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Saturday, April 13, 2013

simplicity ~ radish

I bought a bunch of radish last week and loved the bright red colour of the radish along with the green leaves.  They looked so fresh so I decided to take a few photos just for fun.

These photos were taken on automatic but the afternoon sunlight was streaming in so the subject was quite bright so,  
no further edits were needed.

Since I had these photos I decided to use them for a new meme at
A Personal Photo Challenge, a blog by Donna of the blog
Cottage Days and Journeys.
The theme this weekend is simplicity.
You may link up for the weekend and I hope you will go and 
visit.  There are some amazing photos there!

Enjoy the day.




  1. These are perfect for Donna's challenge. A good camera I would say. The tiny roots are fascinating.

  2. I have very fond memories of radishes, I know that sounds silly, but my dad always planted mass quantities. We, children, love taking them for our lunches with home baked bread and butter, and a bunch of radishes. mmmm........... Thanks for your lovely photos.

  3. Radishes are so pretty...the color and shape really makes a nice photo, perfect for simplicity!

  4. Oh, I love these! So simple in beauty, yet stunning with the competing colors. Great job, Pamela!

  5. Beautiful and simple. I love radishes.

  6. They look so fresh and delicious..........I could crunch right into one for lunch today!
    Natural lighting always the best, you hit them just right Pamela - but then you always do!

    ............and I thought for certain you would post snow pics today..........simple white, bare landscapes still awaiting Spring! Glad to see you are eating salads though, even on cold days they are healthy and tasty, right?

    Love your camera................but mostly you pushing down on the button and capturing beauty every time.
    Happy day dear friend.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. These fit the theme well. Natures simple little radish. Makes me think of Jim Hensons Fraggle Rock.

  8. Oh clever! Just simple radishes and you make them look so good! I could bite right into one right now!!!!!The colors are the best!


  9. Radishes are a great subject for the camera. The lighting is wonderful - isn't it great when you don't have to edit a photo? Simple and beautiful.

  10. lovely. I'm so inspired by how something so common can be shown so beautifully.

  11. Hello Pamela
    The radishes look delicious and photographed beautifully for the challenge.
    We actually have a nice day happening here, just a little bit of rain.

  12. What beauty and rich color!

  13. They look so fresh...are they delicious? I haven't enjoyed a radish since last summer. Beautiful composition proving that great lighting makes all the difference.

  14. Pamela, how fun and so beautiful. My mouth is watering. The color is outstanding and they look like they are right in front of me. We just came from our first Farmer's Market and the radishes were sold out before we got there. I'm going to have to start getting up earlier! I'm going to check out Donna's blog..Happy Weekend..Judy

  15. Wonderful photos of the radish .. simple yet tasty. I've been reading about this photo challenge at a few blogs so I'm off to check it out and maybe join in.

  16. i love radish. yummy. they look so good. the hubby does not. so when i do get them i have to eat them all by myself. speaking of which there are some in the frig better go pop a few. thanks for the suggestion. have a great weekend. ( :

  17. Simply beautiful. Last spring I grew radishes and remember taking a few pictures of them. They are a pretty vegetable and you have done a nice job capturing that with your photos.

  18. I never could acquire a taste for radishes but they made for a lovely picture

  19. Great photo of an humble vegetable. I love radishes in most anything I can squeeze them into.

  20. Love the way the red pops. Good job!

  21. Really cool shot! I love radishes. My grandfather ate them all the time and I acquired my taste from him.

  22. Love how you find beauty in the simple things, Pamela. :)

  23. Enjoying reading your blog and seeing some photos of the world around you.
    Came for the challenge.
    The radishes look a treat!

  24. I love radishes but nobody else in my family does. I find they add a nice little extra in a salad. Great pics.

  25. Very pretty, I do love radishes....they make a great photography subject.

    You could frame those for in the kitchen.


  26. Fabulous!!
    Sometimes the best photos are right under your nose!!
    I love radishes...especially...sliced thinly and added to a Ceasar Salad...YUMMY!!
    Hope you are surviving this HIDEOUS weather!!

    Linda :o)

  27. I love radishes, too! I am the only one in my family who does so I don't buy them often. Your photos makes me want to go out and get a bunch.

  28. Sorry to be late! I was out of town...

    What Great Light! That's the first thing I noticed...and that is SO hard to achieve!
    Well Done...


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