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Friday, April 26, 2013

my new header and spring longing

No, it doesn't look like this here yet.  I wish.
This was taken May 21, 2012.
We have a long way to go.
   I know many of you are experiencing that beauty right now.  Sigh....

It is still brown with a few sprigs of green here and there.

Our spring is about 2 weeks behind last year but probably right on schedule in a normal year.  Last year was exceptional here as it was for most of North America.  This year, winter is holding on so tightly it hurts.  But, spring weather is coming.  I just know it.

I decided to change my header photo to show what our spring will look like in a few weeks.  The old header photo was a bit too drab and dreary for me and I was longing to see something green and some flowers.  All the photos in my header were taken last May.

I did see some of those coltsfoot flowers growing along the side of the road yesterday.  They look like dandelions and people often mistaken them for the bright yellow blooms.

When in Portland, Maine last weekend we saw this....

lots of magnolia trees in bloom, green grass, crocuses and daffodils,  and forsythia in bloom.

Portland is 5 hours from here and I'm guessing we might see these things here in 5 days.  Do you suppose?

It was cool, foggy, and rainy here the past two days.  So damp, even in the house.  I've been drinking lots of hot tea 
to warm me up.
Speaking of tea.
We found some really great prices on boxed teas at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.  $2.49 a box which is over a dollar cheaper than it is here.  We bought 8 boxes.  :-)

So, hot tea it is for now.  The cold tea will have to wait a while.

Which do you prefer?  Hot or cold tea?  Does it depend on the season?  Just wondering.

Oh, and it's sunny this morning and it's going to feel like spring for the next 4 or 5 days!  Yippee!!

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Yes, Pamela, our area looks like your header photos right now, dandelions and all. : ) We have had an absolutely wonderful week of sun and today is another marvelous day, up to 20 C.
    Hopefully it will green up for you in 5 days!

  2. Pamela your new header is BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVE those apple blossoms. Can't wait for the 2013 version- with the warm sunny stretch of good weather ahead, the blossoms will be here soon!

  3. Beautiful header! Glorious pictures. At least you have them. You've taught me something new again. I must look up coltsfoot... We are only an hour north of Portland and I have yet to see any forsythia blooming nor any magnolias nor any daffodils nor any tulips. Sigh. It's a rough spring for sure. Yes, great prices on the tea, which is why I have a cabinet full of the stuff. I'm partial to my afternoon cup of hot tea, but when the weather gets warmer, I'll drink iced tea all day long and feel so smug and self-righteous about it all.

    Stay warm. It's been beautifully sunny here and we're expecting a fabulous weekend.

  4. Beautiful new header. It brings cheer! And your tea--is that Canadian dollars? That's about the normal price for a box of tea down here. But I know things are a bit cheaper here in the south, though prices seem to be rising weekly!

  5. i was really getting excited because i thought spring had found it's way to your place. but you can dream. right??!

    gorgeous shots. so springy.

    gosh, hot or cold tea - let me think. i enjoy both. i guess really my mood more than anything. what will make me happy, that is what i go for. fun!! ( :

  6. Your header is beautiful! Love the bright green with yellow flowers! We're finally green and are slowly getting blooms.

  7. I have been using last year photos too! Nothing seems to grow or bloom here just yet either.

    Pretty photos!

  8. Your new header is fabulous!!!!

    I drink iced tea all year - also hot tea most of the year - not in the warmest part of the summer. Now I want a cookie and some tea.

  9. Oh...My! Every single photo is beautiful! The apple blossoms are wonderful. I want to sniff them!!!

    Hot tea and I am cold right now. I think it is time for some hot tea! Do you buy decaf or regular?


  10. It's finally a nice day here, but still lots of snow in the shady spots...looking forward to those spring flowers!

  11. Spring is finally starting here... Today is 10C and sunny and the snow is melting but it still will be a while before we see grass as we still have 3 feet of snow on the ground. last year at this time all the snow was gone and the flowers were blooming. Hopefully soon. Have a great weekend.

  12. Your new header is beautiful and a breath of spring. It seems like winter is holding on tight for many areas this year. I hope it won't be long until you will be enjoying the warmer temperatures and spring flowers.
    Our spring bulbs and trees are about done down here. I imagine that when yours are putting on their show we will be moving into the sweltering heat and humidity. Ugh!
    As for the tea, I think I'm more of an iced tea person. Although I have not cultivated a taste for the sweet tea that is so popular here.

