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Saturday, June 15, 2013

lupins, sunny days and hot dogs & soda pop

On Monday while on my walk I noticed that the Lupins are in bloom along the roadside and in the fields.

This little clump along the ditch much have grown from seed from the field of Lupin that are across the road from it.

I love their purple, pink and, sometimes white, spires.

This is the field of Lupin across the road but there doesn't seem to be too many in bloom yet.  Just this nice clump near the road.

Last night we were able to dine on the deck for only the second time this spring {due to wind, rain and cold weather}.  It was hot dog and chip night with a bottle of Stewart's pop {soda}.
This pop is only available in the province of Prince Edward Island and at a few restaurants that we know of here in New Brunswick.   The Orange 'n Cream is my favourite and they make a great root beer too.  When we were in Portland, Maine in April we ate at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and lo and behold they sell Stewart's pop in the gift store.  It comes in a cardboard carton just like in the old days.  I bought one carton and am kicking myself for not buying the root beer too.
Beth, of the blog E Lizardbreath Speaks recently travelled to PEI and tasted this pop there.  She raved about how good it was so I just had to mention it so she could see what we found in Maine.

The sun finally shone yesterday and we're to have a sunny weekend as well.  I can't hardly believe it!  Three days of sun in a row!   It's a beautiful sunny morning here and Dad and Lad are gone fishing.  I'm doing laundry and cleaning the house.  Hopefully this afternoon we'll get the windows washed outside.

Dad and Lad ready to go fishing.   

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.
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  1. We sold those sodas at the gift shop years ago! The orange was our favorite as well . Wild lupins how lucky! Enjoy the week end!

    1. Those lupins are sooo beautiful. I agree with you. Many years ago we dug them out of a field so many and then took wheelbarrow and had to run as fast as we could on the road to our place and plant them instantly. As they do not like to be moved. So in half hour of replanting they became beautiful in the garden.With lots of water for starters as they were drooping in that 10 minute run.

      I even made a card after taking the pictures of them when I was in the field and the lupins were so plentiful in the field but not many people go to admire them. What a shame.As they are in bear land here.People will not walk there.

      Thank you for sharing.

  2. I hope Dad and Lad enjoy some good catches . . . I enjoy the views of the Lupine along the roadways . . . Wild Sweet Peas too . . . I do not favor soda soft drinks, preferring water, although the orange cream looks tempting . . .

  3. That looks like the perfect kinda' summer day Pamela. I did my cleaning and wash yesterday and yet...woke up this morning to table tops covered in pollen yet again...I'll be glad when the pine trees are done doing their thing then it's time to do the windows and screens. So today I think we'll venture out to the ocean somewhere and take advantage of this beautiful summer day. Enjoy your weekend. I love your Lupine pretty when in it's in full bloom.

  4. gorgeous blooms. that lunch looks delicious. a great picnic. ( :
    have a fine weekend, my friend.

    1. i must have been totally asleep this AM ... thanks, for the shout out. so sweet of you ... we have a few Cracker Barrels around here - at least near the bigger cities. i will have to see??! ( :

  5. Oh, those lupines are beautiful. I don't see them around here. I imagine the weather is too hot for them.
    So glad to hear that you are enjoying sunny weather at last. Bring on the picnics and fishing :).

  6. Good Morning, Pamela

    I have tried to grow lupins in my garden, but haven't had success. I have a couple of little ones to plant again this year, so fingers crossed. They are so gorgeous and so "Maritime Provinces"! Maybe I'll have a chat with the plants and inform them my mother was a Maritimer. Maybe that will help!

    Here's to another lovely day!


  7. Hi Pamela,

    Those lupines are just beautiful!! Here in North Carolina, we have a roadside wildflower program, where different towns sew wildflower seeds in areas next to the interstate highways. They make such a beautiful show in the spring and summer!! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I saw some of those lupines one summer near my parents' home; they live near the mountains in our area. The lupines were just spectacular in a large planting.

    I LOVE the Stewart's Orange 'n Cream Sodas! We have a Cracker Barrel about ten minutes from us. I'm so glad you shared the photo with us; it looks like the perfect thing to have at a summer cookout!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. How nice to see lupins blooming so well. Rare to see them around here.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Not ill or anything but going through a rough patch right now. Thankful for a loving family.

