Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, June 2, 2013

tall ships on the Miramichi

A tall ship way out in the mouth of the Miramichi River.

Grab a glass of iced tea and join me for a Tall Ships tour. 
There are a lot of photos!!

The Tall Ships Festival is being held on the Miramichi River this weekend.  We drove over on Friday morning and had a lovely lunch at a family restaurant in Doaktown, the half way mark between Fredericton and Miramichi.  My sister and her husband have a travel trailer at the campground near Newcastle so we went there and spent the afternoon.

The Miramichi River divides the City of Miramichi which was amalgamated a few years ago to include the towns of Newcastle and Chatham.  They are both pretty towns and full of history.

There were 8 tall ships that came into the river along with Theodore Tugboat and the HMCS Summerside.

It was a beautiful and very hot and humid day in New Brunswick so it was perfect to be along the river and enjoy the views of the boats on the water.

There was a crowd of campers and visitors watching the flotilla.

The rest of these next photos are of the ships.  

Theodore Tugboat

Canadian Navy Frigate, HMCS Summerside

The Pacemaker - Pride of Baltimore

The boats are all docked at the wharves in Newcastle and Chatham for the weekend.  You can visit them and tour them for a fee and I believe one can go for a cruise for another fee.  There will be hundreds of people visiting the festival over the weekend.

By late afternoon the skies turned dark and the thunder rumbled.  A big storm came up just as we were eating so we all went into the trailer, getting a bit wet in the downpour. 

There was a faint rainbow over the mouth of the river.

After supper we left and drove down to Newcastle and Chatham.
We went to Chatham first to see what we could see at the wharf.

This is the Pacemaker and it's as close as we could get.

Some of the crew were at the top of the mast rolling up the sail.
You would never catch me up there!

Then we crossed back over the bridge to Newcastle.

This is on the Newcastle side of the river.  We couldn't get close enough to see the ships docked at the wharf so we walked down the riverside a bit.  It was a beautiful evening and there were lots of people about and lots of boats on the river.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Tall Ships on the Miramichi.

Some of my readers have already said they have seen Tall Ships in other cities in the USA.  They have had these festivals in the Maritimes every summer but this is the first time we've been able to attend one.

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I hope you have a wonderful week.




  1. Pamela, this looks like it was great fun. I love Tall Ships and have seen several afloat -- always a real treat to see how travel and commerce was once done. Hard work! Have a lovely week.

  2. How fun, Pam! Love your pictures of the tall ships. Especially the one where they are rolling up the sails! Thanks for sharing!
    I can't wait until my cousin and I see the ships in Duluth Harbor the end of July. We have tickets so we can get up close and personal on the docks and also tickets to get on some of the ships. We didn't get tickets for a sail as they were pretty spendy.
    Have a good week.

  3. Your Tall Ships photos are wonderful Pam! I have yet to see the Tall Ships. The timing just never seems to be right for me... We're having a beautiful day today - and not quite as hot.

  4. That sounds like a lovely day in spite of the rain. Love the pictures of the ships. That tug sure is cute.

  5. Aren't they fun to see . . . Stellar vessels of old . . . brings back memories. Jack took the grands on a sailing trip where the kids were taught some of the workings of the sail boat. Great experience for them. Motion sickness prone "me" stayed on shore . . . Thank you for the great pictures . . .

  6. What fun! Great pictures! amazing how the weather can change so quickly in some parts of the world! A down pour sounds nice! Our weather is so boring. It will be in the high 90-109 for the next four months. Maybe an exciting cloud will pass....Thanks for taking us along to the flotilla! Nice!

  7. Wonderful set of photos Pamela. It must of been glorious watching all the ships go past.

  8. It must have been a thrill to see them coming up the river under full sail. It made my heart swell to see the photos, which is a testament to your photography skills.

  9. I would really enjoy that! Those are some fantastic looking ships! You took great photos! Ships like those are not something you see every day. Beautiful shots of the sky, too!

  10. Boy, Pamela, I felt like I was looking over your shoulder the whole time. What an exciting thing to see, thanks for sharing the tall ships.

  11. This really would be lovely to experience. Your photos are amazing!

  12. Your photos are amazing Pamela...what a sight to see those tall ships and you got some great shots...I especially love the one of the rainbow and the one of the crew hanging onto the sails...really awesome shots. We are in store for some rough weather in the next few hours and I just looked at the weather radar because there is a tornado warning way up North right now and it looks like the weather is heading to your neck of the woods. They're telling residents of Millinocket to take cover right now so hope you are in a safe place and not in harms way. Crazzzzy weather we're having that's for sure.

