Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, April 22, 2013

a get away weekend and a meeting with Vee

The famous Portland Head Light on Cape Elizabeth at Fort Williams Park.

This past weekend the piano man and I took a vacation break and drove to Portland, Maine.

Most New Brunswicker's go to Portland for the great shopping.   In fact, I have been know to participate in such shopping trips with my girl friends many times over the years to either Bangor or Portland and parts in between (Freeport and Augusta).  I am not a big clothes shopper but rather love to look at home decor and such.  Even then I don't buy a lot.  I already have plenty but there's sometimes that little something different that I might find.

The beautifully rugged coastline.

We did do some shopping and we also did some site seeing.
We love the coastline so made sure we took in the scenery on Friday afternoon while the weather was so nice.  (it was sunny and about 65 F with a strong wind blowing)
I'll share more photos of this beautiful lighthouse in another post.

On Saturday morning we woke to rain and wind but I was more excited about breakfast and didn't really care about the weather.

You see....we were meeting my blog friend Vee, of the blog
A Haven for Vee, and her husband, John, for breakfast at Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  This is the first time I've met Vee in person and she is every bit as nice as her blog.  We had a lovely visit over breakfast. Even Murray and John had lots in common to talk about.

Vee and John

Vee and me

We had a grand time chatting and even exchanged gifts.
Vee is so sweet and thoughtful.

This is the third time I've met a blogger in person and one just never knows how the meeting might go.  We wonder if we have anything in common other than our blogs and if we could be friends beyond the computer screen.  Our friendships are formed in comments and emails back and forth until a friendship grows and we do find common interests.  Vee is one of those people that one wants to know better and spend time with in person.
I am so glad we had this opportunity to meet in person as it confirmed what I already knew from our visiting back and forth.
 Vee is a wonderful, sweet, down to earth friend.

So, if you don't follow Vee's blog, I would invite you to do so and get to know her.  I'm sure glad I did!

Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?

I'll be back tomorrow with more photos from Maine.

I hope you had a great weekend and that your week 
will be blessed.  




  1. Looks like a beautiful part of the country! I've met a blogger friend - so exciting to see people in person!

  2. How special that you got to meet Vee. I think she should be awarded Ms. Congeniality in Blogland!

  3. i have been to this lighthouse - so gorgeous. great shots. i am glad you had a chance to meet. so fun. ( :

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! I'd love to meet both of you! Yes, Miz Vee is indeed a treasure in blogdom. She never fails to delight me with her wit and wisdom. She doesn't miss a trick, that one. Love the photos so that I can see you both. It's too bad that I didn't know either one of you when we traveled up to your various home turfs!

    P.S. That's a terrific photo of Portland Head Light. It's such a pretty place!

  5. I met a blogger friend Maggie and another one Ann I knew before we started blogging. I am still waiting to meet you and Carol but there is the big pond in the way!! I am now following Vee.

  6. That shot of the Portland Headlight is so crisp and beautiful. You caught the essence of coastal Maine with that one and the rock bound coast.

    Would you look at me sitting there clutching my iPad and purse! What a riot!

    It was great fun to meet you and your Piano Man. I am redoubling my efforts to get John under control as we are meeting more blogging friends in May. It's going to take at least that long! :D

  7. What a great way to spend a weekend. Meeting both you and Vee is something I'd love to do one day.
    I have met a couple of bloggers and it's a joy!

  8. Yes you are two favorite bloggers (and Lorrie too) that I think I would enjoy meeting and probably easily connect with. How nice it is that you could get together! Funny, as I scrolled down, I first recognized Vee's hubby John as we see him more on her blog than we do Vee. Beautiful light house photo too ... I was wondering if your husband plays the piano?

  9. How fabulous you met and had a great breakfast! I'll have to learn more about Vee - she sounds delightful.

    I've met lots of wonderful blog friends over the past 6 years - the most at one time being at the awesome luncheon, and antiquing afternoon, hosted in Asheville, NC at the home of sweet Penny of The Comforts of Home. I think we were 13 blogging gals and several of our husbands tagged along.

    I also met the lovely Delila (Acorn Gatherer) from Finland visiting Eileen (Milly - Drawings From Nature) in England - we all managed tea in the Manchester train station, and then bumped into each again a few days later at Hilltop, Beatrix Potter's beautiful home in the Lake District!
    Several other gals I've met individually, all meetings have been such fun, and I have a long list of others I hope to catch up with some day.

    Love the photos of the lighthouse and coastline - many memories for me!

    Hugs - Mary

  10. How fun to get to meet Vee and John! I just knew she would be as sweet in person as she comes across in her blog. I love your photos, the lighthouse in the first one is just awesome!