  9. Maybe fish for dinner tonight? Eating outside is such a treat, whether we're on the west coast or the east coast.
    I've never heard of those sodas, but if I ever get to the Maritimes, I'll look for them.

  10. Finally a nice weekend here too Pamela. I'm wondering if Karen and I should get you to collect some lupin seeds for us. I'm sure their hearty stock would grow in Ontario because like her, I've not had much success either growing lupins.

  11. Oh , Pam...I enjoy your blog so many things to think about. I love it. Your lupins are gorgeous. They grow freely all over the place there, don't they? Here we have to buy them and we call them lupines. We have a purple and a yellow one.
    Nice that Dad and Lad are having a morning fishing together. Hope tomorrow is a happy day for your hubby. God be with you,, Pamela.


  12. Such a pretty color, those lupins. I grew up calling soda "pop" but it sounds strange now! But orange pop has always been my favorite. Your meal on the deck looks great!

  13. Those lupines are so gorgeous. I just love them- I'll be chasing them with my camera this week...

  14. beautiful lupins ... do you have them in your garden or just enjoy them in the wild?

  15. I love how lupins grow wild along the roadside, they are so beautiful!

  16. I've had that pop, only Root Beer though, it is pretty tasty!

  17. The Lupins are beautiful. I'll have to look for them. I don't know if we have them or not. And a big Yum on that dog and Stewart's. You can get the Stewart's down here, although, it may only be at Cracker Barrel that I've seen them.

  18. That's what I loved about the east coast the lupins growing wild in the ditches. When we were there 7 years ago, I made sure when we returned home to plant some lupins. Mine are not quite ready to open. Looks like a wonderful day had by all. I must check out that soda. We had sun Friday and Saturday and now that it's Father's day it is raining...
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.

  19. What a fun Father's Day for your Hubby!
    Enjoy the day!

  20. I hope those sunny days keep up for you! I love the wild flowers springing up too. Soda looks good!

  21. Oranges 'n Cream sounds like something I would pick as well! We've have lupins beautifying our ditches as well. Love them!

  22. I remember that about the East coast...Lupins everywhere!!
    I had some years ago...but they fizzled out!

    Looks like rain coming in!!

    Linda :o)

  23. I've never heard of that pop - I'll have to check it out!

    The lupins are coming into full bloom over here - they're so pretty!

  24. PS.Just read an article about the pop and discovered that we're acquainted with the couple who run the business. I'll have to try it for sure now!

  25. Three days of sun in a row! (Can you hear the jealousy in my voice?) I LOVE wild lupines. We have them up north on the Canadian Shield but not here in East Gwillimbury.

  26. The lupins are just beautiful! They are one of my favorite flowers. The Stewart's soda sounds very good! I'd never heard of it.

  27. Oh...well if I see any Stewart's... Good family name that! Three days of sun? Wow. We have not yet had one day of sun without showers either in the morning or evening. Today, for example, we were promised sun. Nope. Not a lick yet and it's nearly 11:00.

    Yesterday, my oldest grand was invited to a pool party while I took care of the youngest. Thunderstorms ended the party early. My grandson is such a stickler that he told his mother it was time to go and she told him to grab his shoes. He said, "No time for that!" I've been chuckling over that since.

    Lupins are so lovely this time of year. I must go for a drive to see if they are still out here.

  28. Oh Pam, I so enjoyed driving home to the Island once again as I saw the Lupin all in bloom. I'm not sure what it is about Lupin that makes me think of home but in my travels to Ottawa on this last short trip away I am sure I saw Lupin growing in the ditches outside of Ottawa, I could be wrong.

    Yes, so true Stewart's root beer is good and now that I'm thinking about it I'm wanting it. The Maritimes must have got their fair of rain over the past two weeks as my back yard shows overgrown signs.

    As always your pictures are beautiful, bright and heartwarming. I know it is almost the end of the week but I'm playing catch-up on everything now that I"m home.

  29. Gosh, I've never seen lupine glowing wild before. The blooms are spectacular. And I am particularly fond of Stewart's diet root beer. It's the best IMHO! It is readily available here in Tennessee.


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