  13. Beautiful photos in your new header. Soon it will look like that outside your window. The waiting is hard. We are having a beautiful spring, unlike last year's.

    I drink hot tea most of the year, and rarely iced tea. In the summer I like cold water with lemon and mint.

  14. finally a breath of warmth today!
    1st day without a parka :)
    yay, but hot tea it is until it's made up it's mind on staying!
    HaPpY PS Pamela..

  15. Hi Pam.. Your spring pics left me breathless.. smile.. Soon, though.. We have magnolia trees at the shop in St. Martins. Hope I get down and see them in full bloom.. Sometimes, I don't get to see them in all of their glory..
    Love your pics and glad you had a good time.. I miss the Christmas tree shop.. One of my faves..

  16. Soon - it will soon be spring where you are, too.
    I drink hot tea all year round. I'm not fond of iced tea unless I make it myself, unsweetened.

  17. Oh yes, a couple of weeks and we can revel in the same blooming beauty! I do like iced tea in the summer but still drink my hot tea every afternoon.
    An inspiring new header Pamela.

  18. Your photos from last spring are lovely, Pam! I hope you will be seeing that again in about 5 days or so.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Oh what gorgeous pictures! Your new header is breath-taking :) Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend!


  20. Lovely new header Pamela. I am sure the better weather will be with you very soon. It is quite a cool day here in Surrey and we have had rain too!!

    I have never drunk iced tea, I find a cup of hot tea refreshing all year round, cannot beat a good cup of Yorkshire tea with a little milk!!( Very English). In fact I will just go and make Phil and I one now and we can sit in the conservatory and have a few minutes peace before Harry arrives and is staying the night!! ;-))

    Have a great weekend, love Jackie.

  21. Your photos are always fabulous, dear Pam and the ones from last year are no exception. Simply gorgeous! I love your new pretty header, wish I knew how to make them everytime, I kind of have an idea, but I'm afraid to really screw it up, lol.. I think I'll go and make myself some tea! Thank you for coming by, you always make my day. The grands are going home today and already..snif, snif.. Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Wow 5 hours away really makes a difference - seems like spring has sprung there. At least you know you'll see it soon!

    Your photos are always just beautiful!

  23. Love your new header . . . The grass is greening here but everything else is brown. No Magnolia in bloom, not much Forsysthia . . . but . . . It is sunny, blue sky, and 60's. The lawn has received all the early preparation and now I begin again to work on my garden I began last year . . . The one that was started but interrupted with the finger/hand injury. I can't wait, my "best time" is when I am creating . . . I hope you are enjoying some outside time today too!

  24. Your header is marvelous. I wish for you to get warmer, springy weather very, very soon. Until then, look at your header. :)

  25. I saw your header first and thought -- wow! -- Pam is way ahead of us!

    Lol. I admire you for pushing the envelope. You will have green and blooms soon I bet! xo

  26. Beautiful pictures on your header!! It was a wonderful day here today, hoping for a few more.....

  27. I Love the header! And here's hoping Spring gets there Soon!
    Spring has arrived here in Texas but it's warm one day then cold the next and rainy.
    Enjoy your day!

  28. I Love the header! And here's hoping Spring gets there Soon!
    Spring has arrived here in Texas but it's warm one day then cold the next and rainy.
    Enjoy your day!

  29. I love your header speaks of treasure to come, soon I hope.

    We have a few blooms around here, and more to come, just like you. Supposed to go to zero again what's with that?


  30. Yes, yippee, you are being "springified" (my new made-up word!) at long last!

    Blossoms are lovely - as is your new header Pamela.
    Sorry - busy weekend and trying to catch up now. I tell you, a couple of days without commenting is a disaster and so hard to get back to everyone - but I was thinking of you!

    Mary X

  31. I think spring is going to happen all of a sudden, Pamela. Hang in there!

  32. Hi Pam,

    Your header is breathtaking! There's something about the east coast that is truly magical! I could run in those spring fields all day and feel like a little girl again! Fresh, fun and free!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Poppy :)


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