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Saturday, March 9, 2013

split rail fence

A cedar split rail fence with cedar trees in the late winter sunshine.

We've had so few sunny days lately that I haven't been out to get any photos.  I took this one at the end of February.  
We still have lots of snow here today.

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The last day to participate in Sunlit Sunday is March 24th.
This meme goes on hiatus until next winter.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!




  1. Hello Pamela, Your photo is beautiful. Nice to see some sunshine and shadows. I love split rail fences. I wonder how long that one has been there?

    We had beautiful sun here all day today. I hope you are blessed with some sunshine tomorrow.


  2. Very pretty in the sunshine, Pamela. We still have snow too but it's looking a bit grungy.

  3. Snow alway looks pretty in pictures pity it was so cold.

  4. Love the contrast of the snow and the fence -- and the green cedars look so soft and inviting. Beautiful shot Pamela.

  5. Beautiful shot Pamela! Split rail fencing was used mostly by the settlers.
    With the excess of trees, most economical. Form of art!

  6. Just home and starting to enjoy the first sunny days myself. I love your shot with the bucket. Today we are heading to the farm to help the kids tap trees in the sugar bush, can't wait. Glad to be home and needed all the time

  7. Morning Pamela, oh I love that split rail fence, beautiful work of art.....Happy Sunday, Francine.

  8. Winter for all its trouble - storms, ice and so on, can be very picturesque as well. Love the pic. Have a great week my friend. Diane

  9. At 1st glance, the snow actually looks like sand because the green trees threw me for a loop... how can trees be that green & full of leaves w/ snow on the ground? =0
    LOVE the fence =)

  10. Hi, Pam

    This is a beautiful photo of a sunny winter day; I love the look of split rail fences. One little thing, your link to "Sunlit Sunday" is for the post you linked last week, not this one. Why don't you just add this one when you have the chance. If you want to leave the other post up as well, that's fine by me!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  11. Beautiful photo! We have had our share of gloomy days here too. That really makes it hard to get out and get excited about taking pictures. But the last couple of days have been glorious. Hope you get some melting and some sunshine soon.

  12. Snow, ice and wind here today but it's lovely and sunny. It will be wonderful when the weather warms up and the snow starts melting. it's like counting down to a holiday...

  13. Ahhh, the winter sun is wonderful! : )

  14. Hi Pamela,
    Great photo! Beautiful sunshine, the snow looks so fresh!
    Very nice & mature cedar trees.
    All the Best,

  15. What a wonderful display of light and the movement in that fence! I'm sorry you have more snow, but I guess you won't have a draught this year...

  16. The fence, trees and sunlit snow makes a beautiful scene! I'm happy to say that most of our snow left over the weekend with warmer temps and rain. We really needed all that moisture, tho. Have a wonderful week!

  17. Lovely photo of the fence, trees and sunlight. It's a dull day here today with rain heading in later on.

  18. I can't imagine that fence looking any finer in any other season.

  19. Great shots!
    I think spring is just around the corner -- really I do.
    Have a terrific week.

  20. Very pretty photo, Pamela, there isn't much that is prettier than a bright sun shining on snow.

  21. I love split rail fences and the snow is a great bonus! Beautiful photo!

  22. Guess we are never going to get snow the 60's and light rain today, no cold nights forecast and lots of sunshine rest of the week.
    Love the fence shot - always like a natural look fence no matter what it's 'fencing in'!

    Happy day dear - enjoy whatever weather comes making each day special.

    Hugs - Mary


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