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Spring 2018
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Canada Day Weekend!!

It's Canada Day weekend here with the holiday being celebrated on Monday, July 1st.

Canada is 146 years old on July 1st.

We hope to spend part of the afternoon and evening downtown at Officer's Square.

July 1, 2012

Where even this dog got into the festive spirit dressed up as a "Mountie". {a Mountie is one the RCMP or Royal Canadian Mounted Police}

Last year we enjoyed the riverfront as it was a gorgeous day.

The waterfront along the river.

The lighthouse on the riverfront.
I hear that a restaurant will operate from here for the summer.

By the evening a very large crowd had gathered in the square to enjoy the festivities.

The boats at the wharf are all decorated with flags and lights and ready for the parade of lights on the river before the fireworks.

There was even a full moon that night last year!
How perfect is that!

The large crowd of hundreds gathered along the riverfront to await the fireworks at dark.
What a perfect night it was!

So I wish all my Canadian readers a very happy and safe
Canada Day weekend.

And why am I posting these pictures from last year?
Well, it's supposed to rain all weekend and "they" say the sun may shine on Monday.  In case it doesn't and we get rain, this is what Canada Day in Fredericton, NB should look like.  Perfect.  

I'll let you know on Tuesday how it went okay?

Happy Canada Day!



Thursday, June 27, 2013

aqua blue for a summer seashore theme

The morning sun was shining through the window last week and I noticed the way it shone through the aqua bottles on the coffee table tray.

the 2 aqua bottles were a yard sale find several years ago and the bud vase was my mother's

That is one thing I like about the summer sun and the position of our living room.  It's the only time of year the sun shines in here and makes it feel cozy up until late fall.

This is an aqua coloured depression glass teacup called Pansy.
I put the birds nest in it under the cloche.

The Abalone seashell has that beautiful mother of pearl inside with all the pretty tones of aqua and pink - like an oil slick on the water.
The outside of it is rough and has perfect 'portholes'.

I enjoy decorating for summer with some sea shells and summery colours of aqua and lime green.

This is another one of those abalone seashells but it has more texture and growths
on the outside and it is pink.

This whole tray is on the coffee table and will be moved in just one week as two little grands will be visiting - one 11 month old will be quite inquisitive now that he's scooting around and pulling himself up to things.  His big 2 1/2 year old brother may not pay attention to these things but baby will be very interested I'm sure.
I'm in the process of child-proofing our home.
The electrical outlets are already plugged.

I wonder what kind of creature lived in this?

I am linking today with Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for

Jann Olson's Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson for

It's almost the weekend and a long holiday one for us here in Canada.  Are you doing anything special for this Canada Day holiday?

I hope you have a wonderful, fun, safe summer weekend.
{I'll be back with another weekend post}



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a belated spring vignette

I found this post all ready to go a month ago and hadn't posted it.  Even though we are past apple blossom season and the lilies of the valley are all done, the forget me nots are still blooming so, I thought I'd post it anyway.  :)  Here is a belated spring vignette.

Two of my best friends came over the other day for afternoon tea.

I gathered some forget-me-nots and lily of the valley along with the apple blossoms from the other day onto an old platter for the centrepiece on the dining room table.

We enjoyed an afternoon of getting caught up on each others lives and drank lots of tea.  We also had lemon pie (sorry, no pictures, but, it was good).

This little vintage pitcher is clear hobnail glass.

These little bouquets of sweetness make me happy.

My friend gifted me this little jar vase a few years ago.  It has a built in 'frog' on the top of the screw lid.

This is the canning jar with lace wrapped around it that I shared the other day.

There you go.  A pretty little vignette to cheer you.


I hope you like this dated vignette.  It was too pretty not to post --- even a month later.  :)

We had a severe thunder storm watch on for most of the southern part of the province today (June 25) and the storm did come at suppertime.  The wind and rain was really wild and there was hail in some areas.  The temperature dropped from 30C to 20C.  Then the sun came out for a while and it got hot again.  It has cooled down considerably tonight and the humidity is gone.

Here is the rainbow as the storm is passing by and heading down the river valley.

It looks like a rainy forecast for the next several days and even for the Canada Day Holiday weekend.  I kind of hope they are wrong.



Monday, June 24, 2013

what's going on...

my neighbour's quilts

Let's talk about the weather and what's going on shall we?
The weather has been a mix of sunshine and showers.  Lots of showers!

The sun is shining in the above photo.  

It comes and goes.

You can see the rain falling in this photo quite well.  (last Friday, the first day of summer)  A heavy rain and strong winds blew up quite a little storm.  Then, just as quickly, it went away.

The sun came out shortly after as you can see above.


I went to a yard sale the week before last.  The gentleman had an antique store so I hoped to find some goodies.  I came home with a vintage plate, two iron stone dishes and a broken butter mold.


The deer have been around a lot.

