Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

odds and ends from Maine

Have you ever been to a Cabella's store?

There is one in Portland, Maine.  It is a huge sporting goods store with everything from clothes, to camping gear, to fishing, hunting and home decor.  It's a fun store to visit and we ended up spending over an hour in there looking around.  Well, I was looking for Murray for about 20 minutes.  It's so big!  
In the centre of the store is this display that looks like a rocky mountain top with lots of stuffed wild animals all over and around it.  It's pretty cool and kids love it.


This bicycle was in a store and it is spray painted bronze and meant for someone's garden as decor.  The cool thing about it is that it's almost exactly like the bike I had as a kid.  It was my older sister's first then I inherited it.  Mine even had the exact same headlamp on the handle bar.  It worked by a wire from the light to the thing attached to the front fork.  One would press the 'thing' toward the wheel and when one pedalled it would rub on the wheel and the friction I guess, caused the headlamp to come on.
How cool is that?  I used to drive around at dusk with my headlamp on to light the way.  :)  Memories.


In a parking lot in Augusta these dogs were tied up outside a car and the owner was giving them treats.  So cute.

The giant Bean Boot outside the store.

Most of you have heard of L.L. Bean Inc.  the huge and famous sporting goods store and catalogue in Freeport, Maine.  We stopped there on our way back home and spent about 2 hours there.

They have an L.L. Bean Home store next door which was really beautiful with wonderful furnishings for the cottage or camp.
I did buy something there.  I'll show you soon.

The veranda caught my eye with it's unique galvanized buckets for the outdoor light fixtures.

Aren't they the coolest??

Just a few odds and ends from our trip to Portland a couple of weekends ago.

I'm off to town to buy a new garden fork and rake.
I was using our 50 year old garden fork the other day and the handle broke off at the end.  Rotted wood.
The garden rakes that have the broad plastic tines are awesome so we're looking for one.  Apparently they are all sold out in most stores so I'm going to look at 2 others for one.  One store has 200 on order.  I guess they are popular.

The sun is shining and the temperature is going up to 25 C.  Rain coming for the next 4 days.  We need it.  There are forest fires in the Maritime Provinces.

I hope you have a super day!




  1. Perfect photo of the two side by side dogs! Love the giant LL Bean boot . . . We need some of that rain!

  2. I haven't visited Cabela's and must now that I see what is offered. I'm not crazy about those plastic tines. Wish I'd known that you were because I'd have given you one of mine. I still go for the metal, skinny tined rake every time.

  3. Sorry I've not had time to comment dear but have been reading your posts in between all the rushing about here. We've had the torrential rain for several days too - ended up flooded with a pond by the gazebo for an afternoon, pretty but not what we need!

    I love visiting LL Bean's shops there - but I don't think there are any bargains do you? Prices are always the same as the catalogs it seems. What treasure did you buy? Can't wait to see. Haven't been in that Cabella's but it looks interesting.
    Yes, you'll like the wide plastic garden rakes, we use them especially in Autumn with so many millions of leaves to rake up from our trees!!!

    Happy day - get your Wellies ready! Hopefully the rains will deter the forest fires from spreading thankfully.

    Hugs - Mary

  4. we have been a Cabella's around here never in Maine - i bet it is great though. they are like a mini get away, super cool & all. great for kids. i love the LL. Bean location - we were there gosh what year was that? super cool. did you see the super huge red book bag? that was cool to. my lighting in the photos i took were not the greatest. but the memories are still there. i have grown up having LL. Bean book bags for school. great & never would fall apart. super great!! fun shots today.

    we have been enjoying lots of rain here this week. even some hail. the hubby's work will stay busy with all those claims. ( :

  5. Fun to see these photos. amazing to see your old bike. We've been to that LL Bean store, but not Cabella's.

  6. I love those bucket lights and the bike would have been my favorite as well! Thanks for posting your pictures!

  7. Gotta love Maine! Great shots!! I love those galvanized light fixtures. Very clever.

  8. Those bucket lights are wonderful... what a great idea. I love Maine. Love the houses and the laid back feeling you get.

  9. Think we might have been to a Bean store in Toronto. I remember we were there ages as well! Fascinated by all the clothing available for hunting and fishing!

  10. Love the Upside down pail light fixtures. We are enjoying the sun while it lasts. : )

  11. We are having a new Cabela's opening here this weekend! I think we'll wait a week or two before we visit, to allow the crowds to thin out. I wonder what the center attraction will be?

  12. Love all that knick-knacky stuff...
    I would be dangerous in there!!!!
    Those wash basin lamps are really cool!!

    Weather kinda iffy here...waiting for the rain, I guess
    Hopefully the whole weekend won't be a washout...

    Linda :o)

  13. I have not heard of Cabella's, but it sure looks like a fun place to visit.
    The giant boot at LL Bean is very cool, as are the galvanized bucket lights.
    I'd say you got your money's worth out of your garden rake.
    We've had a lot of rain here so far this spring. I hope you get yours too.

  14. Pamela, we have a Cabellas just up the road from us. Hubby like to go there every now and then. I haven't been for quite some time. Neat to see for sure. Love th large boot and the galvanized lights are so fun. Raining here today, but going to be in the 80's by this weekend. Just a nice soft rain.

  15. Those lamps are gorgeous, my Sister is alwyays looking for interesting ideas for their retail area, I will mention that I saw them on your blog.

    Cabella's...they love that store too, I've never been, but maybe one day.


  16. I really like the buckets lights, your bushfires have made the news over here is it early in the season for so many.

  17. I love Cabela's! There's a brand new store about an hour from us. A Bass Pro Shops, too. I've bought stuff from LL Bean, but have never been in their store.

  18. Loved your pics.. Each one so interesting.. Gotta love this wonderful weather but really am praying for rain as we need it so bad.. A small brook by my Mom's was dry yesterday which I had not seen before especially in Spring..
    God bless, my friend.. Enjoy your gardening..

  19. I don't know these stores but I certainly understand you looking for your husband for 20 minutes. LOL. I often have that same trouble and I hate it.
    Have a nice weekend

  20. Both LL Bean and Caballas sound like great places to explore and gather ideas. But I'm another one who ends up looking for my husband. I do like those lights made from galvanized buckets. :))

  21. Cabela's is based in Sydney Nebraska...? have I ever been to one. Nope. Looks like fun though and I love those bucket lamps.

  22. We used to get the Cabella's catalogs, and I have looked at LL Bean website...could spend a fortune at either one.

  23. Looks like great shopping in Portland! Love those bucket lights.
    Mary Alice

  24. Great images sweet Pam! I love those light buckets, how adorable and the doggies looking so interested, are simply darlings. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.

  25. Pamela
    I hope your safe-I've heard about the forest fires there!
    I would love both of those stores, for sure. I've driven
    past Wisconsin's Cabella's for years, but never stopped.
    Hope you're shoulder is better now.

  26. You visited some wonderful stores while in Maine, Pamela! The Cabella store looks interesting and I would love to see LL Bean's flagship store, especially their home decorating department.

  27. Hi Pamela, I love your pic of the galvanized buckets that are lights. Unusual. The bike is almost like mine but my light was different. But I would love to have the pictured one. The bronze is unique.

    Enjoyed all of your photos, as usual. Have a nice weekend.


  28. Oh gosh, my husband would be in the Cabella's store for days and days, LOL! We never saw that in our trips up there, so it must be pretty new. But I sure do remember L.L. Bean's store in Freeport! Didn't know they had one in Portland too. Love the metal bucket light fixtures. Too cute!


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