  11. I just love to read about these blogger meetings. So far I have not met any of my blogging friends in person. I'm not a bit surprised to hear that Vee is just as nice in person as she is on her blog.
    Your photos of the Maine coast are gorgeous. The lighthouse looks like it could be a postcard.

  12. What fun!!!

    That is a beautiful picture of the lighthouse - there is lots of beautiful scenery in Maine - hope you had some seafood!!!

  13. Bloggy friendships that move beyond the screen are amazing...

    And those could you possibly drag yourself away from the scenery?


  14. How fun that you were able to meet Vee! I follow her blog. I haven't had the opportunity to meet any blog friends in person. Maybe that will happen some day.
    You visited my favorite part of the country! I have been to Portland, ME a couple of times and have several photos of the Portland Head lighthouse. They are in my archives somewhere. Someday I am going to have to dig out all my lighthouse pictures and post them.

  15. What great fun, looks like a good time was had by all.
    Love the lighthouse I hope you do another post on it.

  16. Such fun.. Yes, I have met fellow bloggers and loved it..

  17. Pamela, you look like your having such fun with beautiful sorroundings and good friends...what could be better! Fabulous shots too..specially the light house! Have a great week.

  18. Never have...but feel I "know" some of them!
    You are the second blog that I follow, that has just met up with one of their peeps...
    Good for you and Vee...what a great way to get amongst all that beautiful scenery!!
    Hope you have a long and wonderful friendship!!
    I will certainly check out Vee's blog!!

    Linda :o)

  19. The first picture is magazine worthy! I enjoyed your story about meeting Vee and will check out he'd blog! Stop by and visit me sometime at

  20. I have had such a great time this evening, reading first Vee's, then your account of your meeting! I have smiled and read aloud bits to my family. :)

    How delightful that you were able to meet and enjoy time spent together! Thank you for sharing...

  21. What a lovely time. Maine is so incredibly beautiful. We've vacationed in Bar Harbor and the coastline is incredibly gorgeous.
    Mary Alice

  22. Popping over from Vee's blog. Vee has a way of making each of her blogging friends feel special. I suspect that you might have similar giftings. What a wonderful meet up you had.
    It has been a wonderful part of my blogging journey to meet several fellow bloggers. It can be a whole lot of fun and lead to ever deepening friendships.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and experiences on this fun trip.

  23. Awesome lighthouse! One of my favorite subjects! Glad you got to meet your friend in real life! Sounds like a great time!

  24. Glad you could meet your blog friend and I love the seascape photos! : )

  25. I came straight here from Vee's blog and she was not exaggerating, your blog is lovely and a place to savor the photography and the sweet commentary.

  26. I came hopping over from Vee's place to hear about your meet up. I have never met up with a blogging friend, but if I were to do so, Vee would be on the list of ones I would like to meet. I can tell that I would like her.

    So glad you had fun!

  27. Such a nice visit and meeting . . . I have met in person one blogger friend . . and she is like an ole' soul, known forever friend. I am planning a meet up with another very soon. Such fun to do . . .

    Very nice post Pamela, I will pay a visit to Vee . . .

  28. Hi! I came over from Vee's blog. She is definitely a blogging buddy I'd like to meet. Sounds like you had a good visit. Your photos are beautiful.

  29. Stopping in from Vee's, how fun that you were able to meet in person. Love all the photos

  30. I wondered if you and Vee would meet, Pamela, when you told me you were going to visit Portland Head Lighthouse! I'm so glad you were both free and able to do so and have breakfast together with your husbands. It looks like you both had a wonderful time!

    I love your photos of the lighthouse--it is among my favorites. I saw it almost ten years ago and wou,d love to re-visit this area odf Maine one day.

  31. Lovely photos Pamela - I already knew Vee would be a sweetie - that shines through on her blog.
    I've met four bloggers now, 2 from Australia, 1 from Hawaii(she was NZ born) and one fellow New Zealander whom I meet up with once a year.
    I've just met my Hawaiian friend for the second time, she arrived at Auckland airport on Sunday and I went out and spent 2 hours with her before she boarded a bus to another city.
    The chatter didn't stop!
    The main coast looks so beautiful.
    Shane ♥

  32. I enjoyed reading about your meeting with Vee. I do think that after all the sharing that goes on through blogging it would be wonderful to meet a fellow blogger. Though we come from different walks of life it does seem that most of us are optimists and that would be a connection immediately.

  33. How fun that the two of you could meet...face to Vee's 'neighbourhood'! I have met quite a few bloggers over the years. A few of us just keep on meeting...again and again. Blogdom has been great in connecting strangers and forming friendships. It sounds like you all had a great time.


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