Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

Happy May Day to you!

The forsythia is blooming for real outside but not here at my house.  I don't have a forsythia shrub and don't know anyone who has one so I am showing off my fauxs again.  :)

There is even a faux moss bunny hopping through the stems.

I was so excited to see the end of April coming that yesterday, the last day of April, I changed all the calendars in the house to May! 
I was a whole day early!!
I discovered my mistake in the afternoon while on the computer.
Oh dear.....

Well today is May 1st, all day.
And it's May for the next 31 days.

We are having beautiful spring weather here and things are really popping fast.

Birds are noisy ~bees are humming
All because the May's a-coming.
-William Cox Bennett, English poet

I hope you are having a beautiful May Day.




  1. So far so good! Your faux forsythia is really lovely and had me faked out completely. It sure does brighten a corner and you won't have any of the attending mess of the real ones nor any of the sneezing.

  2. I'm so glad spring is busting out everywhere around you. The season has a way of catching up dramatically when winter has forced it to wait. Your forsythia is lovely, faux or not, and won't leave any messes behind.

    Happy May Day, Pamela.

  3. Yeah for May, we are having a gorgeous sun filled day here as well! : )

  4. Haha. I have some faux forsythia too. We had two huge bushes at our first house, but none here. I miss them. If I weren't so lazy, I would clip a branch from somewhere and root it. But, now that I'm thinking about it, everywhere I'm "allowed" (according to my hubby) to plant something already has something there. In some cases that something is a utility line of some sort coming in to the house or garage.

  5. I'm glad spring has sprung in your corner! It's a lovely May Day over here so far.

  6. Happy May Day to is our 48th wedding anniversary! I love May Day.

  7. Glad you are having a beautiful spring day. We had 4 or 5 of them last week. Now we have reached May and it snowed. :0(

  8. Beautiful yellow in spite of being faux! Hey, we have enough forsythia down here to choke a horse and you are welcome to some if you are ever in our neck of the woods. But I am not sure I would recommend it. It is invasive and hard to keep back once it gets started. But, even so, it is beautiful this time of year.

  9. Your faux forsythia sure fooled me! It's lovely and the yellow is so cheerful. Thank you for your sweet words regarding the loss of our sweet kitty!

  10. Happy May Day to you too!
    Beautiful flower shots!

  11. I love forsythia but never seem to get it to bloom indoors. Faux would be the way to go for me too.

  12. Isn't it funny how just the fact of it being May now makes you feel happy? Happy May Day!

  13. Happy May day to you.

    In our area we are sad on my blog. Many people are not in their homes.

    So I am enjoying your pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing. You have brightened up many

    a day today for others..

  14. Hi Pamela
    I did have a nice day today and the weather was great. From a distance you can't tell your branches are faux; a sweet little spring vignette.

  15. Lovely.. Happy May Day to you, too, my friend..

  16. It's always fun to visit, Pamela, to enjoy your beautiful photography. Love the pretty vignette of forsythia with those cute nests!
    Mary Alice

  17. You would never know that hey are "faux"...
    Gorgeous vignette...once again!!
    We are having great weather here as well...
    Fingers crossed that it continues!!

    Linda :o)

  18. Hi Pamela! Love your blog banner and your beautiful photos!! Faux or not they look fabulous!! And the little nests look wonderful with it!!
    Have a lovely rest of the week!

  19. Happy May Day to you too! I don't have a forsythia either, but always wish I did, in May... Sweet vignette, love the nests...

  20. Beautiful header, Pamela.

    Nothing quite says spring has arrived than forsythias bursting forth. We have 2 bushes near our pond - blazing yellow !

    Happy May Day too.

  21. Once again, if you hadn't said something I would have thought they were real! :-)

  22. Happy May Day,
    I think an extra day of May s a good idea, it is one of my favorite months:-) Love your sweet poem too:-)

  23. I love your new spring header Pamela! Happy May Day!

  24. Yup the flowers look real and they are so cheery. They are among the first signs of spring down here. And when I saw your title I remembered what a big deal May day was when I was a kid. We would make baskets of flowers (real or even probably colored on paper) and leave them on neighbor's front door knobs. Then there was the May pole dance we'd do at school --- but it seems to be a forgotten "holiday" now.

  25. It's wonderful how fast the spring advances when it finally drops in.

    Your faux flowers look lovely.



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