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Monday, April 29, 2013

tea time for the end of April

Can you believe it's the end of April?  I don't know where this month went but the old saying "the older you get the faster time flies" is becoming too much of a reality for me.  :)

I'm looking forward to May with all it's beauty after a long and dreary winter, aren't you?

For tea today I'm having a cup of Stash Chai Spice Black Tea.
And to go along with it (one can't have just tea all the time) I'm having a chocolate caramel square.
{The recipe is from Jean Pare's Company's Coming cookbook called Chocolate Squared}

Let me tell you, they are delicious!

My teacup today is Sandi's favourite, Rose Chintz.
I found it at an antique store last summer.
The plate is Cream Lace by Skye McGhie.

The platter, pitcher, creamer and small dish are all old.

I also want to show off my new table runner.
When I met Vee, from the blog A Haven For Vee, two weekends ago, she gifted me with this beautiful chintz runner that she made.  I love it!  Thank you so much Vee.  
The soft yellow with the pink flowers is so pretty and perfect for my dining room.  I wasn't sure if the flowers are roses or peonies.  I went looking for some pretty faux roses for the pitcher but could only find some gorgeous faux peonies that look like old fashioned roses and really, they almost look like the flowers in the print. 

Aren't they beautiful?  They almost look real.  I found one of those large bunches at the big craft store on for 40% off and simply cut the stems with pliers to the length I wanted.

The runner is reversible to the soft green dot print you see on it's edging.

I am joining Tea Time Tuesday 

Have a wonderful week.




  1. Hi Pamela,

    So nice to meet a fellow Canadian! Visiting via Kathy's today and the lovely florals in your tea setting caught me eye! I adore peonies and I miss them so; they don't grow here on Crete, as it is too much of a temperate climate. New Brunswick must be beautiful! Hope to travel to our beautiful east coast one day!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Poppy :)

  2. You make teatime sound very appealing right now. The colours do look like May!

  3. The table looks lovely Pamela and the faux flowers do look real. The runner from Vee is pretty and it was nice of her to gift you with it.
    I spend more time at the kitchen window lately, watching the garden grow. Yes, May is going to be nice.
    Happy tea Tuesday.

  4. those yellow floral place mats really make the tea party pop. great times!! yummy goodies too. have a good week. thanks, for the tea. with the rain here today it is sure dreary & a much needed tea cup day. perfect! ( :

  5. A very nice gift from Vee...and I love the little green dish.

  6. What a beautiful tea post. I love your cp and saucer. I have the plates for dinner and breakfast. Have a nice week.

  7. Hi Pamela, enjoyed your tea time post, such pretty tea cups....I am a sucker for old china, Blessings Francine.

  8. What a lovely table runner from Vee. It makes for a special tea, Pamela. I wish I had one of those chocolate caramel squares right now.

  9. So lovely, Pam.. I have a set of dishes made by Skye.. I have not seen that pattern before.. Your runner is awesome and the roses.. beautiful..

  10. Love that wee sugar and creamer...
    They would look spectacular in MY china cabinet!!
    That is a lovely runner...and those faux peonies were a great buy!
    You will find tons of use for those!!
    Great shots, Pam...

    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

  11. I have some artificial hydrangeas that I tinted to match a painting...you can do so much with so little!...:)JP

  12. Pamela, I do love everything you have on your table...and that's one of my fav teas too.

    So pretty.


  13. Hello Pamela, What a gorgeous table display. Oh, I love the Rose Chintz tea cup and saucer. It is so very pretty and the white plate is eye catching. The peonies really do look like they are right from your garden. I have purple, lime green, and yellow tulips in an ironstone picture on my old farmer's work table in my kitchen. The flowers just seem to "pick me up" after our cold and windy spring here. The table mat is perfect and she picked out the perfect fabric colors for you.

    Have a wondrful week, Pamela!

