Hi Pamela! What a cute little thing! Have a great time with your family and keep warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  14. No, I don't believe in these predictions but I do find it amusing. : ) Have a wonderful time in Alberta!

  15. I never heard of Groundhog Day . Hope you have a great time Pamela.

  16. Have a wonderful trip, so good to see family...

    I wonder about winter?


  17. Safe travels and joyous grand children time . . .
    I think it will be six more weeks of winter . . . for sure!

  18. This seems like so much fun! Have a wonderful trip!


  19. I'm with Lynne, I think we have more winter ahead but hoping I am wrong....
    Have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy and take in every minute with those precious kids....

  20. I think they tend to be pretty accurate. I just missed what they said about Manitoba's groundhog, but I think they said that he saw his shadow. I will be listening to the news again here shortly, we'll see.
    Have a good trip back to "winter", you'll hardly notice though, you'll be having so much fun with those grand little ones!

  21. i was not going to say anything - waiting to see if any one else would say anything about it ... but don't you mean Bill Murray? or was there another movie with Tom Hanks that i am not thinking of? just curious - i've always wondered why folks listen to a silly old ground hog. ha. ha!! have a great weekend. big big hugs. ( :

  22. Fun post, Pamela. I think we in Canada can safely say we will have 6 more weeks of winter. Wiarton Willie disagrees. Only time will tell who's correct. :))

  23. I got to see one up close a couple of years ago in Alaska. They sure are big! Mister Jim had to shoot a couple of them when we lived on the acreage. They were so destructive to our gardens, and it was quite dangerous to have them near the horse farms adjacent to us.

    Have fun during your blogging break!

  24. I am hoping for an early spring....
    Get packing, Pamela!!

    Linda :o)

  25. You will have to share some of your cuddle pictures when you blog next. Have fun grandma

  26. Have a wonderful time with you fmaily, Pamela and especially your grandchildren!

    We passed through Punxsutawney, PA on our way to Colorado. I thought of old Phil then..lol! I think he predicted an early Spring this year --time will tell!

  27. Ha ha - the groundhog predicting the arrival or delay of spring by (not) seeing its shadow makes for good tourism marketing but I'm afraid I'm not a believer (apparently studies have shown that the various groundhogs have only had a 37% accuracy over the past 40 years - sorry to burst true believers' bubbles ;>)

    Enjoy your time with family - safe travels.

  28. I enjoy the predictions occurring on GH Day -- it's fun... and I like your post.

    Enjoy your time with family Pamela. We will be here when you return! xo


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