Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, June 24, 2013

what's going on...

my neighbour's quilts

Let's talk about the weather and what's going on shall we?
The weather has been a mix of sunshine and showers.  Lots of showers!

The sun is shining in the above photo.  

It comes and goes.

You can see the rain falling in this photo quite well.  (last Friday, the first day of summer)  A heavy rain and strong winds blew up quite a little storm.  Then, just as quickly, it went away.

The sun came out shortly after as you can see above.


I went to a yard sale the week before last.  The gentleman had an antique store so I hoped to find some goodies.  I came home with a vintage plate, two iron stone dishes and a broken butter mold.


The deer have been around a lot.

I enlarged this so you could see the doe and her fawn.

These two have been coming closer to the house each week.
There is a buck that stands at the top of the hill surveying his kingdom on a lot of days or evenings.  And, there is another deer that likes to cross through our yards and stop for a little "salad" of Hosta leaves on the way through.  I'm getting a little annoyed!
When I came home last evening at dusk a deer had just crossed the road, out of our yard, and was standing on the side.  That was the 3rd deer on the road on my way home!

I'm always wary.

The favourite 'salad' of the deer!!


The iris have bloomed.  Mine are all purple.  
Unfortunately the wind and rain last Friday knocked them down.


I captured the full strawberry moon on Saturday evening as it rose in the sky.  This is the best my camera can do.  I should have been down at the river to catch it's reflection on the water.  


Look what I found!

These are some of a box of 29 cups and saucers I found in the attic at my mother-in-law's house.  I had boxed them up after they didn't sell at a yard sale.  Some of them are so pretty!!   I think I'll have to make room for them and give away the rest.  


I think a certain 2 1/2 year old will enjoy playing with this when he comes to visit soon.

Yes, it is a vintage garage that was Murray's when he was a boy.

And we also have this...

The Happy Time Farm!  Including all the animals!

Oh, I think Ewan and Eli are going to love visiting at Grammie's and Grampie's don't you? 


So, you see I've been busy behind the scenes of my blog photos.  I have a lot to do to prepare for our daughter and her family's visit.

It's calling for rain most of this week and the long holiday Canada Day weekend is coming up too.  I hope it's nice on the Monday, July 1, for the events of Canada Day.

Here's a little red and white celebration early...

...I made strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.
The berries are from Nova Scotia but the U-picks are opening up around here now too.  I'll have to get some to make jam.  YUM!

I am trying to get around to visit most of you and make comments when I can.  I've cut back on my blogposts a lot the past 3 weeks but I'm still here and will post when I can.

Enjoy these beautiful summer days.  




  1. Love the quilt photo. You could send some of your to Coloraxo since we are. Ironing up here-- literally. The dessert looks so yummy. I am inspired, now.

  2. gorgeous quilt. we are having very humid weather suppose to continue all week long. love the toy houses - so cool!! ( :
    the dessert look so yummy good.

  3. I love this post's so homespun with the quilts hanging on the line, your strawberry shortcake...looks scrumptious...your beautiful tea cup collection...(I gave all of mine away on one of my moves) :( and now I'm sorry I don't have them any longer...the iris in your beautiful...the stormy skies...I love watching the sky during a storm...and the deer are so awesome...but the destruction is terrible. We have lost so many of our beautiful shrubs and flowers that I just gave up. They say if you surround your garden with human hair they will stay away...not sure if it works...but we use that nasty spray deterrent now and hopefully we'll be able to salvage our holly trees. Our Rose Of Sharon were totally destroyed over the winter...they ate them bare...had to finally dig them up. They are beautiful creatures of nature but they can sure tear up a garden as quick as a wink. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely photos. Hugs

  4. One thing about the rain, it brings out that wonderful vivid green!

    Such fun things to find in the attic for your grandson, he will have so much fun!

    Watch for me to show up at your doorsteps for some of that strawberry shortcake!

  5. Beautiful pictures! The weather is so unpredictable here too! Love the antique toys!

  6. The deer really have taken to your Hostas, haven't they. They have eaten half of my raspberry plants. I'm still hoping for a few berries which are growing at the very top of the canes, but they have rather diminished our strawberries as well.

