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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday's Inspiration ~ sky

These two photos were taken August 15, 2012 at sunset.
You can see the orange of the sun just behind the trees and the sun's rays shot through the clouds and refracted.

It was the most beautiful and interesting sight.

I am linking with Mary's "Little Red House" for
The word prompt is "Sky".




  1. Oh my gosh ... these are magnificent and the very reason why I'm so in love with the sky, especially sunrises and sunsets. The Artist never gives us the same one twice. Beautiful!

  2. That was a spectacular sight, Pamela! Your photos are so crystal clear!

    I can't get enough of the sky here in Colorado as it is so wide open compared to the sky I saw in NYC.

  3. Very interesting, indeed, I love it... love the way the clouds cause the sun rays to shoot out.

  4. Hi Pamela, wow!!! That sky is absolutely stunning.....great pictures, Francine.

  5. Your photos are AMAZING beautiful the sky is and how different it is
    every morning, every evening and every season it gives us beautiful nature colors
    the whole year through no matter where we live the sky is always producing another
    awesome scene for us to capture. Just beautiful !

  6. I love looking at the sky on beautiful days. To me it can be very calming and beautiful. Your photos are stunning. I love the light coming through the clouds. You take such wonderful pictures, Pamela.

    Thank you....

  7. I always think the sun's rays through clouds is heaven smiling down. Beautiful photos Pamela.

  8. Hi Dear Pamela! Oh, your snaps are so beautiful today. I love the sun peeping through the trees! You always take the most lovely snaps. Thank you for your support and encouragement at this time about my mother.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Te sky sure can amaze us with the colours and clouds, so many variations. Great photos.

  10. Great shots! The sun shining on clouds creates some beautiful sky sculptures.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Enjoy your evening.

  11. Lovely photos / I just love this party :)

  12. Oh you know I love a blue sky ;) Lovely photos. Our sky is dark and overcast today, with a freezing rain/ice pellets and plain old rain storm.

  13. Those are amazing images - backlit clouds are so beautiful. Great captures! Today our skies are alternately sunny with lots of fluffy clouds passing over the sun from time to time.

  14. I wondered why there was so many sky pictures today so your word for today was sky, very pretty.

  15. These make me want to be a kid again and lie on the grass just gazing at the sky. Beautiful.

  16. Always love when the sun is behind the clouds like this Pam -- inspiring. xo

  17. How cool! I don't think I've ever seen a sunset like that!

  18. Pamela
    That is an unusual and pretty sky you
    were able to shot.
    You can see the sun shining through
    the layers of clouds!

  19. Oh my goodness Pamela -- these are so BEAUTIFUL!!! How great that you were able to capture these unique images. I love that glowing light!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  20. A beautiful sky indeed! Blue in a sky...havn't seen one for so-o-o long!! Waaaaa!

  21. Very pretty and filled with inspiration . . .

  22. An extraordinary sky just as the sun is setting. The rays behind the clouds are magical!
    Me too Pam - I love to skywatch! My family rib me when I point my camera skywards - they can't believe I want another sky/cloud photo!!!
    Shane ♥

  23. I love the light - so unusual. I am a sky watcher at any time, so I am really enjoying the sky posts!

  24. Gorgeous sky, indeed! Beautiful photos!

  25. Good Morning Pamela,
    Your sky photos are lovely. there is a weekly meme on Fridays called Skywatch Friday that you might be interested in linking to. You can see the Skywatch link on my blog on the right hand side of the page. Thank you for your comment on my Osprey's sighting. I find spring very exciting as my trust in the loyalty of nature is renewed with each sighting of a returning bird. I love knowing of the secret places that some birds often return too. Today we are going to the Keswick Flats at Mouth of Keswick. We often see ducks and Canada Geese there each year at this time, although it might be a little too early or cold this year for the ducks and geese I usually see there, to be on schedule. Your photography is lovely! I can see you share a passion for photography as I do. I sometimes post and share my photos on a photography forum at ugly I appreciate your comments on my blog and also that you also enjoyed my daughter's book. We have been overjoyed with the success she has had with it, and the joy that reader's have found in it. Thank you.
    Happy picture taking today.
    Fredrica Ann

  26. Beautiful sky - and as always you caught it just right Pamela!
    The heat from that sun WILL be coming your way soon!

    Have a great weekend - hope is nice to get out and walk with your camera.

    Hugs - Mary


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