  14. What a lovely runner. Vee is so talented and such a sweet friend. I'm going to write down the name of this tea. Do you add anything to it? Sugar? Cream? (I'm just now starting to enjoy hot tea...I know it's hard to believe! lol)

  15. I'm waiting for our peonies to bloom -- any day. Your tea looks lovely as does Vee's table runner. When you say "stash" does that mean it's from your stash of tea, or a brand name? :-)

  16. Wow, Vee's table runner is stunning. Your pick of faux flowers look perfect with it. I am so excited May arrives in two day. Take care and have s wonderful day. Jen

  17. The runner was the first thing I noticed in the first photo - what a lovely gift! Your table is all so 'rosy'!
    Did you see that our kids - yours and mine - are back to snow again after the tantalisation of a warm Sunday!

  18. You've set a beautiful tea table, Pamela, I love your new runner, how fun to meet Vee and be gifted with such a lovely gift.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Hi Pamela,
    I am so looking forward to May! It's my favourite month and also the month when a lot of our family's celebrations take place. You have set a very pretty table and the runner Vee made you is lovely. I love the colours! It's always a thrill to see a Rose Chintz teacup and yours looks beautiful with your SM plate. The square looks delicious; yum! I don't have that cook book. So happy to have you join me for tea this week and I hope your week is very pleasant.


  20. PS~ I meant to comment on your new header; your photos really are lovely! Love those sweet blossoms!

  21. Well, they fooled me! If you hadn't said so, I would have thought the roses were real!

  22. Such soft and pretty florals. Vee did a great job on the table runner! Your tea party for one looks very welcoming and fun - it's good to nourish one's soul.

  23. I love the amber liquid in your tea cup!, makes me miss our BnB and tea room business .... Snow here on the prairies tonite....spring just has to be around the corner! A good evening for a warm cuppa tea that's for sure! Take care...

  24. that looks so pretty! and i love your header :)

  25. Such a beautiful table runner. Vee is a real gem!!!

  26. Gorgeous table runner, and I love the little creamer jug and sugar bowl. Enjoy your tea.

  27. tea cups and plates . . . chintz runner and faux flowers . . . chocolate and carmel . . . tea time and april end . . . made so lovely by you . . .

    a beautiful send off to a may day and more . . .

  28. Oh your table looks so pretty and, though I made the runner, the chocolate caramel square is what is taking my attention. It looks like a wonderful Mother's Day tea! Beautiful flowers!

  29. Pamela
    I love your new runner from Vee.
    It does match perfectly with your chintz.
    Oh, I'd love to have one of those choc/caramel
    bars right about now! You've made me hungry..

  30. Hi Pam, yes the older we get the faster time flies, mom always said that.
    I'm also looking forward to May, more flowers and nicer weather.
    So lucky to be gifted with such a lovely table runner. Yes, the flowers do match lovely.
    So lovely

  31. Such a beautiful and creative post. I too am loving spiced chai tea--with a scooch of milk--these days. In a mug though--sure it would taste better in one of these pretty cups. BTW, your header just sings "spring"!

  32. Hello Pamela,
    It's the third time today that I come here to visit but only now can I see your lovely photos. I love your colourful table and the old china pieces, as well as the chintz cup.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Pamela as one who lovestea parties, I am delighted to stop by! I also have a sweet tooth! Such pretty treasures today!
    I can't believe that we are facing May!!! Where has this year gone so far!!!!!

  34. You sure do know how to finish off the month of April in grand style.
    Vee's table runner is a breath of spring. The colors are so pretty.
    I've always loved the Rose Chintz china pattern. What a nice find at the antique store.
    The chocolate bar looks scrumptious and the tea sounds yummy too.
    On a totally different subject, in answer to your question we do have those dreadful earwigs here, but I rarely see them. I remember seeing them more often when I lived in Michigan.

  35. Dear Pamela,
    What a beautiful runner. Such a special gift from Vee. You are a lucky girl. Sandi's favorite pattern is a fav of mine too. A lovely tea.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  36. I love your tea time pics! So beautiful!


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