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Spring 2018
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

slices of sunshine

I love oranges don't you?

Juicy rounds of vitamin C.

mmmmm....my mouth is watering

Sunshine vitamins in every slice.

a little editing on this one

A really old cutting board.

It looks like it was green on the edge originally.  I think my
mother painted the edge black during her 'black paint period'. :)

Annnnd, that knife is really, really sharp!!

I'm okay.  It's healing up now.

Be careful when your slicing your next orange, please.

I would like to welcome my new followers and to thank you all for your visits and kind comments.   I enjoy reading every one.

Have a great 'rest of the week'!




  1. I hear you lound anc clear..

    I love oranges.

    Your photo is great.

    Not your finger. Oh not good.

  2. Oh I hate that cut, I'm sure it hurts! I love oranges, specially when the weather is hot! How wonderful about your grandparents's animal rugs with heads...this piece had a head, but since we just covered the chair, we didn't need a beast's head haging from the chair, LOL...can you just imagine, hahahahahaaa...!!!! I have a friend of hubby's who's got 3 rugs with heads in his stunning office at his company..so there, it's ok with me. Thank you for your sweet wishes for us. Big hugs,

  3. Great topic...and great close-ups of the fruit...
    Take care of that finger!!!
    i cut myself a LOT....and burn myself on the oven!!!
    My hands look like I have been thru the war!!!
    Oh yes....iron burns as well!!!
    I should be more careful!! haha...
    Enjoy your evening!!

    Linda :o)

  4. Fantastic detail! Glad you didn't injure yourself more seriously!

  5. Hi Pamela ~ I decided to catch up on my blog buddies with an orange and a cup of tea and here you are blogging about oranges. Also, Mr. V. cut his finger the other night slicing a roast. My oh my. How funny is that

    Take care of your finger and do be more careful. Can't lose a digit ;-)

  6. Hello Pamela, I love these wonderful photos of your orange!!!! Such detail! Great idea. Good to look at those oranges this time of year...so bright and yummy looking!

  7. Amazing the power of an image - my mouth started watering as I looked at the oranges ! And I also find it amazing seeing them growing on the trees down here. Just think - 'officially' spring is less than a month away !

  8. They look like amazing little packages...very sunny and cheerful and full of vitamin C that we all are needing. Not to mention Vitamin D. Oh, yes, I need some of that. No more practicing on your finger!

  9. Be careful Pamela, fingers are important. These orange images are great, the composition in each is fantastic. Enjoy the rest of the week:)

  10. I could really use some sunshine, another blizzard is in progress yet again. I love oranges, so juicy and delicious. I hope your finger heals soon!

  11. I remember when we only had an orange as a Christmas treat in the bottom of our stockings after WW2! Later when rationing ended we saw them more often and of course they usually came from Spain. Now, when I can have them anytime, I seem to go more for grapefruit as I really enjoy them, especially the juice.

    Lovely pics - like the one with your mother's chippy paint -isn't it great to have kitchen things used by one's family years ago. Sorry about the boo boo - keep it clean and dry.

    Hugs - Mary

  12. Great photos! The colours and texture are fabulous.

  13. Oranges never looked better, great pictures!!

  14. Wow, love that... and love your title!

  15. Hey Pamela... I'm going to take heed of your oranges ,,,I need the healing ..fabulous shot and so nice to be back viewing your lovely photography ... ...Hugs

  16. Sometimes editing is a whole new way of seeing something. I like yours!

  17. Ouch! We try to have an orange a day (as well as an apple). We usually put them in our morning smoothies.

  18. Oops!

    But I do love the oranges. Great shots!

  19. Great shots of the oranges. And of your poor finger. Glad it's healing.

  20. Ouch...doesn't look like fun.

    Great shots of the oranges...and good for you to be so creative.


  21. Beauty inside and out. What an extravagant Creator God is!

  22. Yum to the oranges, yuck to the cut!
    Glad your finger is healing!

  23. Like oranges hate orange juice the bottled and packaged kind, what do they do to it to make it so sour.

  24. Those knives are really dangerous and cut you when your are least expecting it!
    Yes, I love juicly, refreshing oranges. : )

  25. ouch - be careful - you sweet thing, you!! i would love some oranges. the hubby & i always search for some good ones but usually they are kind of blah. but we keep searching. ( :


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