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Friday, April 12, 2013

Williamstown Lake ~ on a backroad

While on the back roads of Carleton County on Saturday we drove through a small community called Lakeville.  There was a bridge over a small stream that flowed from a lake called Williamstown Lake.  The lake is a good size (on the map) but only a very small portion is visible from the bridge.

Murray pulled over and I got out to take pictures.

Sitting on the ice was a small flock of Canada geese.

And just to my left were a few more all snuggled on the ice in this cove protected from the cold wind.  

A handsome pair.

There is a small dam here where the water runs under the bridge...

and out the other side into a stream.

Next to the parking spot is this beautiful cairn erected by 
Ducks Unlimited in memory of Ralph B. Williams III.

He was a young man.

This little old rocking horse was on the veranda of the house
next to the stream.  I thought it was so cute and colourful.

This pretty church was just down the road.

You see?  You just never know what you'll see on the back roads.
I'm glad  you came along with me again.

The storm that has been crossing the continent all week is to make a stopover in the Maritimes tonight and tomorrow.  We are to get a few centimeters of snow and a lot of wind.  Ugh!
But, for today, it's sunny and clear, although very chilly.

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. Back road beauty indeed . . . stay bundled up for now, warmer days ahead . . .

  2. i love the red bench by the waters. the rocking horse too cute. & that church - gorgeous architecture. so nice. what a wonderful journey. i wonder how they decide on the color scheme? makes me so curious??! ( :

  3. Looks like you had a lovely drive in the country...
    I always said...I love a stream...property with a stream would be fantastic!!
    Stay warm...we are windy and wet!!!

    Linda :o)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love back roads!

  5. There are so many pretty byways in your province, and I enjoy it when you share them. The thing about living on an island is that, eventually, one hits the edge!

  6. Such beautiful countryside..and you have captured great photos. What a cool drive that must be.


  7. That rocking horse is exactly the same as the one I had as a child. Mine now sits in our garden shed but I think I will repaint it and touch it up a bit.
    Lovely pics as always Pamela.

  8. I do love traveling the back roads. You are so correct that you never know what you'll see so it's wise to take your camera along. I love that rocking horse!

  9. you hit the jackpot finding the spot w/ the bench, what a beautiful view =)

  10. Pamela, some of these pictures could be made into pretty note cards. I would love to sit on the bench by the lake and just daydream the day away. That is a beautiful pic to me. I guess I like water, trees and peacefulness. I love the old church with the cemetery right next door. You did have a fun ride. I have been wanting to take a drive here but it has been raining all week and the weekend does not look that good. Thanks, Pamela, for taking us along on your trips.

    That's a cute rocking horse..in very good shape.

  11. That lake looks very full, and that's a very picturesque church. Thanks so much for taking us along with you on your back road trips. I may never make it to NB, so it's nice to see the sights through you!
    The Canada geese look pretty much at home, they are coming back here, we saw a few on our walk this morning.
    Have a great weekend. Cindy

  12. Can't get over the lovely color of that water. So, so pretty. Enjoy your weekend Pamela!

  13. Nice to see Canada Geese in Canada. John's had a few resting at his rental property.

    Yup, freezing rain and rain here today...heavy at times. ( No snow yet and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. )

  14. You have such beautiful country to travel around Pamela, and the nicest, quaint little churches.

  15. Interesting series of photos. I love that old Rocking Horse. We have the bad weather down here now. But it is just raining and chilly...no snow. I hope it passes by you quickly.

  16. I'm in the other Lakeville, waiting for the storm to start.

  17. This small community looks very inviting. I love water areas such as the water flowing over the dam. I will make note of this locatio and perhaps visit it someday also.; Regarding your comment on my blog about the nature trail at Nackawic:"I've never been on this trail. Does it go all the way to PInder? Are the potato barns left from before the dam? Interesting walk and beautiful scenery." Pamela: the trail goes as far as the ball diamonds and the arena area at Nackawic.. yes, The potato barns were left over from the river flooding.The farm house that used to be there had been relocated. We were hoping to find the location of the old high school which would be under the waters there as we were walking along that day. My husband and I both had been teachers in the old high school the day that it was destroyed What an exciting time that was! We had to hold our classes in the new high school before the new school was completed.
    Thank you for your interest.

  18. What a beautiful spot! We are suppose to get freezing rain here and 10 cm of snow. Yuck!

  19. Very pretty Pamela. I looks a lot like Maine.

  20. Gorgeous shots! There's still some ice, I see. Maybe you're getting closer to being completely unthawed. I like the stream photo!

  21. Looks like your snow was must about gone, hope you don't get the storm, it snowed here all day. Winter isn't supposed to happen in spring!

  22. Pamela, I always prefer the back roads to freeways and highways. When we vacation I always ask hubby if we can get off and drive the back roads. He always hunmors me and abides. Loved all of the pictures!

  23. The church sure is a beautiful classic style. And I love the very first photo. I am always wanting to take photos of scenery and I'm trying to learn to leave the bench in the photo. It makes it so much more inviting! Happy weekend!

  24. Enjoyed your drive, Pamela! The lake looks like a lovely spot to live. : )

  25. As always what beautiful photos Pamela. They are all about the North Country and small town living and I love them all. It's so nice to see parts of the country that we can't necessarily travel to so when you share your photos it's like a special gift...like tagging along on a Sunday afternoon drive. Thanks for sharing.


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