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Friday, June 7, 2013

photo challenge ~ composition variations

I chose the beautiful Hosta plant for the photo challenge this month.  This meme is hosted by Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys.

I was walking around the yard this morning snapping pictures of what flowers are blooming (none of the perennials yet) and how big things are growing, including the weeds!

I used my Canon point and shoot on Auto mode for the distance shot above.  The rest below were using the Macro setting on the camera.  It's not the best but works pretty good when I want to get up close and personal.

The dew drops were laying and hanging off the leaves.

This is as close as I can get with my camera.  ;(

I didn't do any editing for these.  They are as I took them.

I read Donna's post of her beautiful photos taken in southern Utah. She mentioned how she moves herself and her camera lens around to get different shots of the same scene.  I guess I'm doing it correctly when I take scenic photos because I do the same thing.

I hope you will visit the Photo Challenge {HERE}
and see what others are sharing and have learned.

The tail end of Tropical Storm Andrea is supposed to drench us with rain and blow us with strong winds tomorrow.  Bleh!
I think we're going to the visit the markets in the city in the morning.  Should be fun!

Have a great weekend.




  1. Goodness, those dew droplet pictures are amazing! I love your garden flag, Pamela!

  2. I think you did a great job with the water droplets, Pam!

  3. I'm glad you showed us the first photo with the flag and full view. It really helps us know what we are looking at. The three close ups are all amazing...the center one, with the droplets right on top of the leaves is my favorite! I just love the light is reflecting on the drops of water! Beautiful!

  4. You've captured some very nice raindrops, Pamela. It's another grey day here.

  5. Hi Pamela,
    The way you captured the dew drops on the leaves is wonderful!! Great photography.
    Mary Alice

  6. There's a lot of beauty and texture in a hosta leaf and one wearing beads is purely lovely. Don't get too wet tomorrow. I can't believe that I've had to don a chilly! These temp swings are nasty.

  7. Your photos are beautiful.


  8. Our little point and shoots do a good job, don't they! You've captured the whole hosta and then shared some really good shots of the water droplets.
    Rain here again, and sweater weather. Stay safe in the tail end of the storm Pamela and have fun at the markets.

  9. What a lovely Hosta, I love the rich green colours!

  10. Great job with this photo challenge, Pamela. What a difference there is between the entire plant and the close-ups. The raindrops become so beautiful! I work with a point and shoot too and appreciate any tips I can get :).
    Tropical Storm Andrea had her way with us yesterday... torrential downpours at times, but now the sun is shining. Hope she is kind to you.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Your droplet photos are amazing! It just makes me more in awe of nature I think. And such a rich green. Nice work! Have a good weekend and stay dry, We are in a wet spell ourselves.

  12. These are Beautiful Pamela!! You take great photos... Love the droplets!!

  13. Pam, I leave my point & shoot on AUTO too...when on auto, doesn't a camera automatically adjust for closeups?...:)JP

  14. Great photos Pam! Loved those big leaves with the droplets just right on them! Have a great day!

  15. Wow... Pam those are awesome.. I wish my camera would do that.. smile..
    You keep dry too dear friend.. xo

  16. Hi Pam......I love your hosta pics. No matter how you take them or how much you move...each one is fabulous. The water droplets from the dew make them even more enchanting. I love the droplets when they are right on the very edge. Hope you don't get too wet from the storm.


  17. Fabulous photos - love the close up of the droplets. It is interesting to see the different interpretations of this challenge.

  18. Beautiful photography---and the header is pretty too!!

  19. Hi Pamela! Just gorgeous snaps and I love the one with the little drop of water about to fall! Hope it will be safe your way. We got some much needed rain last night and today was beautiful and hot!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Beautiful pictures Pamela. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award and if you want to play along please head over to my blog to find out what you need to do.

  21. Pamela
    Your close-ups are amazing. How different the Hostas looks so near.
    Have a great time at the market, it sounds like such fun!

  22. Love that Hosta and your pics . . . (I think I have the same Hosta . . . Do you know the name?)

  23. Great photography Pamela! Hostas are one plant I never tire of.

  24. You did a terrific job on the challenge! I love that overall shot, but then you won me over again with the closeups with the water droplets. Water droplets like that really add textural interest!

  25. Such beautiful photo's! Each very unique and lovely.

    We had the stormy weather from Andrea this past week. I hope it doesn't wreak havoc where you live.

  26. These are really special. I love the dew drops ready to drop.

  27. These are great shots, Pamela. Love those water droplets hanging onto the edge of the hosta leaves. These photo challenges are fun, and good for learning new stuff, too.

  28. Hi Pamela,
    I love your photos, especially with the raindrops, which look like crystal pearls. Hostas are so pretty but the snails love it, too. I hope the storm has not been too heavy and you ha fun on the market.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  29. Gorgeous hosta Pam! Mine took a beating last year with the drought, so I lost a few. Hopefully I can transplant in the fall.

  30. Great photos of those water droplets. Fantastic.

  31. Pamela...beautiful shots I love the water drops...

    What a beauty hosta, I bet it's loving the rain.


  32. The hosta shots are great, Pamela. The lines and texture with the water droplets make great photos.

  33. These are my favorite kind of photos...
    Up close and personal...
    Well done...

    This weekend has been dark,drab,damp and windy...
    But, today was lovely...
    Rain expected tomorrow...
    Another day to do housework!!!

    Linda :o)


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