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Sunday, April 7, 2013

my little love doves are back

It's springtime love for these two, whom I'll name 
Bert and Ethel.
{can you tell which is which?  me either.}

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Bert and Ethel sat there for quite a while preening themselves.
They are so beautiful aren't they?

Then they hopped onto the table to dine for a few minutes.

I saw a few robins in the yard the other day but none since
as it has turned cold again.

The snow is slowly receding - about as slow as the ice age!

Saturday we went for a nice drive on some backroads so I'll
be sharing some photos of that soon.

I am linking with MOSAIC MONDAY.
Thank you Mary, for hosting this weekly meme.

Have a wonderful week!




  1. Bert and Ethel are sweet!
    We have a pair of migrating ducks that settles in for a time every spring - they are Joe and Betty.

  2. I like Bert and Ethel very much ... lovely bookends! So much fun to see our feathered friends return each year.

  3. Oh I just love Mourning Doves and yours are so sweet. I hope that they shall have a nice nest and some young to raise soon. Then you can enjoy even more of their beauty~

  4. Bert and Ethel seem quite at home in your yard, Pamela. The markings on their feathers is lovely.

  5. Haha, you and H naming the birds in your backyards. :-) I find the doves will come on the window sill of my office, look in and coo. In the summer when the window is open, I feel pretty special to get the attention.
    Up to 18 here today - I think spring has sprung!

  6. The doves are lovely. I very much love to hear them cooing.

  7. Love these! I always enjoy the sound of a dove and the subtle color combination.

  8. Magnificent photography ~ Love the doves ~ one of nature's gems ~ Great mosaic for MM ~ ^_^

  9. Sweet Doves, we have a pair as well, they have their sweet little nest in our Red Tips.

    Nice photos-

  10. Beauiful photos Pamela . . . the doves are so pretty . . .

  11. Oh Pamela, I think those are mine, they left here when the snow returned. Send them home please. :)

  12. This reminds me of my Grandpa. He said he never really liked the sound of the mourning doves. He thought their coo was mournful and so sad. Everytime I hear them (and we have quite a few here)I think of Grandpa but I kind of like their strange cooing. Just a story from my past.

    Your pictures are great, as usual, Pamela.


  13. What great names - Bert and Ethel. I'm glad they came back to visit you again. Beautiful photos of your birds.

  14. I love morning doves! They seems so gentle and loving. They certainly love bird seed!

    We had a week and beautiful warm weather and now we will be getting snow again on Tuesday! I would be disappointed except that we desperately need the moisture in this state. I hope Spring returns quickly

  15. I have 4 of these lovelies in the back yard. When we feed the birds and Blue Jays we always sprinkle for the Morning Doves. They don't eat at the feeders like the rest, I think they are ground feeders. I try and get pictures of them but they are skid-dish, you have some great shots. Have a great week

  16. Lovely, but they are certainly keeping their eye on you! : )

  17. Beautiful pictures, I am sure wishing for spring but we had snow yesterday!

  18. I love them too - quiet and gentle birds, cooing often when courting - and a pair were actually mating on top of our birdbath last week! You captured great shots there Pamela - thinking you were outside, close up, and not taking them through a window, perfect! Mourning doves love cracked corn and and sunflower seeds. They usually nest in the crook of a tree, 8-50 feet off the ground - a loosely woven platform of sticks lined with grass and weeds - and lay 2-4 white eggs.

    Love the names you chose - not certain which is which though - often females are larger so perhaps that's Ethel on the right with the longer tail feathers. They are adorable.

    Glad you've seen some robins, definitely the harbingers of Spring!
    Happy warming up week to you.
    Hugs - Mary

  19. Awww, Bert and Ernie are so pretty! We don't see many turtle doves in our area anymore and I'm not sure why.

  20. I love their names! My darling mother-in-law was named Ethel. When you find which dove is gentle and smiling (and runs around like Edith Bunker), you'll know which one is Ethel.

  21. Your doves are gorgeous. I love them in your mosaic too. Have a nice week.

  22. Aren't they cute! Ethel and Bert Ethelbert! Too much fun.

    This is the slowest spring in recent memory. One has to have patience, fortitude, and nerves of steel. :D

  23. Lovely photos.

    We have quite a few doves this year, so I'm not sure whether they simply 'happened', or whether someone has done a raise and release (which is often the case with the pheasants). At any rate, it's neat to hear them, and to see them fluttering around.

  24. Pamela
    They look like twins to me.
    They are both so pretty.
    They are so plump, I wonder if that could
    mean babies?

  25. Pamela! These are precious photos and Yes the Robin's have arrived in my world as well!

  26. we have a couple here too. They are mostly ground eaters but last year they were trying to perch on the feeder - it looked rather funny as they could barely fit there.

    Love your banner with the streams running and the snow melting - our Maritime spring is slower than most but it is coming!!

  27. We have doves all year, they eat Pidge's food, he doesn't like them he is always chasing them away, ours have longer necks or maybe yours are just cold.

  28. Doves make me laugh...
    Especially when they try to hang from a feeder...with their HUGE bodies!!!
    I also love when they chase each [I should say when Bert chases Ethel] from branch to branch...and Ethel wants nothing to do with Bert!!!
    Great shots, Pam...

    Linda :o)

  29. This looks like the scene on my deck...except there are more than just the two doves. I throw seed out onto the table during the cold weather for all the birds. Kit Kat loves to watch the doves the best, they are her favorite.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  30. Lovely birds - I love their feathers. We don't have any doves at this house - but we used to at our old house - just loved them.

  31. Oh that is my fave so far, I think, Pam..Perfectly lovely..

  32. They are so lovely...I do enjoy shots of birds. We seem to have front yard doves, and back yard doves...both are different species?


  33. What awesome photos! Beautiful!

  34. They are so lovely. They are having good time together.

  35. How beautiful and soooo sweet. Gorgeous photographs Pamela. Your wildlife that you capture is extraordinary. How lucky you are to have all of these beautiful creatures around you everyday. Isn't nature wonderful?

  36. Doves are the sweetest looking birds with their rounded heads and soft-coloring markings. Especially enjoyed your mosaic and impressed that they hung around long enough for you to get these great shots.

  37. Bert and Ethel are beautiful love birds, how wonderful that you get to see them! I saw a whole flock of jays this morning in the trees, my walking friend says they must be migrating, because she has never seen them here before and she is a long time Winnipeg-er.
    Spring has many sweet surprises!


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