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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

sunset reflections

This photo was taken last Thursday evening as we travelled through the city after choir practice.  We went to Dairy Queen for a treat.  :)  The weather was beautiful and I noticed the clouds around the western sky as we crossed the river. 
I knew it was going to be a gorgeous sunset.

I took these photos with my iPhone and we were driving so they are a tad bit fuzzy but the beautiful sky was amazing.
This one is just as we are approaching the Mactaquac Dam.

Fog was just lifting off the cold river water and floating across the dam road.  

Crossing the causeway and looking north.  So beautiful!

I don't know where that piece of driftwood went to in this photo.
So perfectly peaceful and calm.

Red sky at night, Sailors delight.

We all know this phrase and it usually means fair weather the next morning.  The next morning was the start of 4 days of hot, hazy, humid weather that brought on thunder showers late in the afternoon and evening.  It was gorgeous summer weather.

That has all gone now and it's back to cooler drier air this week.
Until the weekend.  Rain??  

I've been busy planting flowers and weeding  this week.
Now to try and get caught up on blogs.




  1. Oh Pamela, these photos are breathtaking! The Lord gives us such beauty to enjoy :) Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful evening.

    Hugs to you!

  2. Sure enough --- a beautiful sunset progression! You captured it well. I read that more photos are taken on i phones than any other camera. The post I put up today are all i phone photos ... not too bad and certainly handy when you don't have your camera along! Well done to the sunset!

  3. Hello Pamela, Your photos can never get much better because these are simply the best. Your pictures lately are fabulous. I love the sunsets and what on earth happened to that piece of driftwood?????/ Spooky??????? Even following the curve in the road by the water is fascinating to look at. I truly enjoyed these, as well as many of your other photos.


  4. amazing ... i love all the reds & oranges ... so cool!! awesome shots. ( :

  5. Absolutely never fail to amaze me just about everyday with all of your beautiful landscapes. Thanks so much for sharing this sunset...there's nothing more
    peaceful than to watch the sun going down over the ocean or over the mountains. We all love nature so's truly what sustains me everyday.

  6. Great sun set photos, wonderful colours.

  7. Awesome sunsets, Pam...
    Where did that piece of driftwood go?? haha!
    We have had funny weather the last few days...cooler..and rain coming...AGAIN!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening!

    Linda :o)

  8. Beautiful, Pam...absolutely beautiful and I love the fact that you too consider DQ a treat and that you too plant and weed and need to get caught up!...:)JP

  9. Wow, beautiful scenic shots and a lovely sunset. What more could you ask for? Great photos.

  10. The sky and water in that tangerine colour are stunning. I see a good notecard coming up.

  11. What a gorgeous sunset! HOW did I miss that one???

  12. Yes, these shots are amazing. Funny how sunset pictures turn out so well nomater what you yake them with. I am new to the I-Phone only 4 days now and I'll have to learn getting the pictures off, lol. Mom used that expression all the time, most often she was right.

  13. Beautiful shots...and those colors...makes you glad that you ventured out.


  14. That is an amazing red sky.
    so beautiful!

  15. Gorgeous shots! The colors in the last photos are fantastic!

  16. Absolutely beautiful, Pamela. The pinks, the fog, the water - a gorgeous scene. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. Your sunset shots are just beautiful, Pamela! I love the reflections and the colors. Wow!

    We only got a few sprinkles today instead of the rain that was forecast. Yay!!

  18. Gorgeous photos, Pam. Love the pinks and purples in the last photos. We have had chilly wet weather for days/weeks. Today was the first day I've really got out in my gardens to weed.

  19. Amazing! How great Is our God. Love the colors.

  20. Spectacular series of photos Pam! I wish we had sunsets like this. Hope you are having a great week.

  21. Great pictures, Pam!! Let's hope for some nice days - we haven't had too many here in the last week..

  22. You live in such a pretty area. Beautiful photos!

  23. You live in such a pretty area. Beautiful photos!

  24. I actually did gasp when I saw these photos, Pam. I like the sky and the curving road and thought the final 3 shots looked like beautiful watercolour paintings!


  25. Oh! SO very pretty! Love all the colors!

  26. Hi Pamela! Beautiful snaps again! Love them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Such beautiful photo's Pamela. Have a nice weekend

  28. Lovely photos, dear Pamela, I love the sky, and any photos I ever see of it.
    Hugs, Cindy


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