I enlarged this so you could see the doe and her fawn.

These two have been coming closer to the house each week.
There is a buck that stands at the top of the hill surveying his kingdom on a lot of days or evenings.  And, there is another deer that likes to cross through our yards and stop for a little "salad" of Hosta leaves on the way through.  I'm getting a little annoyed!
When I came home last evening at dusk a deer had just crossed the road, out of our yard, and was standing on the side.  That was the 3rd deer on the road on my way home!

I'm always wary.

The favourite 'salad' of the deer!!


The iris have bloomed.  Mine are all purple.  
Unfortunately the wind and rain last Friday knocked them down.


I captured the full strawberry moon on Saturday evening as it rose in the sky.  This is the best my camera can do.  I should have been down at the river to catch it's reflection on the water.  


Look what I found!

These are some of a box of 29 cups and saucers I found in the attic at my mother-in-law's house.  I had boxed them up after they didn't sell at a yard sale.  Some of them are so pretty!!   I think I'll have to make room for them and give away the rest.  


I think a certain 2 1/2 year old will enjoy playing with this when he comes to visit soon.

Yes, it is a vintage garage that was Murray's when he was a boy.

And we also have this...

The Happy Time Farm!  Including all the animals!

Oh, I think Ewan and Eli are going to love visiting at Grammie's and Grampie's don't you? 


So, you see I've been busy behind the scenes of my blog photos.  I have a lot to do to prepare for our daughter and her family's visit.

It's calling for rain most of this week and the long holiday Canada Day weekend is coming up too.  I hope it's nice on the Monday, July 1, for the events of Canada Day.

Here's a little red and white celebration early...

...I made strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.
The berries are from Nova Scotia but the U-picks are opening up around here now too.  I'll have to get some to make jam.  YUM!

I am trying to get around to visit most of you and make comments when I can.  I've cut back on my blogposts a lot the past 3 weeks but I'm still here and will post when I can.

Enjoy these beautiful summer days.  



Thursday, June 20, 2013

wildflowers of summer

At last, it's summer.

And finally, the weather is in agreement with the date on the calendar!

I picked a bouquet of wildflowers the other morning while on my walk.

I played around with some editing in Picasa just for fun.

Do you see the ant?

original photo colour

I am really welcoming summer with joy.

sunny days
warm temperatures
day trips
ice cream (well, any time really!)
blooming flowers
rain showers
lazy afternoons
ice cream (yes, I love it!)
birdsong at dawn
muggy nights
meals on the deck


I'm ready for it.

Are you?

I hope that you have a wonderful summer filled with good things.

Happy Summer Everyone!



Thank you so much for all your visits and kind comments on my recent posts. 
 Also, a big welcome to my new followers!  
I appreciate each one of you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

note cards at A Haven for Vee

It's time for Vee's Notecard Party again.  Where does that month go to anyway?!  To join in you simply have to share 4 photos that you have posted on your blog in the past that would make nice notecards.  These four photos were all taken and posted on my blog in the last month.

pretty blue forget-me-nots

green hosta leaves with dew drops

a gorgeous rosy sunset on the river

a cool blue vintage truck

I hope you will visit Vee and perhaps join in on this month's

Thank you Vee, for hosting.  I forgot too.  :)



Monday, June 17, 2013

barn charm

This farm is near us and I took these photos last July.

It is a dairy farm owned by a Dutch family.

And it's very nicely kept.

I'm joining with Tricia for Barn Charm.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

lupins, sunny days and hot dogs & soda pop

On Monday while on my walk I noticed that the Lupins are in bloom along the roadside and in the fields.

This little clump along the ditch much have grown from seed from the field of Lupin that are across the road from it.

I love their purple, pink and, sometimes white, spires.

This is the field of Lupin across the road but there doesn't seem to be too many in bloom yet.  Just this nice clump near the road.

Last night we were able to dine on the deck for only the second time this spring {due to wind, rain and cold weather}.  It was hot dog and chip night with a bottle of Stewart's pop {soda}.
This pop is only available in the province of Prince Edward Island and at a few restaurants that we know of here in New Brunswick.   The Orange 'n Cream is my favourite and they make a great root beer too.  When we were in Portland, Maine in April we ate at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and lo and behold they sell Stewart's pop in the gift store.  It comes in a cardboard carton just like in the old days.  I bought one carton and am kicking myself for not buying the root beer too.
Beth, of the blog E Lizardbreath Speaks recently travelled to PEI and tasted this pop there.  She raved about how good it was so I just had to mention it so she could see what we found in Maine.

The sun finally shone yesterday and we're to have a sunny weekend as well.  I can't hardly believe it!  Three days of sun in a row!   It's a beautiful sunny morning here and Dad and Lad are gone fishing.  I'm doing laundry and cleaning the house.  Hopefully this afternoon we'll get the windows washed outside.

Dad and Lad ready to go fishing.   

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.



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