  13. This is a post I'll share with my hubby! What a sight! I love them all but the tugboat won my heart! The rainbow sure is special, too! Just every direction! Hugs!

  14. What a fun day watching the parade of tall ships. I see our Pride of Baltimore II there. I am sure they were happy to be included in the Tall ship festival. The tugboat is really cute! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  15. This was such a fun post! :) All the ships wonderful! And that little tugboat...too cute! :)

  16. The ships are so majestic. I would really enjoy a day like that. The tugboat made me laugh.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  17. Pamela, I loved seeing the Tall Ships on the Miramichi. They are very majestic and beautiful, aren't they. I saw them one time in Port Alberni, BC, on Vancouver Island. What a sight!
    Your photos are beautiful as usual.
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. How cool is that! Loved seeing all the different tall ships!

  19. It must have been quite a treat to see these grand ships. I'll have to find out if some visit my area on the mighty Great Lakes!

  20. i love all the boats. Theodore the Tugboat is so great!! what a great time you all had. thanks, for taking us along. ( :

  21. Oh...I love that cloud pic and the rainbow!!!
    I believe the Tall Ships come thru Port Colborne, which is near the cottage...
    We went a few years ago...very majestic!!
    Cooled off here now...thank goodness!!!

    Linda :o)

  22. So pretty!! I've never seen that many before, we did see one last year but it wasn't that tall! I have seen the Theodore tugboat before though.

  23. How awesome!
    I would have loved to have seen this.
    Looks like you had a nice day with some warm weather too.
    We are cold here with the rain from the storms that went through
    OK and Missouri on Friday.
    Hoping the sunny days will get here and STAY!

    Love your ship photos. You should frame them!

  24. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of the tall ships. It sounds like you had a great time. Our friends from Cape Breton often speak of the Miramichi. We had some downpours while we visited a street festival. Not tall ships and beautiful coastal waters, but festive nonetheless lol.

  25. Oh, Pamela! This was a wonderful post! The tall ships are so beautiful and I just love seeing them with their sails out! That's a cute little tug boat too! I know this must have been so much fun.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Hello Pamela, I have enjoyed this post so much that I had to go back and see it all again! What gorgeous ships. They have come to Rochester before via Lake Ontario but we have been unable to go when they were here. So...I took advantage of your photos and really checked them out. They are beautiful. I think the tugboat is very cute although I am sure he is powerful!!!!


  27. We have a tall ship that does tours around our harbour and you have a picnic lunch, one year for my birthday we went on this for a afternoon, not a bad way to spend time cruising Sydney Harbour on a fine and sunny afternoon.

  28. I would have happily joined you for the Tall Ships spectacle Pamela.
    Our family is very fond of sailing and the sea.

    What a great flotilla, looking at the first photos, we could have easily been in another century, aren't they wonderful ships.

    I can see you all had a very fun day!
    Shane ♥

  29. How thrilling to have a front-row seat to this event. Beautiful captures Pam!

  30. Theodore Tugboat! We got to see that in person, LOL! Mr. Jim threatened to buy us tickets for a ride too! But we ate a nice fish dinner at the Halifax restaurant next door. Love, love, love those tall ships! They remind me of the ones that sail off of the Maine coast. In my 20s, I also was a weekend crew member of a tall ship that sailed on the Chesapeake and was anchored in Annapolis (Maryland). I dated the owner, LOL. Shhhh, it's part of my wild and carefree days...

  31. The ships are stunning but I enjoyed seeing the sea and sky almost as much. What a lovely day and perfect place to be!

  32. Pamela, the apple blossoms in your header are just beautiful. It is always so relaxing to me to see the boats sail by. It looks like there was good weather for the show. You certainly do a lot of interesting things..Happy Monday..Judy

  33. I've been looking forward to you posting the rest of your day with the tall ships and you definitely didn't disappoint! The Pacemaker is beautiful and I can imagine how amazing it would have looked with many, many others back in the old days. Thanks for sharing. Chel x

  34. Wow, amazing pics. I am hosting a giveaway via Arcadian home on my blog. Do drop by and enter if you like it :) Looking forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  35. FAbulous Pamela. I love tall ships. What fun that must have been for you!!

  36. Wonderful photos! I smiled at Theodore Tugboat!

  37. "Boats on the river" has such a nice sound to it. I would love an outing like this. Love tall ships. You got some great photos! (Glad you liked my granddaughters photo!) I can see you are enjoying summer! Carry on!

  38. Well thanks for taking us along to the 'tall ships festival'. I'm sure this will be as close as I ever get to seeing them. Great photos!

  39. The tall ships come to Victoria once in awhile. So beautiful. There's a romance about those old sailing ships that modern vessels lack. What great photos of a really fun outing.


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