  7. Good heavens Pam, I've heard deer like to eat hosta but this is the first time I've seen a photo of the destruction. Poor you! You'll have fun deciding which teacups to keep and the boys are going to love playing garage and on the farm.
    Our strawberries are in and I hope to go picking soon so I can make some strawberry shortcake too. I'll join you for some with tea for now.
    I hope the weather cooperates when your family visits.

  8. So sorry the deer have developed a taste for your Hosta Salad Garden, and the wind took your Iris. Not much you can do about the wind and rain beating things down, but hope you can repel the deer somehow... I too have heard human hair spread around helps.. visit your barber..
    Ewan and Eli will have a ball with the farm and the garage! As will Grammy and Grampy no doubt!

  9. Imagine those naughty deer helping themselves to your plants! We don't have deer around here so we don't have that concern. I'm waiting patiently for strawberries although the word around here is that there will be a poor crop this year due to a virus which came over from N.S. You got yourself some wonderful teacups! What a find! I hope you will share them with us teacup gals when you have time. I know you must be busy getting ready for the arrival of your family; what fun you will have! Hope the weather is good while they're home.


  10. Strawberry shortcake sound delicious!
    I'm sure Ewan and Eli will love G'Pa's toys and will enjoy being spoiled too!
    Nasty deer. Is there anything you can put around your plants? Maybe red pepper crushed?
    I know there is something that's supposed to deter them.
    Iris is one of my favorite flowers, next to hydrangeas, that is.
    Your purple one is sure pretty-I'm glad the deer don't like it as well...

  11. What a basket of delights this post is! (as they all are!) You certainly have an eye for finding goodies! (BTW a good blog for photos of Scotland is ) I know you are interested in Scotland!

  12. I needed your Strawberry Moon for a link on my recent post . . . Great photo Pamela . . .
    Momma and fawn too . . .

  13. Such a lovely collection of photos. The deer are cute to watch but when they eat the plants they are annoying and not welcome. What a fabulous find of the teacups, I'd sure love to come across a box like that. Hot and humid weather here, not so nice for being outside in the afternoons.

  14. Oh those pesky deer!!! I have a rabbit who does the same thing!
    Those wee kiddies will love those vintage toys...especially 'cause they belonged to their Grampa!!!
    Ohhhh...I love all those tea cups!!
    Weather here is kooky as well...keep calling for rain, not much this week...
    Just humidity and cloud...

    Enjoy the rest of your day!!


  15. Love the quilts on the line. Sympathize with you about the deer. Pesky critters. Those vintage toys are a great find that the grandkids will enjoy. It's cloudy and cool here this week, but the sun is supposed to shine for Canada Day!

  16. Wonderful photos, Pamela. I love the quilts hanging on the line and the toys are great finds. And, that strawberry dessert looks scrumptious! Oh, and the teacups...that is quite a pretty collection!

  17. Gorgeous potos my friend and I love the pretty plate and your Mil's teacups...I'd probably keeps them all, lol! I love the old toys, yes, the kids are gonna love the gramps much more, heheheheee.. The quilts are always lovely..great finds, pal! Thanks for your sweet visit, I love it when you come. Big hugs,

  18. Oh be still my heart - to find that many cups and saucer sets. I've been looking for teacups for some time now - wish I had an attic to dig around in. :-) Your toys will certainly be enjoyed by the grandkids and the strawberry shortcake - oh my. How about a lovely cup of tea and some strawberry shortcake - sounds good to me. And quilts - oh my - what a lovely post!!!! Happy teacups - let us know what ones you keep.

  19. I know you will have a wonderful time with the grands. I simply LOVE their recycled toys...especially the service station.

  20. I know how you feel after seeing your poor hosta! I have been very lucky so far as the deer haven't come around this year at all! I have seen them in our woods nearby, but not my garden! Any other year my favorite plants are nibbled on! What a dream to find a box of teacups! Hope you keep some to enjoy! Your farm set brought back so many happy memories of years ago!
    Take care...

  21. What wonderful images of all that you do. Love those teacups! And, the deer are so sweet. The old toys and fantastic.

  22. OMG, this was an action-packed post! I have been running way behind on blog reading and I am frantically trying to catch up. I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting much lately! Just too much going on.


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