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Saturday, February 23, 2013

one of those perfect winter days

Well, after my little rant yesterday about my dislike for this long winter, God gave us a gorgeous Saturday to get out and appreciate the beauty of this day.   It was one of those perfect winter days.

I put on my gum boots and my down vest and parka (I felt like a certain 'tire man') and went for a little walk.  
There is beautiful white snow from 3 blizzards the past 3 weekends.  And there is no wind today which I know you can't see but I can feel it or, the lack of it.  ;)

Just look at that white snow and blue sky!

do you see the snowdrifts in front of the tree line?

my favourite tree

We always keep the back yard cleared with a path to prevent flooding in spring or quick snow melts as we are on a hill.
The water runs and flows in 2 spots so it's best to keep a path cleared.  Murray did that this afternoon with the snowblower.

Let me tell you that after 3 blizzards we had a lot of drifting and one huge drift that was over three feet deep.

I'm the snowdrift model.  :)

There was a hard crust on top of the snow so Murray had to chop it up before the snowblower could go through it.  I decided to help by stomping through the icy layer and meet him from the other side.  It sure was hard work! 

taken from the other side of the drift

It was great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and exercise a bit.   It would be a perfect day for snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or just walking.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the beauty of winter this weekend.
I know.  I'm eating my words from yesterday.  But, we have enough snow now and it would be nice if this was it.  

OK.  I'll be quiet now.

Make the most of winter my friends!  {end of lecture}

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  1. Hello, Pamela

    You weren't kidding when you said you had a lot of snow. It is so deep! As a child, I used to love walking across the crusty surface of snow, seeing how far I could get without breaking the surface.

    I love your upbeat outlook in this post and agree with you that the beautiful blue sky and the white snow make for a gorgeous day to be enjoyed. I'm so glad you shared it with Sunlit Sunday.


  2. Hello Pamela, I am taken by the picture of your favorite tree. The sunlit and the blue sky are stunning. Boy oh Boy...you do have snow! We usually do, too. But so far we have been lucky and it snows one day and melts the next. It is invigorating to get outside this time of year. Although, today I stayed inside and did some quilting.


  3. That snow drift certainly would be a challenge to walk through. :) We haven't had that much snow here this winter. It's pretty...but a lot of work too.

  4. You are a lovely snowdrift model. Keep smiling and thank you for sharing these gorgeous snow pics.

  5. Great image series showing. Wish you a good Sunday :) Hanne Bente

  6. Beautiful winter post . . . shadows, drifts and a pretty "snow model" for us all to see!

  7. Good grief, that is a BIG snowdrift! I bet that snowblower really comes in handy during your winters! We never even had to go find the snow shovel down in the crawl space this winter. It hasn't seen any use in several years now, LOL!

  8. Oh Pamela, I feel for you. It snowed again all day yesterday here and is still snowing today. I would love a little sunshine as it certainly makes it easier to enjoy.

  9. I know for those like you who shave had enough snow for two winters. my loving snow just kind of annoying.
    But living in the South and coming from Ky originally, I miss snow. We did have a about a quarter inch last week and I was in heaven. It was gone by noon.

  10. Among the tall trees covered with snow seems like a great place to pray or meditate. Beautiful captures.

  11. Gosh, that is deep snow Pamela. On our drive north from Toronto this morning I saw several fields with a couple of dozen wild turkeys in each scavenging for grain under the snow. We're getting more snow today.

  12. Wow that is some snow Pamela!!!

    You look great, lovely to put a face to a name.

    Have a good week

    x Fiona

  13. My kind of weather Pamela. I only wish we could experience some three feet drift so I could try out a snowblower. They looks like lots of fun!

  14. It's a good thing that you have a snow blower - that is an awful lot of snow to deal with! I can't complain, we only got four inches yesterday and the sun is out melting it away today, I hope.

  15. Gorgeous photos, Pamela! I love snow for photography purposes. Your drifts remind me so much of Michigan. I remember having those deep drifts when I was a kid. We don't get enough snow in Kentucky to even come close to that.

  16. We have experienced the same kind of winter as you know but the height of your snow beats ours I think. I try to stay positive but will admit I'm really fed up with all the snow and agree with you that wearing boots, mitts scarves and hats is something i'd rather not be doing at all. i'm just plain tired of bundling up to leave the house. Keep smiling and keep warm!

  17. You do get a lot of snow on the east coast. Here in upper Michigan we get probably about the same... We only had one great blizzard last week, but it has snowed about 3-4 each day it didn't blizzard. WE had one afternoon of sunshine... the day the blizzard was over so had to go out and snap some pictures. Love your favorite tree picture with the sun..

  18. Well today we have having that same beautiful sun filled winter day. Yesterday and all last week was like yours. Lots of snow and gray days. One thing is for certain- we do appreciate the sun when we see it a lot more than those who see it pretty much every day! I guess that goes without saying, but you know what I mean :-) My back deck has 3 ft of snow in some areas. We usually keeep it completely cleaned off but we let it go this year. I think this coming week will be a good one. We're expecting warmer temps! I hope you have a great week!

  19. Dear Pamela,so much snow!!Wow!!Your photos are amazing!!Beautiful images!Thank you for your comment on my blog!Glad to meet you!!Have a wonderful week!

  20. Wow, those are some snow drifts Pamela. The photos are gorgeous with the blue sky and the white snow.
    They are predicting another storm for us on Tuesday and Wednesday ... sure hope they are wrong this time :)

  21. Wow that is a LOT of snow!! I live in Florida so I never experience this. Visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

    Jocelyn @

  22. Hi Pamela,
    Gorgeous day! The sky is just glorious! It is good to be out and in the fresh air on a day like that this winter.
    All the Best,

  23. Beautiful, Pamela, ...I especially love the second photo!


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