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Monday, May 6, 2013

gone missing?

Well, not quite.  Just tired, sore and out of steam.

We had a busy 3 day weekend here that started with the piano man taking Friday off to oversee the lumber jacks tree cutters we hired to cut some trees in our yard.

Do you see my lovely view up there?  We enjoyed a nice fruit smoothie on the back deck in the sunshine on Saturday noonish time.  Normally we'd be looking at this...

a wall of trees.

The tree cutters (2 very nice, polite young men) came early Friday morning and cut down 10 trees.  Please don't be angry with us.
The tree were too big for our small 2/3 of an acre lot in the country.  They were shading the house and gardens, and if one or more ever blew over in a storm they would land on the house or garage.  So we did a selective cutting and it was so worth it!

This is the side of our backyard next to our neighbours before we cut 6 trees here.

This is after...

That is the evening sun shining through.  We haven't seen this for years and I love it!

We did a lot of tidying up and hubby helped the cutters all day in the sun and heat.  I did some raking after they had finished.
I have some bad muscles in my shoulders lately and really can't do any yard work but I love it so much that I do some anyway.  Then, I pay for it that night and for days later.  :(

Saturday was our son's birthday.  We took him and his girlfriend out for breakfast at a local truck stop restaurant.  Good food!!

We took a break from our yard work on Saturday and enjoyed our view from the deck.  I can't  believe the light that comes into the house now even when the sun isn't on that side.

This is the kitchen after supper time (7:50) and the light is streaming in.  When we first looked at this house (37 years ago) the kitchen had pine stained wood cabinets but the sun shining in was what made me love the house as there weren't any trees blocking the sun back then.  Now I have a bright kitchen all day long!

We attended a fund raiser dinner on Saturday evening so I didn't have to prepare supper.  The only thing I 'made' that day was the fruit smoothies.  :)  

Sunday we went to church in the morning and our son's girlfriend invited us and her parents for a birthday barbecue supper for Mark.
We had a wonderful time and some delicious food and cake.

He loves to fish and can't wait to get out on the water.

This is day 11 of sunshine and warm temperatures here in New Brunswick.  Everything is growing and bursting into bloom.
I know many of you are suffering from rain, cold and even snow.  That is usually our lot up here in the northeast.  I'm sure it will change for you soon and that the much needed moisture you have gotten will help with the hot, dry summer to come.

Here is the same branch of the maple tree that I shared with you the other day with it's 'flowers' that have burst open from the buds.

Guess I'd better see what I can do outside this afternoon.  Maybe I'll get out the spray paint cans and find something to paint or dig around in the shed.  Lots to do this time of year!

Enjoy your day and have a great week.

Welcome to my new followers!  I always appreciate your visits and comments.




  1. Judicious cutting of trees is the wisest thing in all the world. I wish more people believed in it. =D It is challenging to live in tree country where a tree is practically worshipped. I value the view and the sun far more! It all looks great by the way.

    Did this shoulder trouble just come on? I know you mentioned it back along. I'll email instead of discussing it here.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Son...and what a lovely new view! I know you'll enjoy it!

  3. Busy weekend for you. I know the feeling of losing beloved trees (some of them can be loved)... it certainly changes the landscape greatly and I know about loving light in the house. While we are away our neighbor is cutting down a lot of trees so when we return it will look so different. I hate losing the shade but sometimes they get to an age where they have to go. Thankfully we are all growing new trees, more strategically place. :-)

  4. Hi Pamela, Wow what a difference a few trees can make; I love the new look. When we first bought our last home back in Ca. we had about 15 trees in the back yard-an 8500 s.f. lot-so it blocked out a lot. We also had lots of fires nearby and we cut down 6, for safety-they were Eucalyptus and so prone to fire. We just got back from Ca. and I so miss the trees there; in fact, I'd love to plant about 5 in our yard but will settle for two now. We will plant an Aspen and also Blue Spruce; trying to gain more privacy.
    Thanks for sharing-glad you are having good weather!
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. I totally share your love of a sunny kitchen and if it takes removing a few trees to achieve it, then I say go for it.
    I'm glad to hear that you found some time to relax among your yard work. Hope your shoulders are feeling better each day.
    Happy belated birthday to your son. Cute cake!

  6. The need to cut down some trees totally makes sense to me. We all need some sunshine in our lives!!
    Mary Alice

  7. I can understand that you would like to let the sunshine in and open up your view. Enjoy! : )

  8. Who knows what you'll see up the hill now that the trees are gone. That kind of labour is hard on the body and I hope you can relax to give your muscles a rest. A massage would be nice. :-)

  9. Look at all that sun shine on your porch. It will be nice and warm there, too. But really...the sun shine in your pretty kitchen is glorious!!!!! I know you love it. Smart move to get a few trees cut down but I am sorry that you are so sore. Take care of your shoulder. Also, Happy Birthday to your son, Mark! Hope it is a wonderful year for him.

    Bless you, Pamela......I enjoyed this post so much.

  10. Hi Pam! We have some major tree trimming and removal of a whole row of dead lilac bushes to take care of in this new yard! I am a little nervous to see what the yard will look like when we are done! Yikes! Glad you have sunshine coming into your kitchen window now as well,,,you have a beautiful kitchen window and white kitchens are my favorite! I have to get busy and post some of the before an after pics of our reno. A new white kitchen was so worth the mess!! Have a great day! www.prairiegirl4-thatcountryplaceblogspot.com

  11. Your son is very handsome...Happy Birthday!!
    Your view is MUCH better...you were right!!
    We are still enjoying great weather, but supposed to cool down a wee bit later in the week...
    Can't complain!!

    Linda :o)

  12. What a difference it makes!! It must be nice to have the clear view and brightness after all that time!

  13. Pamela
    I know how hard it is to see the trees go, but it is sometimes necessary.
    I'm just so glad to see your reaping some benefits from it-sunshine!
    Happy B'Day to you son. Our youngest son turned 30 today.
    It looks so lush and pretty there. You are way ahead of us with Spring.
    Take it easy with that shoulder!

  14. How wonderful that you are having a extended sunny time...

    And the trees are yours..to do with as you see fit.

    Bright, bright kitchen now...what a pleasure that must be.


  15. It looks fantastic Pamela. The kitchen looks so inviting with the sun shining in. Enjoy working in the yard, but be careful with the back. Jen


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