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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

about my new header photo

photos starting top left ~ deer on the hill at sunset, Canada geese on the flooded flats, a brook running fast, water being released through the Mactaquac Dam, broken pavement and overflowing ditch, a sap bucket at Kings Landing Historical Settlement

It's almost spring!  
It arrives two weeks from Wednesday according to the calendar.
I know most of us are really winter weary and can't wait for
spring weather, green grass, and blooming flowers, shrubs and trees.

Spring here in New Brunswick can arrive anytime between now and the merry merry month of May.

Last year, which is when the photos in my collage were taken, spring arrived on St. Patrick's Day ~ March 17.
It was the earliest spring in a long time here.
The temperature went up to +12 C. that day and continued to climb all the way up to +27 C on the 21st and 22nd breaking records.

The snow was all gone by the 24th in most of the province.
The St. John River ice broke up which caused an ice jam below the village of Perth Andover which was severely flooded.  

After the 24th the weather went back to normal spring temperatures and as Easter was in April we even got 15 cm. of snow on Easter Sunday.  After that it started warming again and we had a beautiful spring.

The reason I chose this collage of photos for my header instead of spring flowers, green grass and singing birds is because these photos are very typical of things we will see in March and April.


It's just about maple syrup time here too.
This is at Kings Landing Historical Settlement last March on that very warm weekend.  The lady is pouring maple syrup on the snow which solidifies it into maple candy eaten on a stick.

I hope to visit a sugar bush again this month.  The weather the next few days will be perfect for syrup to run ~ warm days and cool nights.

Have you ever been to a sugar bush camp?
It's a lot of fun.

I know a lot of my readers are already seeing signs of spring in their yards and gardens and there's also a major storm system crossing the continent bringing snow and rain to some of us.

We all experience spring at different times and in different ways.
And we will all have spring weather ~ sooner or later.

I can't wait!  Can you??




  1. They're all beautiful shots and make a very nice header! I really like the dam photo! It doesn't feel much like spring here at the moment. Could get our biggest snowfall tonight.

  2. I'm ready for spring. Will have to wait as the storm is hitting us right now. The sugar bush camp looks like fun!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. We still have lots of snow...but the temps are supposed to go up this weekend...
    Great header, Pam...at least you didn't ruin your whole blog like I did!!!
    DO you use Pic-Monkey to make them??? I have a very hard time getting them the right size...I think mine are too big....what dimensions do you use???

    I can't wait for Spring either...get me to the garden centre!!!!

    Linda :o)

  4. Maple Taffy on snow... such a great delight !!! Wonderful photos!

  5. Oh we have our syrup festival early April. It usually snows or rains.
    Can't remember the last time it was nice.
    Love your pictures in your header.

  6. i love your header shot. i wish i could get my to load - no clue what i am doing wrong ... i'm using 900 x by something. & it won't load ... i have done what i always have done - but it won't work?? & my picture as you can see - has disappeared. nuts. i guess i have made blogger angry or something??! i wonder??! keep up the fun times. i love it!! snow is coming - we will see. i'll keep ya posted. ( :

  7. Lovely photos, Pamela! They definitely look like the beginning of spring. I love maple syrup but have never seen it harvested.

  8. Oh yes! These photos are far more realistic for us in March and April, too. At least, you're going to miss the next one that'll sail off south of you, though it may hit Nova Scotia.

    How fun to see the maple syrup season at King's Landing...I can only imagine.

    (We will miss seeing our local maple syrup operation as the people who were doing it lost their home to fire in the last couple of weeks. So sad. Hope that they might get back to it next year, but who knows. Their beautiful old home is a complete loss.)

  9. Your header photos are just like it is here in spring, too. We have quite a ways to go before the flowering bulbs pop out here in the Finger Lakes of New York. The sap is running though. MMMMMM! Our maple syrup is so good.

  10. It is so nice to see photos of your area. Big piles of snow here, but temperatures are rising above zero.
    I love the smells and tastes of the sugar bush.

  11. Pamela...I love your header photo, it's so pretty.

    Like you I too am trying to find images that portray the way we look around here. Still patches of snow, and brown grass...just a little hint of swelling buds.


  12. Pretty collage of pictures! Frozen rivers, frozen lakes and snow again today. That's what our March is looking like. I'm really sick of winter.

  13. It was an early spring here last year too, I can't see it happening this year!!

  14. I don't want to wait for spring, but we don't really have much of a choice. It will come when it comes. Your photos are lovely and what a good idea to put up images that reflect the beauty of where you are currently at.

  15. Sugar Bush Camp - sounds delicious but I've no idea what it is! Please describe!

  16. Love the maple syrup on the snow! That's a brilliant use of the cold! Great collages. Chel

  17. Pamela ~ we have John R. Park Homestead here in Ontario and they make maple syrup on a stick too. Yum ~ love your pictures. Not spring here yet either. Still a little chilly. Soon though ~ hopefully very soon ;-)

  18. Hi Pamela,
    Beautiful pictures! Yes, we will still be looking at snow for a little while longer. I can only hope that with the time change this weekend, the sun will be up longer each day and maybe start to feel more like Spring!
    All the Best,

  19. I say, bring it on as we're all so ready for spring.
    We have a couple of sugar bushes in our area and they drizzle the syrup in snow to eat too. My favourite was the one that served pancakes with fresh syrup.
    I hope that storm moving across isn't too severe when it hits the eastern area. We're lucky in that it will miss us.

  20. I like seeing your spring shots. They make me feel grateful. ;-)

  21. I enjoyed all of your "spring" photos Pamela. Definitely Atlantic Canadian Spring!! :)

  22. Looks very familiar :) I would love to try the maple syrup candy - I've read all about in the Little House books. Thanks for the link on facebook!

  23. Lovely pictures showing what life is like there--until the next storm arrives. It was fun to see the maple candy being made.

  24. Spring is so my fave time of the year.. And I love those Kings Landing pics..
    Hope to make it this year for the sugaring day..
    Take care my friend..

  25. Oh yum, I love maple syrup. Last year was so warm here and this year is an endless round of more snow. Come on spring.. Valerie

  26. Maybe it's because I live in Ontario I think these photos DO look like spring...albeit, early spring. We had an early spring last year, so early that the buds on trees opened into flowers and then we had a frost. Very few fruits and berries for the birds! I really don't want that to happen again. I can wait for spring to unfold in a natural way. :))

  27. Hello Pamela....thank you for stopping by my blog and I left you a message there on the photo that you commented on with two of the editing programs that I have been using. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and it reminds so much of Maine in your photos. It looks like such a beautiful place where you live and I have wanted to come and spend some time and to see that part of Canada. I have been to Montreal but that's as far as I have gotten. My grandmother...she was a French/Canadian lady...one of the Boucher's ...and was from Prince Edward Island. It is one of the places on my bucket list and I hope I can make the trip sometime soon to see the rest of your beautiful Canada. I am your newest follower and I hope to come back and see some of your Spring photos soon...and yes I can't wait for Spring and the green grass.....soon, very soon, I hope. Your photos are lovely.

  28. And i love all your photo's. Lovely to see how your country is like in this time of year.
    Have a nice weekend


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